Saturday, September 25, 2010

A short post...

Just a note to let everyone know I'm back on my feet. I don't think that was allergies I had-LOL!!!! It just left me drained and the fact that I don't really get any "me" time doesn't help whenever I get sick.

I really am trying to make up for the lost time and working OT t get some more crafting done. I just finished up 6 more ornaments and hopefully will get to work on more today. I do need to get more things cut out because I'll be starting on the last bunch and I like to keep things ahead.

It finally cooled again and boy am I glad. It hit the high 90's here for about 3 days so I had to turn back on the air. We also got a tad bit of rain but it didn't put a dent in the drought we are having. Forecast is calling for more rain in the next couple days so I guess I need to get out there and do the wardance or whatever it was they did centuries ago to bring rain!!! Watch for me on Amercias Funniest Videos!!!

Enjoy your day

Friday, September 17, 2010

Not A good day and 2 new blogs

Ugggh!! It's just one of those "I don't feel good" days. " I just want to sleep but can't because of my GD. We are suppose to be doing some schooling , however I can't see that happening. She certainly is liking it. I feel like a balloon all stuffed up with cotton or something. Likely sinus or allergies doing me in.

I started a new blog---a painting /woodcrafting one called Daisy's Dilly Creations ( . My friend Northern Star Ca has also got one going-A Brush With Friends ( I know for a fact she is going to be having a give away on her blog here in the very near future. You might want to hop over there and see what she is up to (wink). Mine will just likely showcase some of my stuff, though I really would like to do a tutorial on how to use a scroll saw. That will have to wait for awhile though

.We are hoping that these blogs will open a new door for those interested in painting. Also we would love to hear how you got your start in painting/woodworking and what do you do with all those wonderful creations you make. Or are you a seasoned painter and have something to add . We'll take it all and hopefullly have a blast . So come on over and visit with us.Enjoy the day

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Ornaments

Thought I would give y'all a little taste of what I really love doing. OOOOh don't get me wrong I love to play with the card making and I truly have fallen in love with the stamping stuff but wood craft painting is really where my heart is. I try to add alot of fine detailing to each and everyone of my ornaments. I have also started adding mini bells to all of them as well as some decorative snow or clear fabric paint.. I've painted most all these ornaments shown ( except the bottom 2 which are new this year ) a few dozen times . They are my bigger type ones ( 4 x5" or abouts) and so much easier to detail and paint then the smaller ones. I was afraid that this size wouldn't sell well- because after all most people buy them for their trees, however they have been my top sellers!!!! I've even had orders for them which really took me by surprise.
Now I'm not sure what this year will bring with all the unemployment and all but I'm hoping things will turn out okay. I will be having some more pictures in a few days of the newer things I'm doing for this year .
Well its off to Facebook I go to play a few games and then off to bed. Have a great evening .

Friday, September 10, 2010

Keyboard shut me down

Sorry if the last part of my post seemed odd but I hit the keyboard the wrong way and it shut me down soo fast I didn't know what hit me. I really need a new one.

But as I was saying---I will try to get the pictures posted sometime next week. I want them to be condensed and not have a zillion single ones on here. I really need to speed up the painting yet I doubt if that will happen.

Have a great day .


Have you ever stretched out on the grass in your backyard or on a hillside and gazed up at the clouds? Do you ever play a game to see who can make the most shapes out of the clouds? I use to do this when I was a child. I'd find me a good spot then find me one of those willy type grasses to chew on before spending hours just lying there gazing up at all those fluffy marshmellow clouds and trying to see what shapes I could make out of them. Now my grandkids like to do it from the comfort of the car-no backyards for us these days as we live in town where yard space is a premium. We have a 45 minute drive to church on Sundays and there is a couple areas where the skies open up and the flat land appears-almost like being in the open Plains area. Just endless acres of corn ,soybeans and clear beautiful blue skies. We were driving up to this city the other day to get our glasses when I decided that these awesome looking clouds needed to be on film. The further up into the area we got the lower these clouds came until it seemed they were just floating above our van. It was just a relaxing feeling to be there in the clouds without ever leaving the ground. I went off into lala land for a short time !! Did I ever see any shapes in these clouds? I never really looked but I saw GD eyeballing them with a passion and then a big grin came across her face so I know she saw something wonderful up there. It's truly odd sometimes where we find our minutes of peaceatiude ( not a real word I know !) I hope today that you can find that special place and just drift off to another world-even if only for a few brief minurtes because its well worth that 5 or 10 minute trip. You might even find yourself totally refreshed and ready to tackle that craft room that needs to be cleaned!!

One last note-I have some pictures of my ornaments but want to get them