Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year gone and an awesome giveawaty

Before I start my actual post let me tell ya about this great give away that Melissa (Creating from the heart ) is having. She's offering A CuttleBug and goodies!!!! Go over and check it out and while you are there have a look at some of her awesome things she does!! She is incredible ( ).

Can you believe another year has bit the dust-well lets give it a few hours here! I mean where did time go??? Seems like only yesterday I was trying to find all my stuff from when we had moved (Dec 09)(-shoot I still can't find half my stuff (wink) ) . However when I really sit back and reflect on this past year I have to say things were alot better this year than they had been. This year hubby didn't have to take off work due to his health (aside from minor sickness) , we were able to pay off all our high interest credit cards and I was able to get back to my crafting shows!!! I'm human and I complain (sometimes cry) about all the "things" I think I need but God kept HIS hands upon us and we never once went hungry, we never failed to be able to pay our bills and none of us got seriously sick. Plus DD and hubby still have jobs and in this area that is a HUGE blessing. What the new year will hold is only Gods knowledge but whatever shape it takes I know I'll always be in the Masters hand and what HE puts upon us is only what we can handle and with everything we can't HE makes a way for us to get thru it.

Also I want to thank each and everyone of my followers for sticking with me thru another year. Y'all mean so very much to me and I look forward to another great year with all of you. Hopefully GD will provide us with some silliness but she is starting to enter that-do not laugh at me stage. Enjoy the New Year and stay safe if you plan to go celebrate tonight

Hugs to all


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

As the days draw closer to Christmas I just want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope each of you get something wonderful. but if the Big guy doesn't bring you what you really really wanted try not to focus on that too much because if you have a warm house, food on the table, your health and a source of income you have far more than alot of people these days.

I saw this wonderful tidbit on Facebook this morning and thought I'd pass it on

Santa lives in the North Pole
Jesus lives everywhere
Santa rides in a sleigh
Jesus rides on the wind
Santa comes but once a year
Jesus is ever-present
Santa supplies you some goodies
Jesus supplies ALL your needs
Santa comes down the chimney uninvited
Jesus stands at the door and knocks then enters into your heart.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Correct link to store

Okay not exactly sure what is happening with Bloggger-it or just may be this new computer but the store link isn't the correct one so we'll try again.

while I'm at it let me try the direct link for the kits

Winter Wishes and My Blue Christmas

CuddleBeez's has two new wonderful kits out!!! The first is called My Blue Christmas . It is filled with all the goodness of a Christmas kit in colors that are just awesome. This beautiful kit would also create a great winter LO and how about using it for that winter wedding--tooo stunning. Its on sale here (for awhile so hurry over)--well can't seem to get the link to post so hop over to the store and look for CuddleBeez's scraps .
The other is called Winter Wishes and is more of a country themed kit. Think all those winter/Christmas photos you take while at the cabin!! Or out cutting the tree. I see Christmas cards here. Again this is on sale for a limited time so don't delay,.
Have a great day .

Friday, December 3, 2010

oooHHH I wanna cry!!!

Sorry if that sounds a bit too much but I lost ALL my data on the old computer before I could transfer it over. All my scrap booking data, all the files I hadn't backed up and there was plenty of school related stuff that I hadn't gotten on to flash/disc. How did this happen????? I'm not even real sure but I had let my daughter use the old computer and well I guess as usual she went into places she shouldn't have. I will have to see if there is anyway to retrieve alot of that data or if it's just gone forever out into the ever growing cyper graveyard. OOOh well it's not really worth killing anyone over but I sure won't let her touch my new computer.

Been getting any snow in your area? It was coming down pretty good earlier then just stopped. However I think the forecast is calling for some heavier stuff to moving in later tonight or by morning. We are suppose to be on the lighter end of this but I think the last time they told us that we ended up with over 12"!!!! Never trust a weather man!

I'm just loving this new computer but this wireless keyboard is all ready proving to be a battery eater. I need to figure out how it shuts off. The mouse shuts down fine but this keyboard just keeps going. Windows 7 hasn't been too awfully hard to use but it did take me a bit to figure out how to transfer some scrapbook templates into my program. Right now I am without a printer as my HP Photosmart doesn't work with Windows 7 and the new Dell wireless won't connect to wireless without first being hooked up to wireless. Really need to get it up and running as I really use the printer alot.

Well right now we are in the middle of a cake bake off event and I have to be the judge and taster --yumm yumm Styrofoam cakes!!! Whatever happen to just baby dolls and tea parties???

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dude I got a Dell!!!

Wow I did really get a brand new Dell Inspiron Touch screen with Windows 7 64 bit6s!!!! It is sooo awesome but boy does it show me I don't know a thing about computers. It came almost set up so that wasn't an issue but trying to save files etc has proved to be a challenge. It also came WIFI ready so that saved on cable cost. Right now I'm set up in the kitchen but hoping to get it in the bedroom by the weekend. !!!!

Well it had to happen--snow and lots of it and wouldn't you know it I have to get out into this mess tonight. Hubby is working over so I will have to go get him in about an hour or so. Hoping the roads stay semi dry because the temps are freezing so any wetness will cause ice!!!

Okay this has to be short as daughter is off work. Hope the cat stays off the computer because I have some things going on!!!

Have an awesome day-snow or rain.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Show success

Can we say thank goodness the craft show is over!!! I had certainly forgotten just how very busy this show was. For an hour after the show opened it was dead but then---then it hit and we stayed busy til nearly the end of the show. I had so many people tell us that they had missed us last year. Makes one feel kinda good.

My youngest daughter and her family also came down and stayed til shows end then helped us to repack. With 4 adults and 3 kids we had the stuff boxed and loaded in 30 minutes!!! It helped that I had sold quite a bit and didn't really have as much stuff as usual but that extra help was a blessing to hubby.

I had made 8 reindeer, in various sizes, (hoping to get some pictures on later) and sold ALL 8 of them--7 went to Indiana and one to Cincinnati!! I expected to sell one or two of these ( prices ranged from $14.95-$8.95) but to sell all of them was great. I know I could have likely priced them higher but my goal isn't to get rich I just enjoy clearing a profit so lower prices means more sales. I also sold nearly 95 ornaments, some paper goods and some of my older nutcrackers I had made back in 2006 ( I hang on to it all don't I )

After the show hubby and I went out to eat and guess what I couldn't eat but one small plate-we had gone to a buffet bar that we like. I was so tired, had a major headache and my leg hurt. We didn't even hit the craft stores as normal---wow !!! I came home, checked some emails and was in bed snoring by 9 pm. Hummmmmmm something was going on and about 2:30 I found out. I woke up with severe stomach pains and verily made it upstairs to bathroom before I exploded!!!! Yuck!!! And double yuck. I was down in bed ALL day yesterday and today I'm still feeling a bit wobbly but at least I can sit up. Wasn't able to do that yesterday as every time I had to get up I nearly passed out. Not sure what hit me but I tell ya it felt like a semi-truck loaded with gravel. But I am glad it waited til after my show just hated that I had to miss another church service.

