Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling better , Supreme Team Contest and winter storm warning

Wow I'm feeling much better today but still clogged up and coughing. I've gone thru 3 cans of Lysol and trying to keep hands washed every time I cough or sneeze but just don't always remember. Hoping it all leaves our house soon however hubby hasn't had it yet sooooooo.....I guess you know what that means!!!!

A forum I belong to ( Go Digital Scrapbooking) is having what they call the Supreme Team Contest. Members get a free kit to do a LO and then have a week to complete it and get it posted before they are judged to see if they go on to round 2 ( from there rounds 3 and 4) . Last time I made it to the 2nd round and this is my LO for this time. There are all ready alot of awesome LO's in the gallery so I'm not sure I have a chance this time or not. This kit was a little hard to work with as it was a sewing type kit by Tricia Curtis called Sew Chic and most of the elements were sewing things. I did manage to find inspiration while looking thru my photos. I found this scanned picture of my oldest daughter that I extracted and made transparent. This was taken when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old. I remember it like it was yesterday because that little dress was way too big for her but my GM bought it so I felt I needed to let the kid use it. This picture also makes me feel a little sad because I had the 11 x 14 original in an oval frame with an oval bubble glass lid that we lost in our house fire back in 1981. I got this smaller photo back when my mother died in 2001. I didn't even realize she had had it til we started digging thru those endless unnamed/undated stack of pictures. Anyhow....enough of the sad memories. There was one element in this kit that was kinda fun and that was the made by tag!!!! I kinda added our names down there on it and when my DD saw it she just rolled her eyes. I think she's secretly hoping no one notices!!! By the way she is now 33 1/2 and that is her current look down there by the faded flower. She looks just like here father, in fact all 3 of my kids look like him.
Okay okay enough of the silliness. If you happen to get out into cyber space why not drop over to Go Digital and see all the great LOs. ( I don't think you need to register just to view.

Anyone else out there under the gun for a winter storm??? They are forecasting up to 6" plus some ice for our area. We could get more or less and hopefully nothing at all. I seriously doubt if we'll miss this mess as I think it's forecasted to go a bit into the south. All this because that crazy groundhog saw his shadow the other day!!!

Well I best be off as we still have some schooling to do--yeah right but at least I will try to get going. Have a great day and enjoy God's blessing of life.

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Ramblin Mama said...

6" !!! You're lucky, they're telling us 18"-24", maybe more!!! Guess it's too much to hope it'll stay south of D.C. Stay warm.