Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dude I got a Dell!!!

Wow I did really get a brand new Dell Inspiron Touch screen with Windows 7 64 bit6s!!!! It is sooo awesome but boy does it show me I don't know a thing about computers. It came almost set up so that wasn't an issue but trying to save files etc has proved to be a challenge. It also came WIFI ready so that saved on cable cost. Right now I'm set up in the kitchen but hoping to get it in the bedroom by the weekend. !!!!

Well it had to happen--snow and lots of it and wouldn't you know it I have to get out into this mess tonight. Hubby is working over so I will have to go get him in about an hour or so. Hoping the roads stay semi dry because the temps are freezing so any wetness will cause ice!!!

Okay this has to be short as daughter is off work. Hope the cat stays off the computer because I have some things going on!!!

Have an awesome day-snow or rain.

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