Thursday, July 23, 2009

so where is summer?????

Okay is it July in the USA or is it Fall??? I mean after all we are suppose to be having heat that we can't stand but instead we are shivering and putting on the woolies. This is just plain crazy. I know in my last post the heat was on but let me tell ya it certainly didn't last . Yesterday it rained all day long. Now don't get me wrong we needed that type of rain as the garden was terribly dry but come on---it's only 70 today and that's stretching it. I'm not to sure I buy this global warming stuff!!!

In other news hubby went to see spine specialist on Tuesday and there will be surgery sometime in Oct. He will have to have 2 disc and a hip replacement. They say this isn't as bad as it use to be (they use lasers now) and that hubby should be out of hospital in 24-36 hrs. They don't know my man--he's kind of a baby when it comes to pain! However, I say if this will help then go for it as I'm really tired of not being able to sleep at nights. I did tell him (before we found this out) that I was ready for Ricky and Lucy beds ( separate ones) because I just couldn't go any longer without sleep.

Well there's not much more to chat about today. The rain has made me lazy--like I need an excuse!!! I will keep this blog posted on the surgery event and ask that you please pray for us in that area because we have already taken a hit in the ole pocketbook and this one will likely do us in. Still I know my God will help us as He always does but it helps to have friends praying with us.

Enjoy your day or night and chat later

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