Thursday, March 18, 2010

This groundhog didn't see its shadow!!!

Spring has officially arrived!! Or at least this groundhog says it has but mother nature may have a final say so who knows.
Back to the groundhog. Would you believe we live in town and this critter lives right next door to us. I see these fat butterballs alongside the road all the time but never have I had the pleasure ( or displeasure depending on your view ) of having one so very close. I was out walking the dog 2 days ago and Mr. Dog spotted Mr. Groundhog before I did and let me just tell ya I nearly met this critter face to face as my dog pulled me across the yard!!!! However, I did manage to get a hold on dog and let the groundhog live to see another day. Or should I say I lived to see another day. I don't usually carry my camera with me whenever I'm out with the dog because he does pull me soooo hard that I don't want to risk breaking my camera so it has been hard to get a picture of this jittery critter---until yesterday. Yesterday Mr. Groundhog was just too hungry to care about what was going on around him so I was able to run inside, get the camera and get several great shots before he got done eating. My GD was having a field day just watching this animal munch grass and look around. Okay Okay I know groundhogs are bad for a garden and the likes but hey why destroy nature when it's doing you no harm. I know people who would go out of their way just to kill this poor creature simply because they don't like anything that doesn't have 2 legs. As for me and my family we are nature lovers and as long as it doesn't have 8 legs and beedy eyes I'm okay with it. I may even accept the 8 legged thing as long as its well out of reach and not on my shoulder or hair--yeakkkk.
So as I close I will just say that Spring has arrived in the wonderful state of Ohio simply because Mr. Groundhog says it has. Thank you my dear friend groundhog---now watch it snow a couple feet !!!!!!
I'll be back later today or tomorrow with a LO from CuddleBeez's newest kit called Spring Portrait. It's adorable. Enjoy the super weather and have a great day even if its cloudy.

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