Thursday, December 31, 2009

GoodBye 2009

It is soo hard to believe that another year is about to pass us by. I mean think about it didn't this year just start!!!! Right now it's about 2:30 here in Ohio and still a few hours left in this gloomy drizzly day.

Are you one of those millions of people who make resolutions or are you like me?? I'm the type who says whatever comes comes and whatever I do I do. This way I won't think of myself as a failure and no one can accuse me of not holding on to my promises. I guess you might call that a cowards way out but hey it's good for the self esteem.!!

Thinking back on this year it's been another rough one, I lost an uncle back in Feb (he had cancer but at least didn't suffer long as some have), Hubby was off work too much and then we had to up and move earlier this month. Finances have taken a major hit and there have been times I had to decide do we eat or pay bills? But even with all the ups and downs i am very thankful that I still have my health ( I might ache like a dying horse but at least I can still walk and breathe on my own.) and hubby still has his job. We have a much nicer place to live and our car is still running well. I remember one sermon where our pastor preached about not looking at what you don't have but rather be thankful for what you do have and it will make the nots a little less painful. How very true this is but in todays society all we can dwell on in what we don't have. We are a people who must have more more more and we are never satisfied with the things God has given us. I'm guilty as charged in that area so if I have to make one resolution this year it is to stop with the give more and start to appreciate what I have allready been given. It's not an easy thing to do and I'm sure it won't take place over night but with God's help and a little less cowardliness on my behalf I think I will make it. No let me restate that and say I WILL MAKE IT.

So to all of you I say Happy New Year and try not to make too many resolutions !!! But good luck with the ones you do make , hope you can pull them all off.

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