Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sodium benzoate, broken finger and lyme disease

Can we say oooh my!! It was a wild day at our house yesterday and this past week. Most of you know from my past post that one of our GDs has food dye reactions--well guess what we found another trigger food!!! All week the kids have been munching on carrots and ranch dressing and we have been going crazy trying to figure out why the bouts of violence was never ending. I decided to look over my food list again and when I did I saw that I had miss a key ingredient, next to the yellow the sodium benzoate has the same effect on her !!!! OOOh what joy. She has enough of the stuff in her system to last 2 or 3 weeks. I thought she was eating a safe food--dumb me for not paying closer attention to the list and ALL the ingredients on it. However I feel we may need to take her in for some testing because the violence is growing worse and that has me very concerned. It's possible she is ADHD. Time will tell I guess.

And now to the broken finger-no it's not the wild one who did this but our oldest GD Abbs. She was asked to do something for her mother and in her tweeny style took a fit and slammed Mr. car door onto her left hand-OUCH!!! Thankfully it hit right where there wasn't much damage..She's been crying about it though and of course she has learned her lesson--maybe.

.Our GD Ems had gone to camp this past week and when we picked her up on Friday she was very overheated and very pale. It has been super hot in our area so this wasn't too surprising. DD was able to make a call and get her in to the doctor . The kid was soo wiped out that she fell asleep on my lap while waiting to be seen. Her doctor said just to watch her because all her vitals were normal and her coloring had returned. Okay so home we came and let her rest til her mother returned from work. Fast forward to the following day(yesterday). Again Ems came to stay with us and from the start she just didn't seem right. She was very droopy and not at all lively and we knew she did not have her medication (ADHD) so we knew this wasn't normal. Well she ate and then around 9 pm or so auntie took her upstairs for a shower and just as soon as they returned to the downstairs Ems started twitching then starting to turn a bit pale. Grandpa got on the phone to her mother and just about that time Ems passed out cold and we couldn't get her to respond. I called her mother and she said call 911. In the meantime Ems step father is flying down the road ( they live about 5 blocks from us) and her jumps from the van , grabs Ems and I had to stop him-well about then he passed out cold and hits his head on the porch railing!!! Well if all this isn;t enough to cause a heart attack- GD Shy is screaming Auntie is flipping out and the other two grand kids arrive with their mother and now the whole place is going crazy. The squad comes flying in and does a zillion on the scene checks before agreeing perhaps Ems needed to go to the ER for some more checking out.

In the course of examining Ems the Er doctor discovers a rash of sorts on her knee. I knew right away it was a tick bite because I had read somewhere about the bulls eye at the site bite. Trouble is with Ems bite it wasn't your typical bulls eye markings so the doctor wasn't 100%. He sent another doctor in to look. Neither of them would come right out and say the word but the Er doctor started Ems on antibiotics and told us to take a picture of the rash. When I got home-around 2 am this morn--I got to searching the Internet and it was pretty scary because with all the symptoms Ems had she was close to stage 2 of this sickness. She's still one sick little girl and the rash is bright red again this morning but hoping that with medication she will improve and be her wild little self in a few days. I just ask those of you who pray to keep her uplifted in prayer and for a speedy recovery.

Have a safe day and stay cool if you happen to be in this heat wave.

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