Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm not tellin.....

Okay okay I will's snowing out again!!!!!! And the flurries are coming down hot and heavy but at least we aren't in the middle of a white out ( that was a bit wild even from inside). We had a couple really wonderful days with temps in the high 40's and not a snowflake in the sky. Ahhhhha that was wonderful but alas I knew it couldn't last this time of year. I'm just very glad I don't live on the East Coast (USA) as they are once again getting pounded with very wild weather and even those who live in the southern part of the country have been getting more than their fair share of this stuff. Crazy crazy for sure.

My grandkids came across a song they all enjoy called Skunk in my trunk. Its a silly song and we all get a tickle out of it. Some of the words are..he's stickin up your automobile-forget about your roses he's stinkin' up your noses--mom's hair is gonna get frizzy---not in that order but I don't have the words or I'd write them all out so you could get a chuckle like we do. Now if anyone has ever hit one of these smelly critters you certainly can relate to this song and even if you happen upon one allready dead----oooooh my it's worse than hitting it . It's not unusual to see ones that have been hit but it's very unusual to see a live one but on our way home from church this past Sunday we took a back road ( and I do mean backroad!!!!--horsepath type) and lo and behold what do we see but Speaky Skunk live and in person. He was just strolling along side the road like he owned it but hey I wasn't going to argue with him, would you??? The kids got such a kick out of seeing this as all they had ever seen was a dead one. It was kinda awesome to see this animal in its natural surroundings and we just had to watch until it gave a warning squirt and truddle off into the woodsy area.
They say these black and white smell balls make some of the most wonderful pets but I think I'll just take their word for it--how about you???
Enjoy and remember---there's a skunk he's in your trunk.........

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't ya just luv give aways

Melissa from Creating from the Heart is having a fantastic giveaway. Horray!!!! She is giving away a Friskars Scalloped Daisy Embossing border punch, a 12 x 12 sheet of Sassafras Lass nerdy flag banner, a set of Kaiser Craft stamps, and a Memory Keepers ulitmate cutting tool set. How cool is that!!! Now I'm not much of a paper crafter but I do love love love to make my own cards and with some supplies being out of my finanical range this would be an awesome win.

But you can get a chance to win as well. Just hop over to her blog ( ) and post a comment . It's just that easy and it's fun to see what your other blog mates are up to as well. So have some fun and good luck to everyone .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here comes round 3!

Yup it's snowing again and again it's coming down about an inch per hour (or less!!!) It's only 10 am here and I'm not sure what time the storm came thru as it wasn't doing anything at 6 am but when I got back up at 8 the streets were allready getting covered. This round of snow looks like the fine stuff and the wind is blowing so that means drifting and bigger drifts on our hillside. I can just see myself going down this alley on one foot!!!!! And probably eating some snow when I go face first into it.

Anyhoooooow.....The forecast is calling for us to end up with about 5-9" depending in what area you live in and since we seem to be in the main path of things this year I'm expecting us to be in the higher range. Go figure.

Well for most of us this a day of vacation so stay safe and warm and let's all group together and call for spring!!! Because even for a snow lover like me this is getting to be way tooooo much of the fluffy stuffy.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Man

CuddleBeez's is releasing a new kit tomorrow called Family Man. It's full of all the wonderful colors and elements that you come to expect in her kits. The papers range in colors from light blue to dark blue as well a grayish browns, plain and patterned. While this kit is directed towards the man in your life it also has enough beautiful elements to do a feminine LO. There is also a rustic type alphabet included, and who couldn't use another alphabet!!!
Check out the stores tomorrow for this kit. It will be at Digital Scrapbooking Studio ( ) . And at Bouquet of Pixels in CuddleBeez's store ( . So trot right on over and pick up this great kit for yourself and let me see those great LOs.
Have a great night and hope everyone is surviving all this crazy weather!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2!!!!

We are in the middle of a snow storm!!! There was a point that I couldn't hardly see the tree out my window. The forecasters are saying, that at times we are getting an inch per every half hour!!!! We got hit with about 6.5" this last weekend and now they are forecasting an additional 6"-8" for this area. The snowflakes are sooo huge they look like silver dollars and bigger. I just wish I could get a picture of them. Right now it's let up some but that won't last long.

Hubby is at work and I'm hoping he can get a ride home or he'll just be stuck there. I can't even get the car unburied let alone drive in this stuff.

We live on a slight slope and walking the dog is proving to be a challenge in this type weather. He tends to pull me and Ive been afraid I will fall so I've been carrying my cell phone just in case I go down. Well guess what---yup I fell today. He gave me an unexpected jerk and I went sliding and next think I knew I'm eating snow. When I tried to get up he pulled again and again I went sliding. I was looking around hoping there wasn't a soul around to see the comical event of me trying to get back to my feet and the dog bouncing all over me like I was down there to play with him!!!! Thankfully I managed to land in a soft snow bank but was still in the road ( alley way ) so getting a grip wasn't that easy. However I did get back up and felt the pain--betting I have a big bruise later on. I'll be glad when Mr. Dog can get a pen build and go out on his own.!!

Hoping everyone will stay safe and warm during this storm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New forecast and somewhat new blog!!!

