Sunday, January 30, 2011


....something seems a bit wrong with the date (lol) . I mean wasn't it just yesterday I was bidding an old year goodbye and now I'm about to say farewell to an entire month---No way. Honestly where did the time go!!!! I can only blame it on , well me I guess as there's no other reason.

On a better note. My first batch of soap arrived a few days ago and I've been happily creating a mess. I had this crazy idea that soap making was going to be a breeze---boy did I get a wake up call!!! Yes cutting the base and melting it is something very easy and if you just want to pour a single layer you've got it made. However, if you want to pretty them up, add layers or other crazy things then you've got to think things thru. I learned the hard way that one needs to cut ALL (sorry for the shout) the needed base up before starting the layering and one doesn't mix ingredients into a super hot base or you'll get The Blob. Plus if you want to layer you better not be afraid of rubbing alcohol because thats what binds your layers! I have been experimenting with natural coloring and the likes and found some spices make awesome coloring and that unsweetened cocoa powder is a real winner in a soap. I have managed to wipe out about 8 lbs of base and only made about 3 lbs of good looking soaps. Some of my first few bars are good enough to use just not pretty so I'll sell them as Usable just not pretty and mark the price accordingly. I've hit on 3 really great lines : Milk and Honey ( all natural), Neapolitan (super yummy smelling) and Cherries Jubilee (this one is my favorite by far) I did make an Oatmeal and french vanilla a few weeks back but I think I overdid the oatmeal but my family still loves it. And the worse thing I've made so far is the lavender bars!!! I did not grind up my buds like suggested and let me tell ya the end result was less than appealing. So will need to grind grind grind the lavender next time. I'll also be working on some Chamomile and need to remember to grind those flowers as well. Anyhow thats what soap making is all about. One just needs to learn to keep notes and write down everything they do as that way they will know what/where it went wrong. I have found the best molds are turning out to be silicon as you can just peel them off once the soap is set. Now my next biggest hurdle is Pricing. Any suggestions as to what you'd be willing to pay for a natural soap bar??? I'm leaning towards $4.00-$4.50 for the 4 to 5 oz ones depending what all goes into it. To about $3.00 or so for the smaller sizes. I don't want to over kill anyone but I would like some (even a teeny bit) of profit.

Right now I'm battling another virus bug-only makes about the 5th time in a few short months. Not sure why I'm being hit with all this junk. I guess maybe it's just my season to get whammied.

Well just wanted to drop in ,say hello and let my followers know what I've been up to. Take care, have a wonderful day and wish me luck with this soap stuff.