Monday, November 15, 2010

Craft Show success

Can we say thank goodness the craft show is over!!! I had certainly forgotten just how very busy this show was. For an hour after the show opened it was dead but then---then it hit and we stayed busy til nearly the end of the show. I had so many people tell us that they had missed us last year. Makes one feel kinda good.

My youngest daughter and her family also came down and stayed til shows end then helped us to repack. With 4 adults and 3 kids we had the stuff boxed and loaded in 30 minutes!!! It helped that I had sold quite a bit and didn't really have as much stuff as usual but that extra help was a blessing to hubby.

I had made 8 reindeer, in various sizes, (hoping to get some pictures on later) and sold ALL 8 of them--7 went to Indiana and one to Cincinnati!! I expected to sell one or two of these ( prices ranged from $14.95-$8.95) but to sell all of them was great. I know I could have likely priced them higher but my goal isn't to get rich I just enjoy clearing a profit so lower prices means more sales. I also sold nearly 95 ornaments, some paper goods and some of my older nutcrackers I had made back in 2006 ( I hang on to it all don't I )

After the show hubby and I went out to eat and guess what I couldn't eat but one small plate-we had gone to a buffet bar that we like. I was so tired, had a major headache and my leg hurt. We didn't even hit the craft stores as normal---wow !!! I came home, checked some emails and was in bed snoring by 9 pm. Hummmmmmm something was going on and about 2:30 I found out. I woke up with severe stomach pains and verily made it upstairs to bathroom before I exploded!!!! Yuck!!! And double yuck. I was down in bed ALL day yesterday and today I'm still feeling a bit wobbly but at least I can sit up. Wasn't able to do that yesterday as every time I had to get up I nearly passed out. Not sure what hit me but I tell ya it felt like a semi-truck loaded with gravel. But I am glad it waited til after my show just hated that I had to miss another church service.

This year at my show I decided to start a newsletter . I got several responses so I'm excited and will be working on that in the near future. While this is mainly for news on my craft shows everyone is welcome to sign up and I hope to be offering some free samples --not digital downloads, sorry --but real items to those who want to share a snail mail addy. Until I learn how to do things my newsletters will likely come as attachments but I know there are ways to get images in ones mail and I will learn how!!!!

Well granddaughter is hungry and my eyes are wobbling again so I better get off. Hope every one has a wonderful week and no one gets that nasty gravel truck virus!!!