Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally made a creative team!!!!

Can we say hoorray!!! I finally got accepted as a CT member. Chicken Socks Designs and 3 Dog Designs, 2 very awesome ladies and I am very honored to be part of this great team. Now I can use this blog for something other than craziness--well don't count that out !!!

The first layout is from a collab they did together called "Guess How Much" I love the rich colors of this kit and yes they had my favorite thing in there---butterflies. You will likely see butterflies in alot of my LO's.

The other Lo is called Wildflower Garden by ChickenSocks designs. Again if you look real hard you will see the butterfly. And this kit has another of my favorite thing or should I say things--flowers.

You can find these and other kits by this great team here at Denim and Daisies ( )--almost posted the wrong link -yipes but it would have gone straight to one of the above LO's. Sooooo you should hop on over to the store and check things out and while there why not go sign up for the great forum.

Forgive me for such deep spacing but I am still trying to figure out how to edit without erasing my entire post--great thought only happen once ya know-ha! HA!

Have a great night and will likely be posting much more. Okay just previewed my post and the spacing seems fine which is great.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Okay! Okay!

Allright I know it's been almost a month since I posted anything but seriously it just doesn't seem that long. Besides nothing important or funny has been going on in my life. Right now some of us are battling the flu bug. Currently it's just the normal stuff and I'm praying it doesn't turn into anything more serious.

Did everyone get out this past weekend for NSD?? I was only able to buy 2 items this year but I do have my eyes on some really neat Christmas things. I've been doing alot of hybrid stuff lately and with my new version of Scrapbook Max I'm able to make my own .png items to use with the templates ( like the Abby Album and the Basic Grey bracket album ) I still have to use others work but at least I can make up some great pages then clip them. I've probably got over 50 sets made up and now all I need is the pictures!!!!

I guess I shouldn't say nothing important has happen. I did get a LO published in my scrapbooking programs newsletter. They chose my LO as the opening one!! That made me happy as I normally don't produce design winning pages. There was no prize to go with it just the honor. And then a new forum/store opened up called Denim and and I was picked for a gallery position so that's something.

The weather has been fairly nice for Nov in Ohio. We had alot of cold days in Oct so maybe we'll get a little taste of summer without all the high humidity. It is cloudy today with a chance of rain but still very pleasant.

Well I need to sign off as my head is throbbing again and all this clicking of the keyboard isn't helping matters any. I'll try not to go a full month this next time but don't hold me to that.!!!!