Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a very Merry Christmas from our household to you and yours. Enjoy the day with friends and family.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Haven't forgotten this blog!!

Really I haven't but we are just having some personal problems that leave my brain too drained and its better to blog with a full brain--right???

I did get a new Keurig coffee maker and boy am I loving it!! I am not a coffee drinker but the teas and cocoa are awesome. Okay I guess they don't really taste any better than the regular stuff but its so much more easier just to plug and brew. I also get 2 free packs of k-cups so I'm going to get something really good--Iced Tea!! Sweet at that. I'll let you all know if it's worth anything.

Are you all ready for Christmas?? I haven't even started mine yet and thats bad for me. Thankfully I had made a HUGE amount of soap this year and had lots left over so guess what everyone is getting for their gift???Nothing like being a crafter with left over goodies.

Its snowing in our neck of the woods right now. I thought we were suppose to miss it but lo and behold this morning all that drizzle turned to icy balls and now snow. It could have been worse as we are above freezing so that kept the wet stuff from turning to icy stuff.

Got a birthday coming up on Sat and my bones have been aching for over a month now. Its the funniest thing, that every year just about a month before my birthday my bones start to ache then just right after they return to normal. Little odd isn't it. But hey I'm thankful to God for having made it to 55 (will be!!) and not to have been majorly sick . My grand kids tell me I am at the half century mark plus and boy does that make one feel really good!! LOL !!!

I will try to get back on before the year is up but we may be faced with moving ( rental house up for sale and one never knows what the new owners will do) so just can't guarantee anything. I do hope each of you have the greatest holiday ever and enjoy the time with your families. Enjoy your day

Friday, October 21, 2011

testing-having trouble with blogger--this is a test

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few more pendants

Here are a few of the bigger pendants and the backs showing some of the glitter


Some better pictures

Here are a few better shots of the ornaments and necklaces.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some ornaments

These are not top notch quality pictures. The lighting in my house is rotten but it will give you an idea what the ornaments look like. Enjoy

Monday, July 25, 2011

Its the lone stranger-or the missing blogger

I am not going to say a word about how  I'm sorry ( even though I truly am) I haven't been on. Summer is just a crazy time around our place. I'm babysitting full time, trying to get ready for a big 2 day craft show/festival in Sept, and deal with a swollen leg and other family problems. And on top of that my uncles garden has finally decided to explode and I get what my aunt doesn't use ( usually alot!!). I just did 4 pints of refrigerator pickles and have a bag full more  to do in the next day or so. Plus the kids are screaming Zucchini Bread!! Its a good thing the tomatoes are a bit late coming on or I would never get caught up. OOh and lets not forget to mention that my DH just called and told me they messed up on his check for the coming pay day--not good.

I have no idea what I did to my leg-well its my hip area but since we are just coming out of a 4 month reduced hours work I can't afford to go to the doctor for another couple of weeks. I can't sit long periods ( or on hard surfaces) can't stand long and have to stretch out several times a day. None of this is good when one needs to do things.

Aside from all the rottenness I have made some headway on somethings. I finally was able to get some glass cabochons and diamond glaze ( before the work cutbacks )  so I could try my hand at that craft . Getting the bubbles out has proved to be harder than it looks online. However once one gets the hang of controlling the glaze its pretty easy. I'm all for trying the glass slides now that I know how this works.

I won't be making any more soap right now until this bunch sells a bit. Don't want to get too much going and not be able to get rid of it. The natural soaps are selling very well but I just had to make some fun stuff. I did reduce the sizing of my bars and redo alot of the soap sicles and cupcakes. I just didn't like the icing on the cupcakes as it was rubbery and I couldn't get past that. Thankfully the icing is all I will have to toss from those as I can rebatch the base itself.

How about this heat!!!! Yesterday was our first real day of relief when a slight cold front dropped temps down to 75*. Before that we were dealing with temps of nearly 100* ( some areas around us did reach 100 and beyond) with heat indexes of 112* or higher. Our poor AC unit could not keep up with the demand. We actually had to go driving around just to get cool. Hate to see the electric bill this coming month!!!

