Monday, August 30, 2010

I can see clearly now....

The scratches are gone,
I can see clearly now the lens are renewed....It's a bright sunshiny day. (I had a bunch more of that song in my brain but it seems to have taken a trip elsewhere!! )

I just got new glasses and I thought they were great until I have decided that the bifocal might be in the wrong spot. However I can see much better with these than the older ones ( had them 5 yrs!!!!!) which were just about out the door. Does anyone else hold out that long getting glasses or is it just penny pinching me??? With a $500.00 + price tag I try to make them last as long as they will go. I don't know about you but I sure don't have that kind of money just lying around . I will need to make sure I go to have my eyes checked every year now as I have beginning cataracts. I want to catch them as soon as possible.

Not much else going on here lately. I am sooo very thankful school started back on the 16th . It's been so peaceful here without a house full of wild GDs. As for the painting---HA! I'm betting if I get one group of ornaments done a week I'm doing something amazing and if I reach my goal of 300 it will be a downright miracle. I did have a few from a couple years ago so that is saving me somewhat but I know I will have repeat customers and they always want something new. On the plus side to this mess I did manage to get alot of wood cut out and it is ready to be painted. Just wish me luck and hopefully I will have some pictures to post by middle of next month.

Well just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know I didn't end up in the ole nut house-as of yet at least. Have a great week and hopefully Fall is in the air at your home. I personally can't wait for that wonderful season. Enjoy today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good news

Hello its me again !!! Can we all say school time school time hurry up!!! I never thought I would be in such a hurry to see the ole school system come back to life but that was before I opted to watch the grandgirls. I still have alot of patients but the older I get the less of it I seem to have lately. And when you have 4 girls who just die to give you grey hair---well I'm sure every grandparent knows where I'm coming from. The 3 youngest ones decided they just needed to explore the upstairs rooftop and they didn't seem to care if they could have been killed,ooh no that just never entered their minds. Not to mention we have electric lines hanging very close to that back roof. While they didn't get the board of education applied to them they did get one very long sermon type speech. Do I think it made a dent in them--never!!!! That's exactly why I just pray for angels to protect them.

Now to some great news. Ems has been pretty sick lately but after some testing it was determined she didn't have the Lyme sickness they thought she had. They started talking seizures so she underwent a series of testing last week and today I went with DD to see what the doctor had to say. She seems to be fine in that area -there were no abnormalities in her MRI or ERG so they have cleared her of that. They couldn't, however say what caused the first seizure. Her sugar level has been up a bit and her liver has some issues so maybe there is something with that but as far as I'm concerned she's okay and that is one answered prayer.

The painting is coming along as well as expected. I also cut my own wood so that is throwing me behind a bit because of the heat ( too hot to be outside for very long). I only have until the first week in Nov to really get anything done so you can see how crazy this all is!!! Even with all the the time limitations I will take my time and do my best job because its far better to have a good product than to have a zillion things and they all be poorly done.

Hope everyone is still having a good summer and once again can we all say Let School Begin!!!!