Friday, December 3, 2010

oooHHH I wanna cry!!!

Sorry if that sounds a bit too much but I lost ALL my data on the old computer before I could transfer it over. All my scrap booking data, all the files I hadn't backed up and there was plenty of school related stuff that I hadn't gotten on to flash/disc. How did this happen????? I'm not even real sure but I had let my daughter use the old computer and well I guess as usual she went into places she shouldn't have. I will have to see if there is anyway to retrieve alot of that data or if it's just gone forever out into the ever growing cyper graveyard. OOOh well it's not really worth killing anyone over but I sure won't let her touch my new computer.

Been getting any snow in your area? It was coming down pretty good earlier then just stopped. However I think the forecast is calling for some heavier stuff to moving in later tonight or by morning. We are suppose to be on the lighter end of this but I think the last time they told us that we ended up with over 12"!!!! Never trust a weather man!

I'm just loving this new computer but this wireless keyboard is all ready proving to be a battery eater. I need to figure out how it shuts off. The mouse shuts down fine but this keyboard just keeps going. Windows 7 hasn't been too awfully hard to use but it did take me a bit to figure out how to transfer some scrapbook templates into my program. Right now I am without a printer as my HP Photosmart doesn't work with Windows 7 and the new Dell wireless won't connect to wireless without first being hooked up to wireless. Really need to get it up and running as I really use the printer alot.

Well right now we are in the middle of a cake bake off event and I have to be the judge and taster --yumm yumm Styrofoam cakes!!! Whatever happen to just baby dolls and tea parties???

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