Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OOOh me OOOOh my All this dye is makin me cry!!!

Cry is a total understatement. I'm screaming. Now what is going on you might ask yourself and what in the world does dye have to do with screaming and crying????You might suppose I'm talking about the dye we use to change color in clothes--ooh how I wish. But nooo this dye is the stuff our food companies put into our food sources and expect us to tolerate. They just assume that the average person doen't know or care about what goes into their food. Sure we look for things like sodium and sugar but have you ever stopped to read HOW much dye is actually in our food. I sure didn't until GD started having reactions to it. At first we just thought it was the red dyes becuase when she was younger and got sick I would give her a popular childrens brand of cold/flu medicine and of course it was either red or purple. We noticed that she seemed to act very badly--hitting, screaming, biting etc--just after she had this stuff. We thought it might just be her bad behavior but after taking an antibotic that was red colored and her having the same reaction I started doing research on the red dyes. Okay easy enough but then I started reading about the yellow dyes or at least I thought I had read enough. We stopped ginving her everything that was made using red or yellow dyes and you know that in itself is alot since those 2 colors make alot more colors. for the past couple years we have done away with things that are colored and started giving her only clear or white colored stuff. Again her behavior started to take a wild ride and I spent countless hours crying after having to deal with her and these wild fits she takes. I was beginning to think that something more sinister was going on with her. However, one day I was doing more research--mostly just googling and happened across a blog that gave me hope and more answers. Food Dye Diaries ( . IT was like finding Tut's gold and living to tell about it. Not only was there someone else who had a child like ours but she also did alot of research so the rest of us can stay sane. Through some of her links I found a list of foods that contained dyes I didn't even know about and the foods they are hidden in. We had been allowing GD to have some golden arches ice cream and when we did she seemed to be going crazy again. We were right on the verge of taking away all sugars thinking that may be the trigger until I started reading the food list at IATP brain food selector ( ) and what do you think was on that list???? Those golden arches ice cream in the shakes, the very same thing they use in the regular cones. Who would have known that something we thought was a safe food was actually a trigger food .

I have slowly been cleaning out all the stuff she can't have but am still finding out I haven't gotten it all because this morning she ate something and ---well schooling is shot and so are my nerves. I just wish I was a stronger person because I'd like to go to these food companies and start banging heads or better yet let them have a day with GD after she has eaten some of their wonderful food. Some countries have banned certain dyes but here in the good ole US of A we still allow these companies to inject us with this stuff and tell us it is safe. BAH HUMBUG!!!

Okay I better stop before one of these places slaps me with a law suit and even though you can't squeeze blood from a turnip they could still make life hard. I will say that if we all started going organic the prices of organic foods would go down and companies would have to change the way things are done. Also if you have a child who is acting bad or has symptoms of ADHD try looking into what they are eating and checking for those hidedn dyes in their food sources.

Good luck and have a great day--even while crying.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something a little different

Well as you can see this isn't a card or scrapbook LO but rather a door hanger. Michelle Perkett Studio at Paper Craft Planet ( ) has reached 300+ members ( once you see her stuff you'll know why) and as part of the celebration Lynne-- posted a door hanger challenge and if you hurry you can still have time to play. She is also offering a $15.00 gift voucher to Michelle's Etsy store-- can only dream of winning that!!). Lynne used a wooden door hanger for her creation but some of us used good ole chipboard, aka cereal boxes or the likes.
I used an Anna Griffin paper for my first layer and had just planned to use that as it was lovely but alas little ole me messed it up. However, since in crafting I never make a mistake (wink) I added a second layer of paper. Not exactly sure what it is-some sort of vellum but feels like a soft cloth. I do know it cost me nearly $2.00 for an 8.5x 11 sheet a couple years back!!! You know it had to sparke my buds for me to pay that for it. After the first layer was glued onto the chipboard I added the bigger trim, thus the huge mistake because I tore the paper trying to reposition my trim. I wanted to cry but that is when I chose to add the 2nd layer and go on. I then added the thin gold cording. The stamp I used is called "Marry, Mary" and comes with a saying and some flowers . I printed her off onto my tracing paper then colored with the Martha Steward markers. I added glitter to the centers of the yellow flowers and the water. I decided Mary needed just a littlemore so I got out my button collection, picked some flowery one then decided to highlight some of the raised swirls on the paper. To top her off I put on a couple dragonflies and a buttterfly as well as the big white/gold flower on top.
Granddaughter is waiting patiently for this creation but I'm going to be a bit selfish for just a couple days so I can admire it!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiddly Inks challenge card

