Monday, February 1, 2010

The bug has arrived....

....For about the 3rd time that is!!!! I can't keep enough Lysol on hand to keep the germs at bay so we are now all battling that dreaded virus again. I spend the night gasping for air due to clogged passageways and that isn't fun. GD has been running a fever all weekend but it hasn't gotten too high so we are treating it ourselves. We had to miss church Sunday due to this crazy stuff and I don't like that but no use infecting more souls than need be.

I'm not sure all this sickness isn't related to the weather changes lately. One day cold the next up to 40 (F) degrees. Then before we know what has hit us the temps bottom out again and we go into another deep freeze. I like snow but I do not like the bitter cold we have had this year.

In unrelated news I have to give my hubby a big hug as he made a deep sacrifice for the family yesterday. It's been no secret to most of my friends (here and online) that since we had to move in Dec we have been having it rough. I've had to bury my pride a few times and ask for help to get food and that is not easy. I know God supplies us and sometimes we need to look outside the box so to speak for HE is suppling us but just using others to help us. Well we have, or should I say had, a riding lawn mower that was my hubby's one prize possession. He loved that thing and with his bad back and hip it was also a real necessity for him . This house has no yard so to speak and it was just sitting in storage with the hopes we could find a home with a yard. However, a friend wanted to buy it and hubby let it go. I know he was crying inside because it had taken him a few years to get one. Part of me was jumping for joy yet the other part of me was crying as well. I just ask God to let hubby get a better one in the futher and I know HE will. In the mean time I had a holiday at the store.

I spent the weekend making cards with my digital stuff and trying to prefect envelopes to go with them. I know most crafters would use a template and hand cut their envelopes but not me I like to be difficult and try to do it digitally. Well guess what I managed to make one for the 5 x 5 cards and one for the 5 x 7 cards and they fit onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I may have to tweek them a bit after printing but they fit the cards just fine. I feel like a real rocket scientist yet I know there are probably templates out there on the market so I can't take any true credit!!!!

Okay I've been a chatter box today and my head is starting to hurt so I better get off here and spray the keyboard with another round of Lysol then go douse myself with something!!

Have a great day

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