Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things are hoppin' and a new forum

Well first off I need to say sorry for not being on lately but we had to up and move rather quickly and that hurt. We were just fine and dandy in our former house until the landlady's son started making threats to us and barged into our house, pushing my GD. Boy was I hopping mad but then law enforcement couldn't do anything much except give them a warning as they had witnesses saying that never happened. So we decided that we would just move and let them have their ole house. It didn't take long to find another place to live but money was a big issue. God worked that out so within a 2 week span we moved. And can you imagine the junk we had after being in the same place for 8 1/2 yrs!!!!

Our new rental is an older type house. I want to say a brick colonial or victoria. Not bad but with noooo yard. It's also very cold upstairs as the current owners didn't see the need to put vents in the floors for heat. Anyhow it's managable and with a small heater it stays fair up here. When we moved in we looked the house over fairly well or so we thought. You know when you move into an older house you are looking at ther likelyhood of bad or older wiring so it's a risk you take in that area. You learn not to over load the plugs etc but you certainly don't expect your furnance to be wicked.

This morning I was awaken to what smelled like wiring burning so I gave a yell upstairs to DD and GD and they were out of bed in a bound. I called the local police dept and ask for the non-emergency number to the FD but was advised to just call 911. So I did and I told the dispatcher not to send them down with all the bells and whistles and what do you think they did!!!! Came with sirens blaring to the top of all get out. That scared GD more than the thought of an actual fire. All she wanted was her Tinkerdollie but we told her to get out. I got the dog out and then went to the basement to see if anything was puffing down there. I couldn't see a thing. The firemen came in and checked the entire house over three or 4 times, they also checked my smoke detectors and then headed for the basement. Well lo and behold they found something mighty important. I was standing outside the door when one of them ask how long we had been in this house and I stated a bit over a week. He was holding a tag in his hand and ask the other fireman to make sure he was reading things right then he told me to have a look. I would like to say at this point I nearly fainted because right there attached to the main gas line on the furnance is a tag that clearly states this appliance is unsafe to operate. ( I took pictures and will post the tag next post). So now I have to play a waiting game. I will go Monday to the local gas company and see if they just failed to remove the tag or if we were hoodwinked so to speak. Because let me tell you this probably isn't going to end pretty if we find out they rented us this place knowing there was an unsafe furnance. It cost us every bit of $2000.00 to make this move and buddy I aim to make them pay me every penny back and then some if I have to move. I hope that doesn't sound too ugly but I have no other choice in the matter. What would any of you do in this case??

Now if all that wasn't bad enough to fizzle ones nerves, just about an hour ago GD decided to burn babies hair off. She was hiding and we knew she was up to something and then when I saw baby I ask how she got burnt hair. It took us a bit to get the answer out of her and in the mean time we are smelling smoke again!!!!!! This one turned out to just be a case of sticking baby's hair on the halogen light in the hall way but it was puffing away when we finally found it!!!!! I removed the bulb in one quick hurry and GD got the lecture of a life time. I'm not sure it did an ounce of good as this child is one who tries the very being of a soul. She's just too inquizative and wants to see how things work. Well you know the type and if not I'll send her your way and let you find out!!!!!

We did tell GD todays events were good practice for her but that she did a couple things very wrong and it could have cost her. First she came back into the house without being told it was ok then she ran upstairs and got her Tinkerbaby. I didn't even see her do either but then I was sooo frizzled I couldn't even remember the insurance companys name. Not sure if that comes from turning a year older or just being plain scared.Or maybe both!!!

Well now that that very long post is out of the way let me tell you about a new forum I joined called Demin and Daisies ( It also has a store which has some great digi kits in it so if you are looking for a new place to visit or buy why not try them. Right now,since things are just getting going, things are a bit quiet but once this place takes off it's going to be great.

Okay I've rattled on long enough today. I was going to post my latest LO but realized I deleted the folder from my computer to free up space so that will have to wait as well. I must say goodbye for now but watch for me and as Paul Harvey use to say THE REST OF THE STORY!!!


kimeric kreations said...

Hi there! Just dropped by to say Hi, and thanks for all your nice comments, both on my blog and in DD forum!Watch that DD wish list come Christmas Eve! :) - Kim

Elisa said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I'm wishing you and yours a merry, peaceful, and relaxing Christmas and enjoy the holidays! :)