This year at my show I decided to start a newsletter . I got several responses so I'm excited and will be working on that in the near future. While this is mainly for news on my craft shows everyone is welcome to sign up and I hope to be offering some free samples --not digital downloads, sorry --but real items to those who want to share a snail mail addy. Until I learn how to do things my newsletters will likely come as attachments but I know there are ways to get images in ones mail and I will learn how!!!!

Well granddaughter is hungry and my eyes are wobbling again so I better get off. Hope every one has a wonderful week and no one gets that nasty gravel truck virus!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

More LO's and yes I'm behind!!

All right I'll admit it I'm seriously behind on way tooooo much. But I've had grand kids and they just wear me out. Two are very high energy, one is a sassy mouth tweeny and one is rotten and wants to hang constantly, however I love them to pieces and hate to see them grow up.

Now on to the LO's-----Cuddlebeez's has some really awesome kits out lately. The top LO is from Fall Is ( and the other is called A Season( --and I noticed that they are still on sale so better hurry.
Cuddlebeez's always has some of the most delightful elements in her kits and these two are no exception. While they both have a fallish tone to them A Season could easily do a heritage themed LO . I just love these kits-well okay I love all Cuddlebeez's kits and not because I'm on her team (LOL) but because she does an incredible job on all her stuff and that makes for some great LOs.
I do ask that you keep her in prayer as the last I heard her father had been rushed to the hospital so just keep this family uplifted .
Well it's back to the ole crafting place as I have bath salts to make and reindeer to finish and only 2 more weeks to get things done--OOOH MY!!! Good thing I work well under pressure ( I think it kicks me into high gear and makes me realize that if I don't get it done then I'm sunk!)
Have a great day and don't forget to run over to The Studio and pick up some-or all of Cuddlebeez's wonderful kits.
PS just noticed that the text colors were different up a ways!! Thats what I get when I mess with things but still hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cuddlebeez's Scraps is back!!!

Cuddlebeez's is back!!! After some time off Cuddlebeezs has come back. And what's great is she ask me to be on her team again!!!! Thank you soo much Brenda!!
Not only is she back with some great awesome kits but she has a new web site and a totally new blog ( From here you can access the website.
This LO if from the Fall Days kit ( available at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio-- It has 18 papers, tons of flowers,ribbons, trims and frames. The colors are awesome in blues, reds, golden yellows, browish and greens in both printed and plain. Enough for just about any type of LO you want..
And you know what else is great??? This kit is 40% off!! Not sure how long this sale is going to last so I suggest you jump over and grab yours. Didn't make the sale? No problem as it's still a great price at $4.00
I will be working on the next kit-Fall Is ( it's on sale as well)--over the weekend and hope to get a LO posted in the next couple days.
Enjoy the day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A short post...

Just a note to let everyone know I'm back on my feet. I don't think that was allergies I had-LOL!!!! It just left me drained and the fact that I don't really get any "me" time doesn't help whenever I get sick.

I really am trying to make up for the lost time and working OT t get some more crafting done. I just finished up 6 more ornaments and hopefully will get to work on more today. I do need to get more things cut out because I'll be starting on the last bunch and I like to keep things ahead.

It finally cooled again and boy am I glad. It hit the high 90's here for about 3 days so I had to turn back on the air. We also got a tad bit of rain but it didn't put a dent in the drought we are having. Forecast is calling for more rain in the next couple days so I guess I need to get out there and do the wardance or whatever it was they did centuries ago to bring rain!!! Watch for me on Amercias Funniest Videos!!!

Enjoy your day

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not A good day and 2 new blogs

Ugggh!! It's just one of those "I don't feel good" days. " I just want to sleep but can't because of my GD. We are suppose to be doing some schooling , however I can't see that happening. She certainly is liking it. I feel like a balloon all stuffed up with cotton or something. Likely sinus or allergies doing me in.

I started a new blog---a painting /woodcrafting one called Daisy's Dilly Creations ( . My friend Northern Star Ca has also got one going-A Brush With Friends ( I know for a fact she is going to be having a give away on her blog here in the very near future. You might want to hop over there and see what she is up to (wink). Mine will just likely showcase some of my stuff, though I really would like to do a tutorial on how to use a scroll saw. That will have to wait for awhile though

.We are hoping that these blogs will open a new door for those interested in painting. Also we would love to hear how you got your start in painting/woodworking and what do you do with all those wonderful creations you make. Or are you a seasoned painter and have something to add . We'll take it all and hopefullly have a blast . So come on over and visit with us.Enjoy the day

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Ornaments

Thought I would give y'all a little taste of what I really love doing. OOOOh don't get me wrong I love to play with the card making and I truly have fallen in love with the stamping stuff but wood craft painting is really where my heart is. I try to add alot of fine detailing to each and everyone of my ornaments. I have also started adding mini bells to all of them as well as some decorative snow or clear fabric paint.. I've painted most all these ornaments shown ( except the bottom 2 which are new this year ) a few dozen times . They are my bigger type ones ( 4 x5" or abouts) and so much easier to detail and paint then the smaller ones. I was afraid that this size wouldn't sell well- because after all most people buy them for their trees, however they have been my top sellers!!!! I've even had orders for them which really took me by surprise.
Now I'm not sure what this year will bring with all the unemployment and all but I'm hoping things will turn out okay. I will be having some more pictures in a few days of the newer things I'm doing for this year .
Well its off to Facebook I go to play a few games and then off to bed. Have a great evening .

Friday, September 10, 2010

Keyboard shut me down

Sorry if the last part of my post seemed odd but I hit the keyboard the wrong way and it shut me down soo fast I didn't know what hit me. I really need a new one.

But as I was saying---I will try to get the pictures posted sometime next week. I want them to be condensed and not have a zillion single ones on here. I really need to speed up the painting yet I doubt if that will happen.

Have a great day .


