Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Ornaments

Thought I would give y'all a little taste of what I really love doing. OOOOh don't get me wrong I love to play with the card making and I truly have fallen in love with the stamping stuff but wood craft painting is really where my heart is. I try to add alot of fine detailing to each and everyone of my ornaments. I have also started adding mini bells to all of them as well as some decorative snow or clear fabric paint.. I've painted most all these ornaments shown ( except the bottom 2 which are new this year ) a few dozen times . They are my bigger type ones ( 4 x5" or abouts) and so much easier to detail and paint then the smaller ones. I was afraid that this size wouldn't sell well- because after all most people buy them for their trees, however they have been my top sellers!!!! I've even had orders for them which really took me by surprise.
Now I'm not sure what this year will bring with all the unemployment and all but I'm hoping things will turn out okay. I will be having some more pictures in a few days of the newer things I'm doing for this year .
Well its off to Facebook I go to play a few games and then off to bed. Have a great evening .


Northernstarca said...

Gingerbread, Santas, Snowmen OH MY, it's beginning to look a lot like xmas! The two new ones at the bottom are just adorable on their twigs. Great job and they will all look wonderful on the tree!!

Inger said...

These are just super sweet Vicki!!!!

greetings from Inger :)