Saturday, January 9, 2010

It had to happen and The rest of the story (or a mystery is solved)

Okay I knew we couldn't last forever without getting the Jan. snows. It started snowing about 9:45 am on the 7th and at times came down sooo heavily you couldn't see across town. This picture was taken from the upstairs bedroom and I don't know if you can see how hard it's snowing or not. Thankfully it was a feathery type snow and all we ended up with was 6"-7". It could have been much worse because last year at this time we had over 20" of the stuff!!!!. Alot of places closed down early on Thurs and schools just decided not to risk opening. Fun fun fun!!!
I really don't mind the snow as I was born on a snowy day but this bitter cold stuff really has to go. Yesterday hubby had taken a vacation day (he wasn't sure he could get out to work so he just took off) and we went to the store. It was a chilly 11 degrees (F) when we started out. I have no idea what the wind chill was but I'm betting it was 0 or below. By the time we got down and headed home it had only warmed up 1 degree . I seriously shouldn't complain because there are parts of the country that have temps at -51 or below and that isn't counting the wind chill !!!
Today it's still spitting snow but again it's light and feathery so I don't expect it to amount to anything. Some of the roads are still a bit slick but all the main ones are drivable. Forecast is calling for a heat wave by mid week--all the way up to 32 !!!! We migh have to dig out the summer stuff. !!
Well now for the rest of the story..... A few post back I recorded an event that scared us to death here and we had found a tag that scared me even more but that all was solved after a few stops at the locale gas company. We never smelled anything more burning until just right after I made my last post on New Years Eve. I hadn't even signed off yet when hubby ask me to come downstairs and I told him to give me a few. So I finished up my post and then headed down. I didn't have to do any more than step into the hallway and I could smell it---more burning wires!!!! I didn't panic this time but this round it was much heavier than the first time it occured. I went to the kitchen to shut down the washer and the fan and I could smell it very strongly. Our kitchen area is directly over the furnance so we assumed it was just coming thru the vents. Hubby went down to the basement and yelled up he couldn't smell anything down there and I stated that I could no longer smell it up here. So I put the ole bloodhound nose to work and started sniffing around the kitchen. The washer was smelling a little so I turned it back on and it was fine. however when I got to the fan I could smell the wiring burning and I knew righjt then and there what was going on. Although the fan was operating normally siomething was causing it to burn inside. Now let me tell ya I had been leaving that fan on--24 hrs-- to draw the warm heat out of the kitchen and into the other rooms. I rarely shut it off whenever we left and that kinda puts a chill in me. But the main thing is now we knew what caused the burning smell and we corrected the problem. God takes care of us and I'm glad we were able to find out where our problem was before we lost everything due to a fire. I now refuse to leave a fan going unless we are right here to see to it.
And with that I will say good bye and hope each of you are having a great year and those of you who aren't in the middle of a deep freeze try not to laugh at those of us who are because summer is right around the bend and I know how hot it can get in your part of the country!!!
Have a great day.

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