Have you ever stretched out on the grass in your backyard or on a hillside and gazed up at the clouds? Do you ever play a game to see who can make the most shapes out of the clouds? I use to do this when I was a child. I'd find me a good spot then find me one of those willy type grasses to chew on before spending hours just lying there gazing up at all those fluffy marshmellow clouds and trying to see what shapes I could make out of them. Now my grandkids like to do it from the comfort of the car-no backyards for us these days as we live in town where yard space is a premium. We have a 45 minute drive to church on Sundays and there is a couple areas where the skies open up and the flat land appears-almost like being in the open Plains area. Just endless acres of corn ,soybeans and clear beautiful blue skies. We were driving up to this city the other day to get our glasses when I decided that these awesome looking clouds needed to be on film. The further up into the area we got the lower these clouds came until it seemed they were just floating above our van. It was just a relaxing feeling to be there in the clouds without ever leaving the ground. I went off into lala land for a short time !! Did I ever see any shapes in these clouds? I never really looked but I saw GD eyeballing them with a passion and then a big grin came across her face so I know she saw something wonderful up there. It's truly odd sometimes where we find our minutes of peaceatiude ( not a real word I know !) I hope today that you can find that special place and just drift off to another world-even if only for a few brief minurtes because its well worth that 5 or 10 minute trip. You might even find yourself totally refreshed and ready to tackle that craft room that needs to be cleaned!!

One last note-I have some pictures of my ornaments but want to get them

Monday, August 30, 2010

I can see clearly now....

The scratches are gone,
I can see clearly now the lens are renewed....It's a bright sunshiny day. (I had a bunch more of that song in my brain but it seems to have taken a trip elsewhere!! )

I just got new glasses and I thought they were great until I have decided that the bifocal might be in the wrong spot. However I can see much better with these than the older ones ( had them 5 yrs!!!!!) which were just about out the door. Does anyone else hold out that long getting glasses or is it just penny pinching me??? With a $500.00 + price tag I try to make them last as long as they will go. I don't know about you but I sure don't have that kind of money just lying around . I will need to make sure I go to have my eyes checked every year now as I have beginning cataracts. I want to catch them as soon as possible.

Not much else going on here lately. I am sooo very thankful school started back on the 16th . It's been so peaceful here without a house full of wild GDs. As for the painting---HA! I'm betting if I get one group of ornaments done a week I'm doing something amazing and if I reach my goal of 300 it will be a downright miracle. I did have a few from a couple years ago so that is saving me somewhat but I know I will have repeat customers and they always want something new. On the plus side to this mess I did manage to get alot of wood cut out and it is ready to be painted. Just wish me luck and hopefully I will have some pictures to post by middle of next month.

Well just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know I didn't end up in the ole nut house-as of yet at least. Have a great week and hopefully Fall is in the air at your home. I personally can't wait for that wonderful season. Enjoy today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good news

Hello its me again !!! Can we all say school time school time hurry up!!! I never thought I would be in such a hurry to see the ole school system come back to life but that was before I opted to watch the grandgirls. I still have alot of patients but the older I get the less of it I seem to have lately. And when you have 4 girls who just die to give you grey hair---well I'm sure every grandparent knows where I'm coming from. The 3 youngest ones decided they just needed to explore the upstairs rooftop and they didn't seem to care if they could have been killed,ooh no that just never entered their minds. Not to mention we have electric lines hanging very close to that back roof. While they didn't get the board of education applied to them they did get one very long sermon type speech. Do I think it made a dent in them--never!!!! That's exactly why I just pray for angels to protect them.

Now to some great news. Ems has been pretty sick lately but after some testing it was determined she didn't have the Lyme sickness they thought she had. They started talking seizures so she underwent a series of testing last week and today I went with DD to see what the doctor had to say. She seems to be fine in that area -there were no abnormalities in her MRI or ERG so they have cleared her of that. They couldn't, however say what caused the first seizure. Her sugar level has been up a bit and her liver has some issues so maybe there is something with that but as far as I'm concerned she's okay and that is one answered prayer.

The painting is coming along as well as expected. I also cut my own wood so that is throwing me behind a bit because of the heat ( too hot to be outside for very long). I only have until the first week in Nov to really get anything done so you can see how crazy this all is!!! Even with all the the time limitations I will take my time and do my best job because its far better to have a good product than to have a zillion things and they all be poorly done.

Hope everyone is still having a good summer and once again can we all say Let School Begin!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A quick hello

Sorry everyone about not being on latley but boy it has been one long hot summmer. Plus having all the grandkids here every day leaves me drained for sure. Both of the designers I Ct for have left-so I really have nothing to post as of late. I didn't have any ink for the ole printer and I have been unable to do any card making and then I decided to go back into the woodcraft painting. I have 3 months before my first show ,wish me luck in that area. Sooo okay that about sums up things here. I will try to get back and at least drop a few lines becasue nobody likes a dead bloglady!!! And surley there will be something funny going on somewhere.

Enjoy what is left of summer and lets hope it starts to cool off soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sodium benzoate, broken finger and lyme disease

Can we say oooh my!! It was a wild day at our house yesterday and this past week. Most of you know from my past post that one of our GDs has food dye reactions--well guess what we found another trigger food!!! All week the kids have been munching on carrots and ranch dressing and we have been going crazy trying to figure out why the bouts of violence was never ending. I decided to look over my food list again and when I did I saw that I had miss a key ingredient, next to the yellow the sodium benzoate has the same effect on her !!!! OOOh what joy. She has enough of the stuff in her system to last 2 or 3 weeks. I thought she was eating a safe food--dumb me for not paying closer attention to the list and ALL the ingredients on it. However I feel we may need to take her in for some testing because the violence is growing worse and that has me very concerned. It's possible she is ADHD. Time will tell I guess.

And now to the broken finger-no it's not the wild one who did this but our oldest GD Abbs. She was asked to do something for her mother and in her tweeny style took a fit and slammed Mr. car door onto her left hand-OUCH!!! Thankfully it hit right where there wasn't much damage..She's been crying about it though and of course she has learned her lesson--maybe.

.Our GD Ems had gone to camp this past week and when we picked her up on Friday she was very overheated and very pale. It has been super hot in our area so this wasn't too surprising. DD was able to make a call and get her in to the doctor . The kid was soo wiped out that she fell asleep on my lap while waiting to be seen. Her doctor said just to watch her because all her vitals were normal and her coloring had returned. Okay so home we came and let her rest til her mother returned from work. Fast forward to the following day(yesterday). Again Ems came to stay with us and from the start she just didn't seem right. She was very droopy and not at all lively and we knew she did not have her medication (ADHD) so we knew this wasn't normal. Well she ate and then around 9 pm or so auntie took her upstairs for a shower and just as soon as they returned to the downstairs Ems started twitching then starting to turn a bit pale. Grandpa got on the phone to her mother and just about that time Ems passed out cold and we couldn't get her to respond. I called her mother and she said call 911. In the meantime Ems step father is flying down the road ( they live about 5 blocks from us) and her jumps from the van , grabs Ems and I had to stop him-well about then he passed out cold and hits his head on the porch railing!!! Well if all this isn;t enough to cause a heart attack- GD Shy is screaming Auntie is flipping out and the other two grand kids arrive with their mother and now the whole place is going crazy. The squad comes flying in and does a zillion on the scene checks before agreeing perhaps Ems needed to go to the ER for some more checking out.