Well laundry is calling my name and I really need to snap the green beans so they can go into the freezer. Its a good thing I can multi task and not go too awfully crazy but then most mothers/ grandmothers have learned how to do this. And if you aren't there yet you will be one day. You'll know you've reached perfection when you can juggle a baby in one arm, cook with the other, talk on the phone, all the while trying not to trip over the other one or two young ins that are under your feet  and have hair left at the end of the day.

Enjoy your summer and yes the kids will be going back to school very soon-unless you home school then you are in trouble!! Have fun.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Great Giveaway from Creating from The Heart

Shes at it again!!! You really have to jump over to Melissas blog and check out this grand giveaway but while you are there don't forget to also check out her awesome creations as those are better than the giveaway!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


 Gosh it seems like a long time since I actually got on here to post anything doesn't it!!! Okay so I'm a rotten blogger I just can't help it!!
I've been having a dilly time posting comments on any ones blog. I guess Blogger is having headaches or something. Whatever the reason I just can't post anything. I was using Explorer as my browser but had to switch to Google Chrome in order to play the games over on FaceBook. So I decided to do a Google search and see if my blog is listed-----IT IS!!!! Its weird to see the blog out there in cyberland but I'm sure zillions of others are listed too. Guess we all should feel special.

Not alot has been happening in our little world. I tried selling the soaps and crafts at a flea market and that went belly up. It was almost horrible but it was a learning experience so all wasn't lost. Plus on our last day there God let a man stop in who just needed to talk. So even though the sales were low that day was special. God knows where to put you and why you're there even if you don't understand it.

The soaps are fine but I do have to rebatch many and add extra scent. The ones I had put a GOOD dose of fragrance in was still smelling good and was just about the right scent soooooo I've done a couple new batches and added some extra scent and now its a wait and see type thing!. I'll be glad when I finally learn the ropes of soap making. The All Natural soaps are the easiest to make and I've gotten those down pat pretty quick. My goal is to become all natural by next year. However I still like the smells of certain fragrances and they are alot cheaper than essential oils. We'll just see how things go.

As for the woodcrafting side of my business-oooh my I thought I was sunk when my scroll saw died!!!!! Just up and quit on me during a cutting event. All I could do was cry. I loved that saw and the way it cut and the fact I could do some really tight curves. OOOh yeah it was good. But as with all good things they come to an end. I had held on to my old saw but I had lost half the parts and the only type blades I could use were pinned end ones. This saw was twice the age as my new one and twice as rusted so I held out little hope of it working. Would you believe I fired up that baby and it purrs like a kitten!!! I couldn't believe it. I mean here it was old, rusted and worn out yet it totally blew the younger model out of the water  ( do I sense a moral to the story here???? LOL) . So now I'm back in business yet having to reteach myself on that ole baby. The heat does make it hard to be outside but I did get a few dozen ornaments cut out and ready to go. Bring on the craft shows!!!

And finally I ask any of you prayer warriors out there to help me pray for my friend Dee. Shes got gangrene in her foot and clearly said if its entered her bone she will not have an amputation opting rather to let life run its course.I can't go into personal details here but I do just ask you to remember her as this is hard for all those involved. Plus it sooo brings back memories of losing my mother to something very similar.

Okay enough tears and news. Will try to post a little more regular haven't I promised this before????) but don't hold me to it as the first craft show is in Sept and its a 2 day event so I've got to be cracking the whip and get things going. Enjoy this awesome summer heat and hopefully all the rotten storm systems are out to sea.

Hugs, Vicki

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Great giveaway!!!

Melissa from "creating from the Heart" is having another of her awesome giveaways!!! Why not go over a have a peek and while you're there be sure to check out her wonderful creations.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lokking for 25 followers (or Likes) on FB

Good morning all. Hope this finds everyone high and dry with no damage from the recent storms. Just when I thought we were over them here another round comes thru late yesterday evening. Thankfully it was fast moving and non damaging.

