Monday, August 30, 2010

I can see clearly now....

The scratches are gone,
I can see clearly now the lens are renewed....It's a bright sunshiny day. (I had a bunch more of that song in my brain but it seems to have taken a trip elsewhere!! )

I just got new glasses and I thought they were great until I have decided that the bifocal might be in the wrong spot. However I can see much better with these than the older ones ( had them 5 yrs!!!!!) which were just about out the door. Does anyone else hold out that long getting glasses or is it just penny pinching me??? With a $500.00 + price tag I try to make them last as long as they will go. I don't know about you but I sure don't have that kind of money just lying around . I will need to make sure I go to have my eyes checked every year now as I have beginning cataracts. I want to catch them as soon as possible.

Not much else going on here lately. I am sooo very thankful school started back on the 16th . It's been so peaceful here without a house full of wild GDs. As for the painting---HA! I'm betting if I get one group of ornaments done a week I'm doing something amazing and if I reach my goal of 300 it will be a downright miracle. I did have a few from a couple years ago so that is saving me somewhat but I know I will have repeat customers and they always want something new. On the plus side to this mess I did manage to get alot of wood cut out and it is ready to be painted. Just wish me luck and hopefully I will have some pictures to post by middle of next month.

Well just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know I didn't end up in the ole nut house-as of yet at least. Have a great week and hopefully Fall is in the air at your home. I personally can't wait for that wonderful season. Enjoy today.

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Northernstarca said...

That's great that you got new specs! Your price would be desirable to us, hubby just got new glasses 2 months ago and cost $700.00 plus tax and eye exam extra. I'm on the waiting list. Cost is preemptive right now. I'm not getting much painting done either, however, I did get a couple of boxes of crafts down from the storage and guess what-they were filled with wood items to be painted yet. So glad to see you post, was wondering how you were doing.