In the course of examining Ems the Er doctor discovers a rash of sorts on her knee. I knew right away it was a tick bite because I had read somewhere about the bulls eye at the site bite. Trouble is with Ems bite it wasn't your typical bulls eye markings so the doctor wasn't 100%. He sent another doctor in to look. Neither of them would come right out and say the word but the Er doctor started Ems on antibiotics and told us to take a picture of the rash. When I got home-around 2 am this morn--I got to searching the Internet and it was pretty scary because with all the symptoms Ems had she was close to stage 2 of this sickness. She's still one sick little girl and the rash is bright red again this morning but hoping that with medication she will improve and be her wild little self in a few days. I just ask those of you who pray to keep her uplifted in prayer and for a speedy recovery.

Have a safe day and stay cool if you happen to be in this heat wave.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hope everyone is having a great week and staying safe from all the rain and storms that seem to be sweeping our country!!! Here in Ohio we have had some mighty rain and some very vivid lightining. I am so very glad our house sits on a slope and all the water runs straight down the hill or we might very well be like so many others--flooded!!
CuddleBeez's has a new kit out called Kiki. The colors remind me of a southwestern theme but it is also has some of my favorite things--butterflies and flowers. Since I didn't have anything southwesternly I chose a silly goose picture and you can see how well that went with this great kit.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


CuddleBeez's has a new kit out called Ruth and it is filled with divine goodness as usual. There are ribbons, flowers and of course my favorite butterflies!! As well as tons of other goodies--like in over 70 elements,and 18 papers and 2 alphabet! Can't get any better than that can you. You can find this great kit here ( and here ( You can also hop on over to her blog and pick up some great freebies ( and boy does she have some great ones on there. You can also see more of the new kit while you are there so have fun shopping and visiting.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary Whimsie Doodles

Whimsie Doodles is turning 1 !!!!! You can get a glimpse of all the newest items here-( as well as see what all they look like colored and on cards or projects or just hop over to the store-there is a link on the side that takes you directly there ( )

I added it just in case you wanted to hop directly there.

For their first anniversary they also had a blog hop . Not sure if that is still going but you can still check out all the awesome goodies the girls made. And they did do an awesome job!!!
I made up a couple cards for the card challenge . The top one is made from a free digi stamp that they gave away at their group page at Paper Craft Planet --here is the welcome page ( and here is the group page link ( Sign up is free and easy so why not check it out
Okay back to the cards!!! the top one is the Geisha ( check out whats new in the store and you'll find her) I used a digital paper for the back ground and colored the girl using Martha Steward markers. I then added more paper scraps, a ribbon and another digital stamp for the saying. I did one in black as well but the coloring looked a little bad after I had posted it online.
The next card is called Swing Leah and is in the Little ones catagory. The papers and all items on it are from a Scrap Orchard digital kit called Spring time in the orchard ( except the butterfly and that is from Modern June's kit- DayDreamer). I wasn't planning on putting her on this but when I came across this I couldn't resist. It's almost as if she is flying thru the sky and looking down upon those flowers. I topped the card off with small flowery buttons and a saying I had lying around.
Why not hop on over and check out all the goodies and who knows you might just buy the entire store!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OOOh me OOOOh my All this dye is makin me cry!!!

Cry is a total understatement. I'm screaming. Now what is going on you might ask yourself and what in the world does dye have to do with screaming and crying????You might suppose I'm talking about the dye we use to change color in clothes--ooh how I wish. But nooo this dye is the stuff our food companies put into our food sources and expect us to tolerate. They just assume that the average person doen't know or care about what goes into their food. Sure we look for things like sodium and sugar but have you ever stopped to read HOW much dye is actually in our food. I sure didn't until GD started having reactions to it. At first we just thought it was the red dyes becuase when she was younger and got sick I would give her a popular childrens brand of cold/flu medicine and of course it was either red or purple. We noticed that she seemed to act very badly--hitting, screaming, biting etc--just after she had this stuff. We thought it might just be her bad behavior but after taking an antibotic that was red colored and her having the same reaction I started doing research on the red dyes. Okay easy enough but then I started reading about the yellow dyes or at least I thought I had read enough. We stopped ginving her everything that was made using red or yellow dyes and you know that in itself is alot since those 2 colors make alot more colors. for the past couple years we have done away with things that are colored and started giving her only clear or white colored stuff. Again her behavior started to take a wild ride and I spent countless hours crying after having to deal with her and these wild fits she takes. I was beginning to think that something more sinister was going on with her. However, one day I was doing more research--mostly just googling and happened across a blog that gave me hope and more answers. Food Dye Diaries ( . IT was like finding Tut's gold and living to tell about it. Not only was there someone else who had a child like ours but she also did alot of research so the rest of us can stay sane. Through some of her links I found a list of foods that contained dyes I didn't even know about and the foods they are hidden in. We had been allowing GD to have some golden arches ice cream and when we did she seemed to be going crazy again. We were right on the verge of taking away all sugars thinking that may be the trigger until I started reading the food list at IATP brain food selector ( ) and what do you think was on that list???? Those golden arches ice cream in the shakes, the very same thing they use in the regular cones. Who would have known that something we thought was a safe food was actually a trigger food .

I have slowly been cleaning out all the stuff she can't have but am still finding out I haven't gotten it all because this morning she ate something and ---well schooling is shot and so are my nerves. I just wish I was a stronger person because I'd like to go to these food companies and start banging heads or better yet let them have a day with GD after she has eaten some of their wonderful food. Some countries have banned certain dyes but here in the good ole US of A we still allow these companies to inject us with this stuff and tell us it is safe. BAH HUMBUG!!!

Okay I better stop before one of these places slaps me with a law suit and even though you can't squeeze blood from a turnip they could still make life hard. I will say that if we all started going organic the prices of organic foods would go down and companies would have to change the way things are done. Also if you have a child who is acting bad or has symptoms of ADHD try looking into what they are eating and checking for those hidedn dyes in their food sources.