Are  (or have you-not sure when it was on) watching  the Royal Wedding?? I don't get into that but its everywhere and one just can't get past it. I do wish the new couple great marriage success and a long happy life together.

Now I'm looking for 25 "likes " on Face Book ( see FB link on side). Not for a gloat but to get recognized. Guess it will generate more hits that way. I only have 7 so I still have a ways to go!!!  Once I reach that number I will be giving away a bar of my soaps ( only good to United States residents at this time-sorry). I would love to include all my out of state friends but each country is different in regulations/laws and until I can fully study all laws I'll have to stick to selling soaps/bath supplies here in America. You are free to join as I am also displaying my paper crafts and will be putting on my woodcraft things so I might have to consider something in that line for the rest of you!!

I do appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time to comment or just read my nutty posts. I know sometimes I get too carried away but that's just who I am.

Right now I'm about to fight with my beloved GD to get her to do schooling. She wants to be a vet when she grows up and she's got that TV set to The Animal Planet!! Most kids love cartoons but not this one, she's into those animals right now and something tells me she just won't outgrow it.

Until later, have a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and sunshine! Or if its filled with rain and dark clouds just look for that silver lining. Either way enjoy

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daisys Dilly Creations--Newsletter

Okay not exactly sure just how well the newsletter is going to show but going to give it a try here. Hopefully I can learn to send it email in the future. Enjoy-----Updated Just click on image to enlarge enough to read!! Works great

Added a FaceBook Page

  After reading all the marketing tips and ideas I decided to list myself on Face Book. Maybe not a 100% grandest idea but alot of my friends are there so will see how it goes. With hubby's job taking a big cut back (OUCH!!) I have decided its time to get rolling in my side business.I know things are tough everywhere so I'm not going to  go on about how bad we are here as this current financial thing isn't a "me" thing its an "US" thing. We are all getting hit in areas that we just can't help but we can pick ourselves up and look for ways to make money. Mine just happens to be crafting and soap making. I will be operating on a shoe string budget but it will not effect the quality of my items. I don't care how low you are on money you should always do your best work with the best materials. I've searched the Internet high and low for the best soap bases as well as the best fragrances and herbs.  I also use top line plywood for my wood crafts and I take my time doing the needed work. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm trying to put myself on any type of pedestal as that's not my goal. Rather my goal is to offer you the best product at a reasonable price.

Also I'm not begging you to join me on Face Book but just letting you know I am there if you want to come have a look. I do need to get better pictures of the things posted so bear with me in that area.

Thanks for taking your time to visit with me

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The soaps are rolling in !!

lavender, chamomile, rmore lavender and rosebud

chamomile,neoplitan, and some cookies

my (not) so wonderful iced cupcakes!!

my very pretty mini bundt cakes-love these


Okay lets try this again and see where things land!! This new blogger takes a bit of getting use to doesn't it. Kinda types dead center!! OOOOh well at least it lets me put the pics in-somewhat straight!

After a zillion messed up bars I finally hit on some good type things. The Neoplitan bars are by far the best bar I've made. The first batch came out smelling soo yummy I had to remind everyone it was soap and not real! The cupcakes were another thing that ,even though they are a bit messed up (can't icing worth a flip as is and then to try doing it with soap-ooh my) they turned out kinda cute. Those are real candy sprinkles on top so I'm thinking these will appeal to kids for sure. I mean what kid doesn't like to make a mess. Over time they dissolve into the icing base but the color is still very visible and very messy. Next ones will have  more of an adultish type sprinkles.Then I got a very expensive silicon mold for the mini bundt cakes but after one batch I was glad I paid the extra for this mold. These cakes are just adorable!!!  They weigh in about the same as my bars but the details on the mold was just awesome. I decided not to add icing to these. My all time favorite scent on these so far is the Almond,Cherry. At first it was a bit overwhelming but when I wrapped them the other day they have mellowed out to a really wonderful smell.

