Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year gone and an awesome giveawaty

Before I start my actual post let me tell ya about this great give away that Melissa (Creating from the heart ) is having. She's offering A CuttleBug and goodies!!!! Go over and check it out and while you are there have a look at some of her awesome things she does!! She is incredible ( ).

Can you believe another year has bit the dust-well lets give it a few hours here! I mean where did time go??? Seems like only yesterday I was trying to find all my stuff from when we had moved (Dec 09)(-shoot I still can't find half my stuff (wink) ) . However when I really sit back and reflect on this past year I have to say things were alot better this year than they had been. This year hubby didn't have to take off work due to his health (aside from minor sickness) , we were able to pay off all our high interest credit cards and I was able to get back to my crafting shows!!! I'm human and I complain (sometimes cry) about all the "things" I think I need but God kept HIS hands upon us and we never once went hungry, we never failed to be able to pay our bills and none of us got seriously sick. Plus DD and hubby still have jobs and in this area that is a HUGE blessing. What the new year will hold is only Gods knowledge but whatever shape it takes I know I'll always be in the Masters hand and what HE puts upon us is only what we can handle and with everything we can't HE makes a way for us to get thru it.

Also I want to thank each and everyone of my followers for sticking with me thru another year. Y'all mean so very much to me and I look forward to another great year with all of you. Hopefully GD will provide us with some silliness but she is starting to enter that-do not laugh at me stage. Enjoy the New Year and stay safe if you plan to go celebrate tonight

Hugs to all


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

As the days draw closer to Christmas I just want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope each of you get something wonderful. but if the Big guy doesn't bring you what you really really wanted try not to focus on that too much because if you have a warm house, food on the table, your health and a source of income you have far more than alot of people these days.

I saw this wonderful tidbit on Facebook this morning and thought I'd pass it on

Santa lives in the North Pole
Jesus lives everywhere
Santa rides in a sleigh
Jesus rides on the wind
Santa comes but once a year
Jesus is ever-present
Santa supplies you some goodies
Jesus supplies ALL your needs
Santa comes down the chimney uninvited
Jesus stands at the door and knocks then enters into your heart.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Correct link to store

Okay not exactly sure what is happening with Bloggger-it or just may be this new computer but the store link isn't the correct one so we'll try again.

while I'm at it let me try the direct link for the kits

Winter Wishes and My Blue Christmas

CuddleBeez's has two new wonderful kits out!!! The first is called My Blue Christmas . It is filled with all the goodness of a Christmas kit in colors that are just awesome. This beautiful kit would also create a great winter LO and how about using it for that winter wedding--tooo stunning. Its on sale here (for awhile so hurry over)--well can't seem to get the link to post so hop over to the store and look for CuddleBeez's scraps .
The other is called Winter Wishes and is more of a country themed kit. Think all those winter/Christmas photos you take while at the cabin!! Or out cutting the tree. I see Christmas cards here. Again this is on sale for a limited time so don't delay,.
Have a great day .

Friday, December 3, 2010

oooHHH I wanna cry!!!

Sorry if that sounds a bit too much but I lost ALL my data on the old computer before I could transfer it over. All my scrap booking data, all the files I hadn't backed up and there was plenty of school related stuff that I hadn't gotten on to flash/disc. How did this happen????? I'm not even real sure but I had let my daughter use the old computer and well I guess as usual she went into places she shouldn't have. I will have to see if there is anyway to retrieve alot of that data or if it's just gone forever out into the ever growing cyper graveyard. OOOh well it's not really worth killing anyone over but I sure won't let her touch my new computer.

Been getting any snow in your area? It was coming down pretty good earlier then just stopped. However I think the forecast is calling for some heavier stuff to moving in later tonight or by morning. We are suppose to be on the lighter end of this but I think the last time they told us that we ended up with over 12"!!!! Never trust a weather man!

I'm just loving this new computer but this wireless keyboard is all ready proving to be a battery eater. I need to figure out how it shuts off. The mouse shuts down fine but this keyboard just keeps going. Windows 7 hasn't been too awfully hard to use but it did take me a bit to figure out how to transfer some scrapbook templates into my program. Right now I am without a printer as my HP Photosmart doesn't work with Windows 7 and the new Dell wireless won't connect to wireless without first being hooked up to wireless. Really need to get it up and running as I really use the printer alot.

Well right now we are in the middle of a cake bake off event and I have to be the judge and taster --yumm yumm Styrofoam cakes!!! Whatever happen to just baby dolls and tea parties???

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dude I got a Dell!!!

Wow I did really get a brand new Dell Inspiron Touch screen with Windows 7 64 bit6s!!!! It is sooo awesome but boy does it show me I don't know a thing about computers. It came almost set up so that wasn't an issue but trying to save files etc has proved to be a challenge. It also came WIFI ready so that saved on cable cost. Right now I'm set up in the kitchen but hoping to get it in the bedroom by the weekend. !!!!

Well it had to happen--snow and lots of it and wouldn't you know it I have to get out into this mess tonight. Hubby is working over so I will have to go get him in about an hour or so. Hoping the roads stay semi dry because the temps are freezing so any wetness will cause ice!!!

Okay this has to be short as daughter is off work. Hope the cat stays off the computer because I have some things going on!!!

Have an awesome day-snow or rain.