Friday, September 17, 2010

Not A good day and 2 new blogs

Ugggh!! It's just one of those "I don't feel good" days. " I just want to sleep but can't because of my GD. We are suppose to be doing some schooling , however I can't see that happening. She certainly is liking it. I feel like a balloon all stuffed up with cotton or something. Likely sinus or allergies doing me in.

I started a new blog---a painting /woodcrafting one called Daisy's Dilly Creations ( . My friend Northern Star Ca has also got one going-A Brush With Friends ( I know for a fact she is going to be having a give away on her blog here in the very near future. You might want to hop over there and see what she is up to (wink). Mine will just likely showcase some of my stuff, though I really would like to do a tutorial on how to use a scroll saw. That will have to wait for awhile though

.We are hoping that these blogs will open a new door for those interested in painting. Also we would love to hear how you got your start in painting/woodworking and what do you do with all those wonderful creations you make. Or are you a seasoned painter and have something to add . We'll take it all and hopefullly have a blast . So come on over and visit with us.Enjoy the day

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