Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OOOh me OOOOh my All this dye is makin me cry!!!

Cry is a total understatement. I'm screaming. Now what is going on you might ask yourself and what in the world does dye have to do with screaming and crying????You might suppose I'm talking about the dye we use to change color in clothes--ooh how I wish. But nooo this dye is the stuff our food companies put into our food sources and expect us to tolerate. They just assume that the average person doen't know or care about what goes into their food. Sure we look for things like sodium and sugar but have you ever stopped to read HOW much dye is actually in our food. I sure didn't until GD started having reactions to it. At first we just thought it was the red dyes becuase when she was younger and got sick I would give her a popular childrens brand of cold/flu medicine and of course it was either red or purple. We noticed that she seemed to act very badly--hitting, screaming, biting etc--just after she had this stuff. We thought it might just be her bad behavior but after taking an antibotic that was red colored and her having the same reaction I started doing research on the red dyes. Okay easy enough but then I started reading about the yellow dyes or at least I thought I had read enough. We stopped ginving her everything that was made using red or yellow dyes and you know that in itself is alot since those 2 colors make alot more colors. for the past couple years we have done away with things that are colored and started giving her only clear or white colored stuff. Again her behavior started to take a wild ride and I spent countless hours crying after having to deal with her and these wild fits she takes. I was beginning to think that something more sinister was going on with her. However, one day I was doing more research--mostly just googling and happened across a blog that gave me hope and more answers. Food Dye Diaries ( . IT was like finding Tut's gold and living to tell about it. Not only was there someone else who had a child like ours but she also did alot of research so the rest of us can stay sane. Through some of her links I found a list of foods that contained dyes I didn't even know about and the foods they are hidden in. We had been allowing GD to have some golden arches ice cream and when we did she seemed to be going crazy again. We were right on the verge of taking away all sugars thinking that may be the trigger until I started reading the food list at IATP brain food selector ( ) and what do you think was on that list???? Those golden arches ice cream in the shakes, the very same thing they use in the regular cones. Who would have known that something we thought was a safe food was actually a trigger food .

I have slowly been cleaning out all the stuff she can't have but am still finding out I haven't gotten it all because this morning she ate something and ---well schooling is shot and so are my nerves. I just wish I was a stronger person because I'd like to go to these food companies and start banging heads or better yet let them have a day with GD after she has eaten some of their wonderful food. Some countries have banned certain dyes but here in the good ole US of A we still allow these companies to inject us with this stuff and tell us it is safe. BAH HUMBUG!!!

Okay I better stop before one of these places slaps me with a law suit and even though you can't squeeze blood from a turnip they could still make life hard. I will say that if we all started going organic the prices of organic foods would go down and companies would have to change the way things are done. Also if you have a child who is acting bad or has symptoms of ADHD try looking into what they are eating and checking for those hidedn dyes in their food sources.

Good luck and have a great day--even while crying.


Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles...sounds rough.

To find the blog badge, on my blog, look on the right side and there will be a note that says "Wanna a blog badge?" and then follow the directions. There is also a badge in file form on the PCP group under the heading in the text. :)


KathyScraps said...

I went through something similar with my eldest a few years ago, although her reaction was just to the yellow/orange colours: 102 & 110.

The juice she liked (watered down) was discontinued, so I decided to try Golden Circle cordial, thinking it would be healthier than Cottees.

After six months she was totally irrational: I'd offer to let her do something she loved & she'd have a fit.

I stopped giving her the cordial (& other products with 102 & 110 in them) and within 24 hours she was almost completely back to being the sweet, biddable, affectionate little girl we'd always known.

It was scary to see what a difference these food additives make.
What other effects are they having that we don't know about??