Monday, July 25, 2011

Its the lone stranger-or the missing blogger

I am not going to say a word about how  I'm sorry ( even though I truly am) I haven't been on. Summer is just a crazy time around our place. I'm babysitting full time, trying to get ready for a big 2 day craft show/festival in Sept, and deal with a swollen leg and other family problems. And on top of that my uncles garden has finally decided to explode and I get what my aunt doesn't use ( usually alot!!). I just did 4 pints of refrigerator pickles and have a bag full more  to do in the next day or so. Plus the kids are screaming Zucchini Bread!! Its a good thing the tomatoes are a bit late coming on or I would never get caught up. OOh and lets not forget to mention that my DH just called and told me they messed up on his check for the coming pay day--not good.

I have no idea what I did to my leg-well its my hip area but since we are just coming out of a 4 month reduced hours work I can't afford to go to the doctor for another couple of weeks. I can't sit long periods ( or on hard surfaces) can't stand long and have to stretch out several times a day. None of this is good when one needs to do things.

Aside from all the rottenness I have made some headway on somethings. I finally was able to get some glass cabochons and diamond glaze ( before the work cutbacks )  so I could try my hand at that craft . Getting the bubbles out has proved to be harder than it looks online. However once one gets the hang of controlling the glaze its pretty easy. I'm all for trying the glass slides now that I know how this works.

I won't be making any more soap right now until this bunch sells a bit. Don't want to get too much going and not be able to get rid of it. The natural soaps are selling very well but I just had to make some fun stuff. I did reduce the sizing of my bars and redo alot of the soap sicles and cupcakes. I just didn't like the icing on the cupcakes as it was rubbery and I couldn't get past that. Thankfully the icing is all I will have to toss from those as I can rebatch the base itself.

How about this heat!!!! Yesterday was our first real day of relief when a slight cold front dropped temps down to 75*. Before that we were dealing with temps of nearly 100* ( some areas around us did reach 100 and beyond) with heat indexes of 112* or higher. Our poor AC unit could not keep up with the demand. We actually had to go driving around just to get cool. Hate to see the electric bill this coming month!!!

Well laundry is calling my name and I really need to snap the green beans so they can go into the freezer. Its a good thing I can multi task and not go too awfully crazy but then most mothers/ grandmothers have learned how to do this. And if you aren't there yet you will be one day. You'll know you've reached perfection when you can juggle a baby in one arm, cook with the other, talk on the phone, all the while trying not to trip over the other one or two young ins that are under your feet  and have hair left at the end of the day.

Enjoy your summer and yes the kids will be going back to school very soon-unless you home school then you are in trouble!! Have fun.

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