Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saber kitty

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Summer heat has set in and I spend alto of time sitting in front of the computer trying to stay cool. For the longest time we were having cooler than normal temperatures but alas no more as the heat is back to stay.

My garden has taken a hit from the strange weather. My cucumbers have toasted and now my tomatoes have the late blight so they will soon be gone. I'm an organic gardener and I will not use chemicals in any form so I guess the tomatoes are history. Don't know what causes blight but they are saying this could be as bad as the Irtish potato famine way back in the 1800's. To me that sounds pretty serious, but I guess only time will tell. At least the beans are coming on strong so guess what we will be eating alot of this winter!!!

Hubby finally went back to work and the house is quiet for the most part. Yesterday was almost downright boring as it was just granddaughter and I. It's been a long time since it's just been the 2 of us. We did get outside for about an hour and while out she decided we had to make friends with the saber tooth kitty. This kid has an imagine a mile long (being an only child isn't easy) but a saber tooth??? I told her I didn't want to make friends with that type of kitty but she claimed it was friendly---until it bit my hand!!!!! Does that sound friendly to you?? Me either so I shooed the thing away. It then went to sit under her blanket tent and growled at me every time I moved. After an hour I decided it was time for kitty to return to the wild. Well kitty didn't want to go anywhere so I had to take the broom to it. Granddaughter informed me that saber kitty would be there waiting for me the next time I went outside. I told her kitty was just imaginary and it wouldn't hurt a flea. She said "okay. And it was wrong of me to say it would bite you. I'm sorry." I told her it was okay to play pretend and that if saber kitty was still there later he could come back to play. (Being any only child is hard sometimes!!). That seemed to make her happy but kitty was still kinda mad at me because of the broom. I just shook my head and we went in. However, I could have sworn I heard a low growl as we went thru the kitchen door--sure do hope it was the dog growling at saberkitty and not kitty growling at me!!!!!

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Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Sorry to hear about the tomatoes at least the beans are doing okay.
Kids are amazing with their imagination, oh to be young again!!