Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm still kickin'!!!

Okay I'll admit its been way too long since I've posted anything. I guess I just got burn out and been under alot of stress which does bad things to ones mind and body.

First off we have been going nutty dealing with the insurance company--they are refusing to pay for hubby's back surgery. We have been running back and forth to doctors offices and spending money I don't think we need to for such craziness. Right now we are on hold and still hoping to get the surgery approved before too much more time passes. The back is only getting worse and if things keep up hubby won't be able to walk. two of his disc are nearly gone so I can't figure out what the hold up is.

Then there is schooling---ooooh wow that is a subject just in itself but I'm in it for the long haul--even if I don't have any hair left at the end of the day. Some subjects come really easy then others are such a struggle and then we have state testing at months end. Not sure what that is to prove unless it has to do with continued funding for the school. We allready had to battle the governor once to keep going on. It's just a never ending battle to force us to put our kids in the public system.

And the weather!!!!We have had nothing but rain rain rain. I was beginning to wonder if we needed Noah and his ark . Today we get sunshine but it certainly is coolish for this time of year. We never really had much summer and then when we did it was super hot. Now the leaves are changing and its getting really beautiful here. I love this time of year and I swear each year the trees burst brighter with their color changes. When the sun shines and hits those brilliant shades of golds , oranges, and reds----it's sooo grand. I could live forever in Fall. The smell of burning wood in the crisp night air and the sound of the geese starting their homeward journay---uuuuummmm.

We went over to the Hocking Hills area yesterday . It's been years since we've been there and then never in the Fall. While it's a very long drive it's worth every mile. W#e didn't get a chance to walk any of the awesome trails this round and the grands weren't pleased about that but some of those places have dangerous drop offs and we have daredevils!!!
Another of my favorite thing is the old country barns . Don't know why I've taken to barns but this love affair has been going on for years and now that I live around soo many--well you know what I take alot of pics of.
Well I've got to get off here and start on tomorrow's lessons. Enjoy the Fall changes if you live in an area that has them and if not just enjoy the day.

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