Well first off I think we have dodged the worst of the snow storm as we are getting more of the rain/snow mix. They are still forecasting us to be in the 6"-9" range but the first batch of snow has allready melted and I haven't seen much else currently. The system moved a bit futher up than first expected so that has done some good---unless we end up with the ice and that isn't nice. Just give me snow any ole day. I do feel for those on the East Coast though as they won't be dodging any bullets, in fact they are going to get hit with all the ammo winter can provide. Sorry guys .

How do you like my new blog look??? I've been dying to try something new and then I saw a video on how to change ones header--sounded easy enough and it was. However the back grounds and side bars aren't exactely what I would like so I still need to learn how to do them. The background sounds like it will be much harder as instructions said you needed to save to hosting place then use code--not my thing so we'll have to wait and see on that. Still I'm liking what I see so far. This new look is from Kathryn Estry and a kit called Sassy Pants. It's sold as a perfectly sized blogware. I got mine at Gotta Pixel.

Well not much time to post today so enjoy all this lovely weather but if you are in the worst of it stay safe and enjoy that fireplace and a nice cuppa cocoa.

Hugs, Vicki

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling better , Supreme Team Contest and winter storm warning

Wow I'm feeling much better today but still clogged up and coughing. I've gone thru 3 cans of Lysol and trying to keep hands washed every time I cough or sneeze but just don't always remember. Hoping it all leaves our house soon however hubby hasn't had it yet sooooooo.....I guess you know what that means!!!!

A forum I belong to ( Go Digital Scrapbooking) is having what they call the Supreme Team Contest. Members get a free kit to do a LO and then have a week to complete it and get it posted before they are judged to see if they go on to round 2 ( from there rounds 3 and 4) . Last time I made it to the 2nd round and this is my LO for this time. There are all ready alot of awesome LO's in the gallery so I'm not sure I have a chance this time or not. This kit was a little hard to work with as it was a sewing type kit by Tricia Curtis called Sew Chic and most of the elements were sewing things. I did manage to find inspiration while looking thru my photos. I found this scanned picture of my oldest daughter that I extracted and made transparent. This was taken when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old. I remember it like it was yesterday because that little dress was way too big for her but my GM bought it so I felt I needed to let the kid use it. This picture also makes me feel a little sad because I had the 11 x 14 original in an oval frame with an oval bubble glass lid that we lost in our house fire back in 1981. I got this smaller photo back when my mother died in 2001. I didn't even realize she had had it til we started digging thru those endless unnamed/undated stack of pictures. Anyhow....enough of the sad memories. There was one element in this kit that was kinda fun and that was the made by tag!!!! I kinda added our names down there on it and when my DD saw it she just rolled her eyes. I think she's secretly hoping no one notices!!! By the way she is now 33 1/2 and that is her current look down there by the faded flower. She looks just like here father, in fact all 3 of my kids look like him.
Okay okay enough of the silliness. If you happen to get out into cyber space why not drop over to Go Digital and see all the great LOs. ( I don't think you need to register just to view.

Anyone else out there under the gun for a winter storm??? They are forecasting up to 6" plus some ice for our area. We could get more or less and hopefully nothing at all. I seriously doubt if we'll miss this mess as I think it's forecasted to go a bit into the south. All this because that crazy groundhog saw his shadow the other day!!!

Well I best be off as we still have some schooling to do--yeah right but at least I will try to get going. Have a great day and enjoy God's blessing of life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The bug has arrived....

....For about the 3rd time that is!!!! I can't keep enough Lysol on hand to keep the germs at bay so we are now all battling that dreaded virus again. I spend the night gasping for air due to clogged passageways and that isn't fun. GD has been running a fever all weekend but it hasn't gotten too high so we are treating it ourselves. We had to miss church Sunday due to this crazy stuff and I don't like that but no use infecting more souls than need be.

I'm not sure all this sickness isn't related to the weather changes lately. One day cold the next up to 40 (F) degrees. Then before we know what has hit us the temps bottom out again and we go into another deep freeze. I like snow but I do not like the bitter cold we have had this year.

In unrelated news I have to give my hubby a big hug as he made a deep sacrifice for the family yesterday. It's been no secret to most of my friends (here and online) that since we had to move in Dec we have been having it rough. I've had to bury my pride a few times and ask for help to get food and that is not easy. I know God supplies us and sometimes we need to look outside the box so to speak for HE is suppling us but just using others to help us. Well we have, or should I say had, a riding lawn mower that was my hubby's one prize possession. He loved that thing and with his bad back and hip it was also a real necessity for him . This house has no yard so to speak and it was just sitting in storage with the hopes we could find a home with a yard. However, a friend wanted to buy it and hubby let it go. I know he was crying inside because it had taken him a few years to get one. Part of me was jumping for joy yet the other part of me was crying as well. I just ask God to let hubby get a better one in the futher and I know HE will. In the mean time I had a holiday at the store.

I spent the weekend making cards with my digital stuff and trying to prefect envelopes to go with them. I know most crafters would use a template and hand cut their envelopes but not me I like to be difficult and try to do it digitally. Well guess what I managed to make one for the 5 x 5 cards and one for the 5 x 7 cards and they fit onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I may have to tweek them a bit after printing but they fit the cards just fine. I feel like a real rocket scientist yet I know there are probably templates out there on the market so I can't take any true credit!!!!

Okay I've been a chatter box today and my head is starting to hurt so I better get off here and spray the keyboard with another round of Lysol then go douse myself with something!!

Have a great day