Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2!!!!

We are in the middle of a snow storm!!! There was a point that I couldn't hardly see the tree out my window. The forecasters are saying, that at times we are getting an inch per every half hour!!!! We got hit with about 6.5" this last weekend and now they are forecasting an additional 6"-8" for this area. The snowflakes are sooo huge they look like silver dollars and bigger. I just wish I could get a picture of them. Right now it's let up some but that won't last long.

Hubby is at work and I'm hoping he can get a ride home or he'll just be stuck there. I can't even get the car unburied let alone drive in this stuff.

We live on a slight slope and walking the dog is proving to be a challenge in this type weather. He tends to pull me and Ive been afraid I will fall so I've been carrying my cell phone just in case I go down. Well guess what---yup I fell today. He gave me an unexpected jerk and I went sliding and next think I knew I'm eating snow. When I tried to get up he pulled again and again I went sliding. I was looking around hoping there wasn't a soul around to see the comical event of me trying to get back to my feet and the dog bouncing all over me like I was down there to play with him!!!! Thankfully I managed to land in a soft snow bank but was still in the road ( alley way ) so getting a grip wasn't that easy. However I did get back up and felt the pain--betting I have a big bruise later on. I'll be glad when Mr. Dog can get a pen build and go out on his own.!!

Hoping everyone will stay safe and warm during this storm.

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Ramblin Mama said...

I'm really hating this snow thing! We got 26"-
27" on Saturday and, so far today, another 14"!! The whole state is in a State of Emergency. I can't wait for Spring.