Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring or just a tease????

The weather the last several days has just been awesome. It's been a bit nipping in the mornings and late evenings but otherwise fantastic. The sun has been on high and the clouds have taken on a wonderful fluff---aaaaaahhh just the most wonderful type of weather. However, I have lived in this area long enough to know this is likely just a tease. It's not even close to Easter and I know from past experience we are likely to be hit again with more snow and super cold temps. OOOh not like in Feb ( hopefully) but in the 8 yrs I've been back in the state there has only been a couple times it was super nice on Easter. About 3 or 4 years ago the kids were hunting eggs in a mini blizzard and we had the grill fired up and cooking out. We still laugh about that one. As a child I can remember building an igloo instead of hunting eggs ( now you know that had to be a lot of snow). So as much as I want the winter to scale back and be over I know it probably won't be true so I will just enjoy the sunshine and nice temps while they are here . Hopefully you are doing the same.

This past weekend was our GD Emmy's 9th birthday. Boy how time is flying by. She has done sooo many things the doctors said she never would. Hopefully as she ages she will do far more. Oh I know she will never be 100% but God has done soooo very much for her that even some of her doctors are amazed.

I must get ready for schooling time so if you are having wonderful weather enjoy it and if you aren't ---enjoy it as well because without the rain/snow we wouldn't get those wonderful and beautiful spring flowers.

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