Tiddly Inks is having a challenge--the first one if I read correctly. Use any of the Tiddly Inks digital stamps to be entered into the challenge.
( No Tiddly Ink stamps??? Well just go over to the Paper Craft Planet ( sign up then go on the hunt for the Tiddly Inks group, click join and you are in.Once there you will find a lot of freebies. By the way all this is free and fun. But say you don't really want to join another forum then you could just hop over to the Tiddly Inks store ( and grab you an image or two and still play along. You can also hop over to the blog page -- see what else is going on. Anyway you do it I know you will love Tiddly Inks just as much as I do.
The one on this card is a freebie and all my papers this round are scraps I have around--you know the "real" stuff!!!
I don't expect to win any prize with this card but it was fun to do and will make a cute birthday card or one to send to a friend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another card

Just wanted to show off another of my cards I did. I did this one for the card sketch challenge over at SplitCoast Stampers -card sketch SC276-( ) . The daisies are a digital stamp from Sweet and Sassy Stamps -called April Daisy-( ) that I won on a bloghop from Gotta Have Paper ( . I used both digital papers and regular paper for this. The green/black background is from Ellie Lash's digital kit called Delicious. I used decorative scissors to cut the yellow strip of paper then wrapped that in brown ribbon. I added small pink gemstones to the outer edges and glitter to the flower centers. I printed my daisies onto tracing paper then colored the back side with Martha Stewart markers. I think one can make a card without spending tons of money on supplies and still have an awesome looking card--well I think it's awesome looking anyhow . I'm now working on the next sketch SC277 and if you like to play around with cards and stamps why not go over to SplitCoast Stamps forums and sign up, it's free and easy not to mention fun!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Songs of My Heart

I'm sure Lori is about ready to send me packing as a CT member!!!! I should have had these LO's posted weeks ago. Soooo very sorry Lori.
3Dog Designs has a few new kits out and these LO's come from her cute set of minis called Songs of My Heart series. Each one is great in itself but you can get the bundle--which includes all the songs minis; This Love, Tainted Love, Endless Love ( LO's are from these kits and in this order ) as well as L is for and the solid papers for these kits--20 in all!! I happen to know it's only $5.00 at My Life and Scrap ( ) . So if any of these colors appeal to you then why not go grab one or so of the minis, still better yet get the bundle and save a bundle. And while you are over at the store why not check out the rest of her awesome kits because I'm sure you will find something you just can't live without. (
Happy shopping.

Monday, April 12, 2010

American Honey

This LO is from a fantastic designer called Modern June. I recently came across her`blog ( as she was offering a super birthday kit freebie and I loved the colors in it. Well after one look at her incredible kits and I was hooked. She is a super talented lady with a flair for beautiful colors. She later offered a sneak peek and a free kit to one lucky poster and I was lucky enough to win this kit called American Honey. It's right up my alley with the butterflies and flowers-two of my favorite things in digital scrapbooking . She is now selling at Scrapables (,

GingerScraps ( and at Digi Scrapbook Mania ( . So if you like the colors in this kit why not stop by one of her stores and pick it up. Better yet why not stop by her blog and say hello .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Romance

Wow I am really running behind!!! This was suppose to be here yesterday.
This is CuddleBeez Scraps newest kit called Summer Romance. I love love love the colors in this kit. and that alphabet is just stunning, it also includes numbers. Most of the papers are solids but there are a couple that is patterned so don't fret . The elements , all 40 + of them, are simply adorable with flowers and buttons, bows and butterflies. It's just overall incredible.
It's also for sale over at CuddleBeez's stores. At Digital Scrapbooking Studio (
So why not jump over to one of these fine stores and grab this stunning kit and if you hurry it's on sale at the Digital Scrapbooking Studio for a mere $ 2.00. Now that's one awesome deal for one great kit.
Have a wonderful day .

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter and thank you

Well I guess ole blogger finally got fixed. I tried for a couple hours to post and it wouldn't let me do a thing. Noticed there were others saying the same thing as well. Probably that full moon thing that always messes with the web.

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a very Happy Easter. To me it's more of a christian event but however you celebrate I hope it's with family and you have a great time.

I also want to say thank you to those who leave me encouraging comments here. It means the world to me. Sometimes I'm really down and I come on to find some nice comment and it cheers me up.

Also I want to say thanks to my followers. I never dreamt anyone would like this crazy blog well enough to follow it and I do appreciate each and every one of you. You just never know what you will be getting from me do you!!!!!

Well I have the house to myself so I'm off to play around with my card making . Again have a great Easter weekend and enjoy life. I'll be back Monday to post another LO from CuddleBeez's newest kit called Summer Romance. It's beautiful.