Now to the herbal soaps--oooh boy what can I say here. This is where your level of soap making really shows. I'm sure a seasoned soaper would know that herbs turn your base a really yucky brown but since I am not seasoned I had no idea . I had made up a wonderful batch of very pretty Rosebud -just the right shade of pink/white with not too much flower in it. Then lo and behold a couple days later I go to wrap them and nearly died!! Nearly every bar had turned a deathy shade of brown.  I think about 10 bars survived without the drastic color change and I can't figure out why. The other herbals are changing too but with the added coloring they aren't too bad. The plain white ones had to go as they got just too dark for my liking.

I've also found that one doesn't need to buy tons of molds-though I do have a few-but rather they can use what's on had at home or buy some really cheap things at the "mart" stores. Drawer organizers make the best molds and the soap releases very easy. The worset thing I got an idea to use was a copper jello mold!! Not one of my better ideas for sure as it took me a few hours to release the soap yet the detailing was great.

I'm not done with my newest adventure. I do think I like this much better than woodcrafting  but doubting if the profits will be as good as they are with the wood. Almost everyone and his brother is selling sooaps these days so one does have to make a niche in the market. I'm just hoping to break even this year and then go from there.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my first round of goodies and hoping to be back with more later . Enjoy your day and hopefully by now the snow is melting in your area and Spring is right around the corner.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Giveaway from Swirlydoos

Swirlydoos is having a great giveaway. Stop over at the blog and grab you a chance

Easy as that

Sunday, January 30, 2011


....something seems a bit wrong with the date (lol) . I mean wasn't it just yesterday I was bidding an old year goodbye and now I'm about to say farewell to an entire month---No way. Honestly where did the time go!!!! I can only blame it on , well me I guess as there's no other reason.

On a better note. My first batch of soap arrived a few days ago and I've been happily creating a mess. I had this crazy idea that soap making was going to be a breeze---boy did I get a wake up call!!! Yes cutting the base and melting it is something very easy and if you just want to pour a single layer you've got it made. However, if you want to pretty them up, add layers or other crazy things then you've got to think things thru. I learned the hard way that one needs to cut ALL (sorry for the shout) the needed base up before starting the layering and one doesn't mix ingredients into a super hot base or you'll get The Blob. Plus if you want to layer you better not be afraid of rubbing alcohol because thats what binds your layers! I have been experimenting with natural coloring and the likes and found some spices make awesome coloring and that unsweetened cocoa powder is a real winner in a soap. I have managed to wipe out about 8 lbs of base and only made about 3 lbs of good looking soaps. Some of my first few bars are good enough to use just not pretty so I'll sell them as Usable just not pretty and mark the price accordingly. I've hit on 3 really great lines : Milk and Honey ( all natural), Neapolitan (super yummy smelling) and Cherries Jubilee (this one is my favorite by far) I did make an Oatmeal and french vanilla a few weeks back but I think I overdid the oatmeal but my family still loves it. And the worse thing I've made so far is the lavender bars!!! I did not grind up my buds like suggested and let me tell ya the end result was less than appealing. So will need to grind grind grind the lavender next time. I'll also be working on some Chamomile and need to remember to grind those flowers as well. Anyhow thats what soap making is all about. One just needs to learn to keep notes and write down everything they do as that way they will know what/where it went wrong. I have found the best molds are turning out to be silicon as you can just peel them off once the soap is set. Now my next biggest hurdle is Pricing. Any suggestions as to what you'd be willing to pay for a natural soap bar??? I'm leaning towards $4.00-$4.50 for the 4 to 5 oz ones depending what all goes into it. To about $3.00 or so for the smaller sizes. I don't want to over kill anyone but I would like some (even a teeny bit) of profit.

Right now I'm battling another virus bug-only makes about the 5th time in a few short months. Not sure why I'm being hit with all this junk. I guess maybe it's just my season to get whammied.

Well just wanted to drop in ,say hello and let my followers know what I've been up to. Take care, have a wonderful day and wish me luck with this soap stuff.