Good luck and have a great day--even while crying.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something a little different

Well as you can see this isn't a card or scrapbook LO but rather a door hanger. Michelle Perkett Studio at Paper Craft Planet ( ) has reached 300+ members ( once you see her stuff you'll know why) and as part of the celebration Lynne-- posted a door hanger challenge and if you hurry you can still have time to play. She is also offering a $15.00 gift voucher to Michelle's Etsy store-- can only dream of winning that!!). Lynne used a wooden door hanger for her creation but some of us used good ole chipboard, aka cereal boxes or the likes.
I used an Anna Griffin paper for my first layer and had just planned to use that as it was lovely but alas little ole me messed it up. However, since in crafting I never make a mistake (wink) I added a second layer of paper. Not exactly sure what it is-some sort of vellum but feels like a soft cloth. I do know it cost me nearly $2.00 for an 8.5x 11 sheet a couple years back!!! You know it had to sparke my buds for me to pay that for it. After the first layer was glued onto the chipboard I added the bigger trim, thus the huge mistake because I tore the paper trying to reposition my trim. I wanted to cry but that is when I chose to add the 2nd layer and go on. I then added the thin gold cording. The stamp I used is called "Marry, Mary" and comes with a saying and some flowers . I printed her off onto my tracing paper then colored with the Martha Steward markers. I added glitter to the centers of the yellow flowers and the water. I decided Mary needed just a littlemore so I got out my button collection, picked some flowery one then decided to highlight some of the raised swirls on the paper. To top her off I put on a couple dragonflies and a buttterfly as well as the big white/gold flower on top.
Granddaughter is waiting patiently for this creation but I'm going to be a bit selfish for just a couple days so I can admire it!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiddly Inks challenge card

Tiddly Inks is having a challenge--the first one if I read correctly. Use any of the Tiddly Inks digital stamps to be entered into the challenge.
( No Tiddly Ink stamps??? Well just go over to the Paper Craft Planet ( sign up then go on the hunt for the Tiddly Inks group, click join and you are in.Once there you will find a lot of freebies. By the way all this is free and fun. But say you don't really want to join another forum then you could just hop over to the Tiddly Inks store ( and grab you an image or two and still play along. You can also hop over to the blog page -- see what else is going on. Anyway you do it I know you will love Tiddly Inks just as much as I do.
The one on this card is a freebie and all my papers this round are scraps I have around--you know the "real" stuff!!!
I don't expect to win any prize with this card but it was fun to do and will make a cute birthday card or one to send to a friend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another card

Just wanted to show off another of my cards I did. I did this one for the card sketch challenge over at SplitCoast Stampers -card sketch SC276-( ) . The daisies are a digital stamp from Sweet and Sassy Stamps -called April Daisy-( ) that I won on a bloghop from Gotta Have Paper ( . I used both digital papers and regular paper for this. The green/black background is from Ellie Lash's digital kit called Delicious. I used decorative scissors to cut the yellow strip of paper then wrapped that in brown ribbon. I added small pink gemstones to the outer edges and glitter to the flower centers. I printed my daisies onto tracing paper then colored the back side with Martha Stewart markers. I think one can make a card without spending tons of money on supplies and still have an awesome looking card--well I think it's awesome looking anyhow . I'm now working on the next sketch SC277 and if you like to play around with cards and stamps why not go over to SplitCoast Stamps forums and sign up, it's free and easy not to mention fun!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Songs of My Heart

I'm sure Lori is about ready to send me packing as a CT member!!!! I should have had these LO's posted weeks ago. Soooo very sorry Lori.
3Dog Designs has a few new kits out and these LO's come from her cute set of minis called Songs of My Heart series. Each one is great in itself but you can get the bundle--which includes all the songs minis; This Love, Tainted Love, Endless Love ( LO's are from these kits and in this order ) as well as L is for and the solid papers for these kits--20 in all!! I happen to know it's only $5.00 at My Life and Scrap ( ) . So if any of these colors appeal to you then why not go grab one or so of the minis, still better yet get the bundle and save a bundle. And while you are over at the store why not check out the rest of her awesome kits because I'm sure you will find something you just can't live without. (
Happy shopping.

Monday, April 12, 2010

American Honey

This LO is from a fantastic designer called Modern June. I recently came across her`blog ( as she was offering a super birthday kit freebie and I loved the colors in it. Well after one look at her incredible kits and I was hooked. She is a super talented lady with a flair for beautiful colors. She later offered a sneak peek and a free kit to one lucky poster and I was lucky enough to win this kit called American Honey. It's right up my alley with the butterflies and flowers-two of my favorite things in digital scrapbooking . She is now selling at Scrapables (,

GingerScraps ( and at Digi Scrapbook Mania ( . So if you like the colors in this kit why not stop by one of her stores and pick it up. Better yet why not stop by her blog and say hello .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Romance

Wow I am really running behind!!! This was suppose to be here yesterday.
This is CuddleBeez Scraps newest kit called Summer Romance. I love love love the colors in this kit. and that alphabet is just stunning, it also includes numbers. Most of the papers are solids but there are a couple that is patterned so don't fret . The elements , all 40 + of them, are simply adorable with flowers and buttons, bows and butterflies. It's just overall incredible.
It's also for sale over at CuddleBeez's stores. At Digital Scrapbooking Studio (
So why not jump over to one of these fine stores and grab this stunning kit and if you hurry it's on sale at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio for a mere $ 2.00. Now that's one awesome deal for one great kit.
Have a wonderful day .

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter and thank you

Well I guess ole blogger finally got fixed. I tried for a couple hours to post and it wouldn't let me do a thing. Noticed there were others saying the same thing as well. Probably that full moon thing that always messes with the web.

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a very Happy Easter. To me it's more of a christian event but however you celebrate I hope it's with family and you have a great time.

I also want to say thank you to those who leave me encouraging comments here. It means the world to me. Sometimes I'm really down and I come on to find some nice comment and it cheers me up.

Also I want to say thanks to my followers. I never dreamt anyone would like this crazy blog well enough to follow it and I do appreciate each and every one of you. You just never know what you will be getting from me do you!!!!!

Well I have the house to myself so I'm off to play around with my card making . Again have a great Easter weekend and enjoy life. I'll be back Monday to post another LO from CuddleBeez's newest kit called Summer Romance. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another card

Okay here is another attempt at my card making. This one is for Taylored Expressions Sketch Challenge #106 ( ). I know I can't stand up to the "big Guys" but everyone has to start somewhere don't they???
I did use real cardstock with this one--at least for the background and ribbon area. I then scanned that paper and made my envelope using heavy weight printer paper. Of course you know me and the glitter I had to have it so I added glitter accents to the flowers and butterfly. I glued buttons onto the smaller yellow flowers and added these and the other things with 1/16" pop dots. This card will go to a friend who just recently had to downsize due to her hubby's disabilites. She's feeling a bit blue so hoping the brighter colors will give her a cheer.
Okay I'm off to post this to the other site and then get started on another sketch challenge. Gosh these are fun aren't they. Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well I'm not exactly sure what happened with the last post as it just cut me off in mid post, but I just want to say I hope to do more of these great cards sketches and maybe just maybe I can get some real supplies and start making some stunning cards like I see everywhere.

Have a great day .

My first card sketch---that I dared reveal !!!

