Friday, February 5, 2010

New forecast and somewhat new blog!!!

Well first off I think we have dodged the worst of the snow storm as we are getting more of the rain/snow mix. They are still forecasting us to be in the 6"-9" range but the first batch of snow has allready melted and I haven't seen much else currently. The system moved a bit futher up than first expected so that has done some good---unless we end up with the ice and that isn't nice. Just give me snow any ole day. I do feel for those on the East Coast though as they won't be dodging any bullets, in fact they are going to get hit with all the ammo winter can provide. Sorry guys .

How do you like my new blog look??? I've been dying to try something new and then I saw a video on how to change ones header--sounded easy enough and it was. However the back grounds and side bars aren't exactely what I would like so I still need to learn how to do them. The background sounds like it will be much harder as instructions said you needed to save to hosting place then use code--not my thing so we'll have to wait and see on that. Still I'm liking what I see so far. This new look is from Kathryn Estry and a kit called Sassy Pants. It's sold as a perfectly sized blogware. I got mine at Gotta Pixel.

Well not much time to post today so enjoy all this lovely weather but if you are in the worst of it stay safe and enjoy that fireplace and a nice cuppa cocoa.

Hugs, Vicki

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