Monday, February 15, 2010

Here comes round 3!

Yup it's snowing again and again it's coming down about an inch per hour (or less!!!) It's only 10 am here and I'm not sure what time the storm came thru as it wasn't doing anything at 6 am but when I got back up at 8 the streets were allready getting covered. This round of snow looks like the fine stuff and the wind is blowing so that means drifting and bigger drifts on our hillside. I can just see myself going down this alley on one foot!!!!! And probably eating some snow when I go face first into it.

Anyhoooooow.....The forecast is calling for us to end up with about 5-9" depending in what area you live in and since we seem to be in the main path of things this year I'm expecting us to be in the higher range. Go figure.

Well for most of us this a day of vacation so stay safe and warm and let's all group together and call for spring!!! Because even for a snow lover like me this is getting to be way tooooo much of the fluffy stuffy.


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