Okay this is my first public card and I'm a bit scared. I know it's not the best in show--shoot it probaly doesn't even rank anyway near there but I love the card sketches and want to play along with some of the blogs. Soooo I found a blog--Inspirational Card Sketch Blog ( ) where the rules weren't too hard to follow. In fact all they have to do is see something of the actual sketch in the card and they will accept it. I don't have any actual paper supplies so I just used what I had in the digital department. i then added glittere to the butterfly and around the edges of my saying. I actually liked the flattened image much better but I doubt if that would qualify so I created this instead.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Portrait

Today I have a couple LO's from CuddleBeez Scraps newest kit called Spring Portrait. This is one awesome kit with the soft pastel colors and the great alphabet. It is filled with delicate flowers ,bows ,ribbons as well as other cute elements that are sure to please . And the most stunning papers in all sorts of pastel colors.

The alpahbet is a delicate pastel lilac inside a stunning silver outline that makes it stand out. It has little loops on the top so the more advacned user can make it look as if its going thru a ribbon. This kit is really worth hopping over to one of the stores and picking up. After all Easter is nearly upon us as is the rebirth of Springs goodness and this kit is just the thing to do these Los in.

Brenda also sells at Butter Blush ( so be sure to check out one of these great stores for this and other great CuddleBeez Scraps kits .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This groundhog didn't see its shadow!!!

Spring has officially arrived!! Or at least this groundhog says it has but mother nature may have a final say so who knows.
Back to the groundhog. Would you believe we live in town and this critter lives right next door to us. I see these fat butterballs alongside the road all the time but never have I had the pleasure ( or displeasure depending on your view ) of having one so very close. I was out walking the dog 2 days ago and Mr. Dog spotted Mr. Groundhog before I did and let me just tell ya I nearly met this critter face to face as my dog pulled me across the yard!!!! However, I did manage to get a hold on dog and let the groundhog live to see another day. Or should I say I lived to see another day. I don't usually carry my camera with me whenever I'm out with the dog because he does pull me soooo hard that I don't want to risk breaking my camera so it has been hard to get a picture of this jittery critter---until yesterday. Yesterday Mr. Groundhog was just too hungry to care about what was going on around him so I was able to run inside, get the camera and get several great shots before he got done eating. My GD was having a field day just watching this animal munch grass and look around. Okay Okay I know groundhogs are bad for a garden and the likes but hey why destroy nature when it's doing you no harm. I know people who would go out of their way just to kill this poor creature simply because they don't like anything that doesn't have 2 legs. As for me and my family we are nature lovers and as long as it doesn't have 8 legs and beedy eyes I'm okay with it. I may even accept the 8 legged thing as long as its well out of reach and not on my shoulder or hair--yeakkkk.
So as I close I will just say that Spring has arrived in the wonderful state of Ohio simply because Mr. Groundhog says it has. Thank you my dear friend groundhog---now watch it snow a couple feet !!!!!!
I'll be back later today or tomorrow with a LO from CuddleBeez's newest kit called Spring Portrait. It's adorable. Enjoy the super weather and have a great day even if its cloudy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring or just a tease????

The weather the last several days has just been awesome. It's been a bit nipping in the mornings and late evenings but otherwise fantastic. The sun has been on high and the clouds have taken on a wonderful fluff---aaaaaahhh just the most wonderful type of weather. However, I have lived in this area long enough to know this is likely just a tease. It's not even close to Easter and I know from past experience we are likely to be hit again with more snow and super cold temps. OOOh not like in Feb ( hopefully) but in the 8 yrs I've been back in the state there has only been a couple times it was super nice on Easter. About 3 or 4 years ago the kids were hunting eggs in a mini blizzard and we had the grill fired up and cooking out. We still laugh about that one. As a child I can remember building an igloo instead of hunting eggs ( now you know that had to be a lot of snow). So as much as I want the winter to scale back and be over I know it probably won't be true so I will just enjoy the sunshine and nice temps while they are here . Hopefully you are doing the same.

This past weekend was our GD Emmy's 9th birthday. Boy how time is flying by. She has done sooo many things the doctors said she never would. Hopefully as she ages she will do far more. Oh I know she will never be 100% but God has done soooo very much for her that even some of her doctors are amazed.

I must get ready for schooling time so if you are having wonderful weather enjoy it and if you aren't ---enjoy it as well because without the rain/snow we wouldn't get those wonderful and beautiful spring flowers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm not tellin.....

Okay okay I will's snowing out again!!!!!! And the flurries are coming down hot and heavy but at least we aren't in the middle of a white out ( that was a bit wild even from inside). We had a couple really wonderful days with temps in the high 40's and not a snowflake in the sky. Ahhhhha that was wonderful but alas I knew it couldn't last this time of year. I'm just very glad I don't live on the East Coast (USA) as they are once again getting pounded with very wild weather and even those who live in the southern part of the country have been getting more than their fair share of this stuff. Crazy crazy for sure.

My grandkids came across a song they all enjoy called Skunk in my trunk. Its a silly song and we all get a tickle out of it. Some of the words are..he's stickin up your automobile-forget about your roses he's stinkin' up your noses--mom's hair is gonna get frizzy---not in that order but I don't have the words or I'd write them all out so you could get a chuckle like we do. Now if anyone has ever hit one of these smelly critters you certainly can relate to this song and even if you happen upon one allready dead----oooooh my it's worse than hitting it . It's not unusual to see ones that have been hit but it's very unusual to see a live one but on our way home from church this past Sunday we took a back road ( and I do mean backroad!!!!--horsepath type) and lo and behold what do we see but Speaky Skunk live and in person. He was just strolling along side the road like he owned it but hey I wasn't going to argue with him, would you??? The kids got such a kick out of seeing this as all they had ever seen was a dead one. It was kinda awesome to see this animal in its natural surroundings and we just had to watch until it gave a warning squirt and truddle off into the woodsy area.
They say these black and white smell balls make some of the most wonderful pets but I think I'll just take their word for it--how about you???
Enjoy and remember---there's a skunk he's in your trunk.........

Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't ya just luv give aways

Melissa from Creating from the Heart is having a fantastic giveaway. Horray!!!! She is giving away a Friskars Scalloped Daisy Embossing border punch, a 12 x 12 sheet of Sassafras Lass nerdy flag banner, a set of Kaiser Craft stamps, and a Memory Keepers ulitmate cutting tool set. How cool is that!!! Now I'm not much of a paper crafter but I do love love love to make my own cards and with some supplies being out of my finanical range this would be an awesome win.

But you can get a chance to win as well. Just hop over to her blog ( ) and post a comment . It's just that easy and it's fun to see what your other blog mates are up to as well. So have some fun and good luck to everyone .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here comes round 3!

