Saturday, August 1, 2009

Contest layouts

Nothing really exciting has been happening here as of late. I've been working on some contest layouts at CuddleBeez's scraps ( .My entry for July 30th is entry #2. If you get a chance come by and vote for me. I don't think I create amazing layouts but the grandkids seem to think they are wonderful so that's what counts.
I entered into another couple ones as well but they will be random drawings and that's even harder to win.
I found the cutest hybrid project while surfing awhile back. It's a butterfly album from Michelle Filo (I will get the link and post it here). I originally had wanted to do it just like the preview I'd seen and even had Michelle make me a PNG file but I soon discovered it was easier to do my own thing. The first one I did was of my 4 granddaughters that live here in Ohio. I had picked up some chipboard lettering sometime back so I used that on the front cover to spell adorable then I added some foamy flowers and doodles. Inside I did a bit of digital layouts and printed ones. I will try to get a pic of it on here in the next couple days. Again it's not amazing but it is cute and may inspire someone. I'm now working on one for each of the 4 and if my daughter in law will ever send me any photos of my 3 grands there in Texas I will make them one as well. I'm not sure how boys will appreciate butterflies but maybe I can find a truck or something.
Well the tomatoes are offically toasted. There's no dening that they have the blight. I've been picking the big green ones just as soon as they get an ounce of coloring to them and so far they've been okay. But each day I go out to that garden and see those poor drooping tomatoes I just want to cry. I was so hoping for several batches of salsa and stewing tomatoes this year however nature had other ideas and it won't happen. I've also just about picked out the green beans, thank goodness!!! I only planted a small patch of them but they did very well this year and I managed, for a change, to beat the bugs. We do have some really strange gourds growing in the flower bed and the garden. They look like pumpkins , the mini type, but some are the green and yellow types. Those babies aren't your average sized gourds---oooh no they look more like those mini round watermelons( I think they are called sugar babies) you buy. Now I recall throwing out some gourds but they certainly didn't look anything like these things are looking. And the leaves are sooo huge. I guess it never occured to me to get a picture but I think I will. I just know we won't need to buy any gourds or pumpkins for the fall decorating this year and I will save my seeds.
Okay I've probably rattled on long enough today. It's just so quiet here this morning that I wasn't distracted--a very rare event for me. However I will say goodbye and get out there and get me some pictures of my --well I guess I will call them gourds until I know better. Have a blessed day.

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