Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another card

Okay here is another attempt at my card making. This one is for Taylored Expressions Sketch Challenge #106 (http://tayloredexpressions.blogspot.com/ ). I know I can't stand up to the "big Guys" but everyone has to start somewhere don't they???
I did use real cardstock with this one--at least for the background and ribbon area. I then scanned that paper and made my envelope using heavy weight printer paper. Of course you know me and the glitter I had to have it so I added glitter accents to the flowers and butterfly. I glued buttons onto the smaller yellow flowers and added these and the other things with 1/16" pop dots. This card will go to a friend who just recently had to downsize due to her hubby's disabilites. She's feeling a bit blue so hoping the brighter colors will give her a cheer.
Okay I'm off to post this to the other site and then get started on another sketch challenge. Gosh these are fun aren't they. Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well I'm not exactly sure what happened with the last post as it just cut me off in mid post, but I just want to say I hope to do more of these great cards sketches and maybe just maybe I can get some real supplies and start making some stunning cards like I see everywhere.

Have a great day .

My first card sketch---that I dared reveal !!!

Okay this is my first public card and I'm a bit scared. I know it's not the best in show--shoot it probaly doesn't even rank anyway near there but I love the card sketches and want to play along with some of the blogs. Soooo I found a blog--Inspirational Card Sketch Blog (

http://icsketches.blogspot.com/ ) where the rules weren't too hard to follow. In fact all they have to do is see something of the actual sketch in the card and they will accept it. I don't have any actual paper supplies so I just used what I had in the digital department. i then added glittere to the butterfly and around the edges of my saying. I actually liked the flattened image much better but I doubt if that would qualify so I created this instead.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Portrait

Today I have a couple LO's from CuddleBeez Scraps newest kit called Spring Portrait. This is one awesome kit with the soft pastel colors and the great alphabet. It is filled with delicate flowers ,bows ,ribbons as well as other cute elements that are sure to please . And the most stunning papers in all sorts of pastel colors.

The alpahbet is a delicate pastel lilac inside a stunning silver outline that makes it stand out. It has little loops on the top so the more advacned user can make it look as if its going thru a ribbon. This kit is really worth hopping over to one of the stores and picking up. After all Easter is nearly upon us as is the rebirth of Springs goodness and this kit is just the thing to do these Los in.

Brenda also sells at Butter Blush (
http://butterflyblushdesigns.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=11&sort=20a&page=2&zenid=d42ba31f200539f0a73ee2e0d56e5772) so be sure to check out one of these great stores for this and other great CuddleBeez Scraps kits .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This groundhog didn't see its shadow!!!

Spring has officially arrived!! Or at least this groundhog says it has but mother nature may have a final say so who knows.
Back to the groundhog. Would you believe we live in town and this critter lives right next door to us. I see these fat butterballs alongside the road all the time but never have I had the pleasure ( or displeasure depending on your view ) of having one so very close. I was out walking the dog 2 days ago and Mr. Dog spotted Mr. Groundhog before I did and let me just tell ya I nearly met this critter face to face as my dog pulled me across the yard!!!! However, I did manage to get a hold on dog and let the groundhog live to see another day. Or should I say I lived to see another day. I don't usually carry my camera with me whenever I'm out with the dog because he does pull me soooo hard that I don't want to risk breaking my camera so it has been hard to get a picture of this jittery critter---until yesterday. Yesterday Mr. Groundhog was just too hungry to care about what was going on around him so I was able to run inside, get the camera and get several great shots before he got done eating. My GD was having a field day just watching this animal munch grass and look around. Okay Okay I know groundhogs are bad for a garden and the likes but hey why destroy nature when it's doing you no harm. I know people who would go out of their way just to kill this poor creature simply because they don't like anything that doesn't have 2 legs. As for me and my family we are nature lovers and as long as it doesn't have 8 legs and beedy eyes I'm okay with it. I may even accept the 8 legged thing as long as its well out of reach and not on my shoulder or hair--yeakkkk.
So as I close I will just say that Spring has arrived in the wonderful state of Ohio simply because Mr. Groundhog says it has. Thank you my dear friend groundhog---now watch it snow a couple feet !!!!!!
I'll be back later today or tomorrow with a LO from CuddleBeez's newest kit called Spring Portrait. It's adorable. Enjoy the super weather and have a great day even if its cloudy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring or just a tease????

The weather the last several days has just been awesome. It's been a bit nipping in the mornings and late evenings but otherwise fantastic. The sun has been on high and the clouds have taken on a wonderful fluff---aaaaaahhh just the most wonderful type of weather. However, I have lived in this area long enough to know this is likely just a tease. It's not even close to Easter and I know from past experience we are likely to be hit again with more snow and super cold temps. OOOh not like in Feb ( hopefully) but in the 8 yrs I've been back in the state there has only been a couple times it was super nice on Easter. About 3 or 4 years ago the kids were hunting eggs in a mini blizzard and we had the grill fired up and cooking out. We still laugh about that one. As a child I can remember building an igloo instead of hunting eggs ( now you know that had to be a lot of snow). So as much as I want the winter to scale back and be over I know it probably won't be true so I will just enjoy the sunshine and nice temps while they are here . Hopefully you are doing the same.

This past weekend was our GD Emmy's 9th birthday. Boy how time is flying by. She has done sooo many things the doctors said she never would. Hopefully as she ages she will do far more. Oh I know she will never be 100% but God has done soooo very much for her that even some of her doctors are amazed.

I must get ready for schooling time so if you are having wonderful weather enjoy it and if you aren't ---enjoy it as well because without the rain/snow we wouldn't get those wonderful and beautiful spring flowers.