Yup it's snowing again and again it's coming down about an inch per hour (or less!!!) It's only 10 am here and I'm not sure what time the storm came thru as it wasn't doing anything at 6 am but when I got back up at 8 the streets were allready getting covered. This round of snow looks like the fine stuff and the wind is blowing so that means drifting and bigger drifts on our hillside. I can just see myself going down this alley on one foot!!!!! And probably eating some snow when I go face first into it.

Anyhoooooow.....The forecast is calling for us to end up with about 5-9" depending in what area you live in and since we seem to be in the main path of things this year I'm expecting us to be in the higher range. Go figure.

Well for most of us this a day of vacation so stay safe and warm and let's all group together and call for spring!!! Because even for a snow lover like me this is getting to be way tooooo much of the fluffy stuffy.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Family Man

CuddleBeez's is releasing a new kit tomorrow called Family Man. It's full of all the wonderful colors and elements that you come to expect in her kits. The papers range in colors from light blue to dark blue as well a grayish browns, plain and patterned. While this kit is directed towards the man in your life it also has enough beautiful elements to do a feminine LO. There is also a rustic type alphabet included, and who couldn't use another alphabet!!!
Check out the stores tomorrow for this kit. It will be at Digital Scrapbooking Studio ( ) . And at Bouquet of Pixels in CuddleBeez's store ( . So trot right on over and pick up this great kit for yourself and let me see those great LOs.
Have a great night and hope everyone is surviving all this crazy weather!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2!!!!

We are in the middle of a snow storm!!! There was a point that I couldn't hardly see the tree out my window. The forecasters are saying, that at times we are getting an inch per every half hour!!!! We got hit with about 6.5" this last weekend and now they are forecasting an additional 6"-8" for this area. The snowflakes are sooo huge they look like silver dollars and bigger. I just wish I could get a picture of them. Right now it's let up some but that won't last long.

Hubby is at work and I'm hoping he can get a ride home or he'll just be stuck there. I can't even get the car unburied let alone drive in this stuff.

We live on a slight slope and walking the dog is proving to be a challenge in this type weather. He tends to pull me and Ive been afraid I will fall so I've been carrying my cell phone just in case I go down. Well guess what---yup I fell today. He gave me an unexpected jerk and I went sliding and next think I knew I'm eating snow. When I tried to get up he pulled again and again I went sliding. I was looking around hoping there wasn't a soul around to see the comical event of me trying to get back to my feet and the dog bouncing all over me like I was down there to play with him!!!! Thankfully I managed to land in a soft snow bank but was still in the road ( alley way ) so getting a grip wasn't that easy. However I did get back up and felt the pain--betting I have a big bruise later on. I'll be glad when Mr. Dog can get a pen build and go out on his own.!!

Hoping everyone will stay safe and warm during this storm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New forecast and somewhat new blog!!!

Well first off I think we have dodged the worst of the snow storm as we are getting more of the rain/snow mix. They are still forecasting us to be in the 6"-9" range but the first batch of snow has allready melted and I haven't seen much else currently. The system moved a bit futher up than first expected so that has done some good---unless we end up with the ice and that isn't nice. Just give me snow any ole day. I do feel for those on the East Coast though as they won't be dodging any bullets, in fact they are going to get hit with all the ammo winter can provide. Sorry guys .

How do you like my new blog look??? I've been dying to try something new and then I saw a video on how to change ones header--sounded easy enough and it was. However the back grounds and side bars aren't exactely what I would like so I still need to learn how to do them. The background sounds like it will be much harder as instructions said you needed to save to hosting place then use code--not my thing so we'll have to wait and see on that. Still I'm liking what I see so far. This new look is from Kathryn Estry and a kit called Sassy Pants. It's sold as a perfectly sized blogware. I got mine at Gotta Pixel.

Well not much time to post today so enjoy all this lovely weather but if you are in the worst of it stay safe and enjoy that fireplace and a nice cuppa cocoa.

Hugs, Vicki

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feeling better , Supreme Team Contest and winter storm warning

Wow I'm feeling much better today but still clogged up and coughing. I've gone thru 3 cans of Lysol and trying to keep hands washed every time I cough or sneeze but just don't always remember. Hoping it all leaves our house soon however hubby hasn't had it yet sooooooo.....I guess you know what that means!!!!

A forum I belong to ( Go Digital Scrapbooking) is having what they call the Supreme Team Contest. Members get a free kit to do a LO and then have a week to complete it and get it posted before they are judged to see if they go on to round 2 ( from there rounds 3 and 4) . Last time I made it to the 2nd round and this is my LO for this time. There are all ready alot of awesome LO's in the gallery so I'm not sure I have a chance this time or not. This kit was a little hard to work with as it was a sewing type kit by Tricia Curtis called Sew Chic and most of the elements were sewing things. I did manage to find inspiration while looking thru my photos. I found this scanned picture of my oldest daughter that I extracted and made transparent. This was taken when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old. I remember it like it was yesterday because that little dress was way too big for her but my GM bought it so I felt I needed to let the kid use it. This picture also makes me feel a little sad because I had the 11 x 14 original in an oval frame with an oval bubble glass lid that we lost in our house fire back in 1981. I got this smaller photo back when my mother died in 2001. I didn't even realize she had had it til we started digging thru those endless unnamed/undated stack of pictures. Anyhow....enough of the sad memories. There was one element in this kit that was kinda fun and that was the made by tag!!!! I kinda added our names down there on it and when my DD saw it she just rolled her eyes. I think she's secretly hoping no one notices!!! By the way she is now 33 1/2 and that is her current look down there by the faded flower. She looks just like here father, in fact all 3 of my kids look like him.
Okay okay enough of the silliness. If you happen to get out into cyber space why not drop over to Go Digital and see all the great LOs. ( I don't think you need to register just to view.

Anyone else out there under the gun for a winter storm??? They are forecasting up to 6" plus some ice for our area. We could get more or less and hopefully nothing at all. I seriously doubt if we'll miss this mess as I think it's forecasted to go a bit into the south. All this because that crazy groundhog saw his shadow the other day!!!

Well I best be off as we still have some schooling to do--yeah right but at least I will try to get going. Have a great day and enjoy God's blessing of life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The bug has arrived....

....For about the 3rd time that is!!!! I can't keep enough Lysol on hand to keep the germs at bay so we are now all battling that dreaded virus again. I spend the night gasping for air due to clogged passageways and that isn't fun. GD has been running a fever all weekend but it hasn't gotten too high so we are treating it ourselves. We had to miss church Sunday due to this crazy stuff and I don't like that but no use infecting more souls than need be.

I'm not sure all this sickness isn't related to the weather changes lately. One day cold the next up to 40 (F) degrees. Then before we know what has hit us the temps bottom out again and we go into another deep freeze. I like snow but I do not like the bitter cold we have had this year.

In unrelated news I have to give my hubby a big hug as he made a deep sacrifice for the family yesterday. It's been no secret to most of my friends (here and online) that since we had to move in Dec we have been having it rough. I've had to bury my pride a few times and ask for help to get food and that is not easy. I know God supplies us and sometimes we need to look outside the box so to speak for HE is suppling us but just using others to help us. Well we have, or should I say had, a riding lawn mower that was my hubby's one prize possession. He loved that thing and with his bad back and hip it was also a real necessity for him . This house has no yard so to speak and it was just sitting in storage with the hopes we could find a home with a yard. However, a friend wanted to buy it and hubby let it go. I know he was crying inside because it had taken him a few years to get one. Part of me was jumping for joy yet the other part of me was crying as well. I just ask God to let hubby get a better one in the futher and I know HE will. In the mean time I had a holiday at the store.

I spent the weekend making cards with my digital stuff and trying to prefect envelopes to go with them. I know most crafters would use a template and hand cut their envelopes but not me I like to be difficult and try to do it digitally. Well guess what I managed to make one for the 5 x 5 cards and one for the 5 x 7 cards and they fit onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I may have to tweek them a bit after printing but they fit the cards just fine. I feel like a real rocket scientist yet I know there are probably templates out there on the market so I can't take any true credit!!!!

Okay I've been a chatter box today and my head is starting to hurt so I better get off here and spray the keyboard with another round of Lysol then go douse myself with something!!

Have a great day

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pollyanna and Whispers of Love

Well I'm not sure what is going on with Blogger today but these pictures are a little funky..
Okay maybe all I needed to do was scroll them down a bit
Todays LOs come from two simply wonderful kits by CuddleBeezs called Whispers of Love and Pollyanna which are allready in the stores. They are available here at Digital Scrapbooking Studio( and here at Bouquet of Pixels (
Whispers of Love says it all. This kit has the great soft colors suitable for those baby LOs but also works well with all pictures. It has buttons and bows as well as flowers and many other fantastic elements and some of the dreamiest papers. It also comes with some great word art.

Pollyanna is filled with muted browns,blues and greens and lots of super elements and papers that aim to please. This kit may have a female title but as you can see from my LO it is well suited for all those "manly" type photos as well.
Both of these kits are the greatest so why not run on over to the store of choice and grab yourselves a copy of each and don't forget to be on the lookout for the new Marmelade kit that is coming out on the 27th.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here is my Lo using Cuddlebeez's kit Marmelade which will be available in her stores on Jan 27th.

I love the colors of this kit and the elements are incredible!!!!The name almost makes you want to eat it up doesn't it! So why not run over to Bouguest of Pixels (

on the 27th and pick up this wonderful kit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wheeeeewho I made the Cuddlebeez team!!!

Allright call me a crazy emotional woman but I love Cuddlebeez's stuff and when she ran a ct call I had to apply. I didn't figure I stood a chance as I really still am developing my style--whatever that may be!! I tend to over do it on the embellies but I do what I like and not many others like what I do! Some want simple and elegant, others what style and grace and I'm not sure what some really look for in a team member. It's really hard to make a team so when one does it's reason to celebrate.

Cuddlebeez's kits were some of the first ones I bought whenI first started doing this digi stuff. I love her style and her softness to most of her kits. The Dragondian Jewel is probably my number one favorite kit. The colors are great for either male or female photos and since I have mostly girl pics I tend to pick kits that will work well with them.

You can take a look at her kits here at Bouquet of Pixels (

And at Digital Scrapbooking Studio -Okay the link isn't working right now but I will post it later. Here is the main home page so go have a look at these really awesome kits (

So in closing I will say again that I am very excited to be working on this great team.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It had to happen and The rest of the story (or a mystery is solved)

Okay I knew we couldn't last forever without getting the Jan. snows. It started snowing about 9:45 am on the 7th and at times came down sooo heavily you couldn't see across town. This picture was taken from the upstairs bedroom and I don't know if you can see how hard it's snowing or not. Thankfully it was a feathery type snow and all we ended up with was 6"-7". It could have been much worse because last year at this time we had over 20" of the stuff!!!!. Alot of places closed down early on Thurs and schools just decided not to risk opening. Fun fun fun!!!
I really don't mind the snow as I was born on a snowy day but this bitter cold stuff really has to go. Yesterday hubby had taken a vacation day (he wasn't sure he could get out to work so he just took off) and we went to the store. It was a chilly 11 degrees (F) when we started out. I have no idea what the wind chill was but I'm betting it was 0 or below. By the time we got down and headed home it had only warmed up 1 degree . I seriously shouldn't complain because there are parts of the country that have temps at -51 or below and that isn't counting the wind chill !!!
Today it's still spitting snow but again it's light and feathery so I don't expect it to amount to anything. Some of the roads are still a bit slick but all the main ones are drivable. Forecast is calling for a heat wave by mid week--all the way up to 32 !!!! We migh have to dig out the summer stuff. !!
Well now for the rest of the story..... A few post back I recorded an event that scared us to death here and we had found a tag that scared me even more but that all was solved after a few stops at the locale gas company. We never smelled anything more burning until just right after I made my last post on New Years Eve. I hadn't even signed off yet when hubby ask me to come downstairs and I told him to give me a few. So I finished up my post and then headed down. I didn't have to do any more than step into the hallway and I could smell it---more burning wires!!!! I didn't panic this time but this round it was much heavier than the first time it occured. I went to the kitchen to shut down the washer and the fan and I could smell it very strongly. Our kitchen area is directly over the furnance so we assumed it was just coming thru the vents. Hubby went down to the basement and yelled up he couldn't smell anything down there and I stated that I could no longer smell it up here. So I put the ole bloodhound nose to work and started sniffing around the kitchen. The washer was smelling a little so I turned it back on and it was fine. however when I got to the fan I could smell the wiring burning and I knew righjt then and there what was going on. Although the fan was operating normally siomething was causing it to burn inside. Now let me tell ya I had been leaving that fan on--24 hrs-- to draw the warm heat out of the kitchen and into the other rooms. I rarely shut it off whenever we left and that kinda puts a chill in me. But the main thing is now we knew what caused the burning smell and we corrected the problem. God takes care of us and I'm glad we were able to find out where our problem was before we lost everything due to a fire. I now refuse to leave a fan going unless we are right here to see to it.
And with that I will say good bye and hope each of you are having a great year and those of you who aren't in the middle of a deep freeze try not to laugh at those of us who are because summer is right around the bend and I know how hot it can get in your part of the country!!!
Have a great day.