Sunday, March 6, 2011

The soaps are rolling in !!

lavender, chamomile, rmore lavender and rosebud

chamomile,neoplitan, and some cookies

my (not) so wonderful iced cupcakes!!

my very pretty mini bundt cakes-love these


Okay lets try this again and see where things land!! This new blogger takes a bit of getting use to doesn't it. Kinda types dead center!! OOOOh well at least it lets me put the pics in-somewhat straight!

After a zillion messed up bars I finally hit on some good type things. The Neoplitan bars are by far the best bar I've made. The first batch came out smelling soo yummy I had to remind everyone it was soap and not real! The cupcakes were another thing that ,even though they are a bit messed up (can't icing worth a flip as is and then to try doing it with soap-ooh my) they turned out kinda cute. Those are real candy sprinkles on top so I'm thinking these will appeal to kids for sure. I mean what kid doesn't like to make a mess. Over time they dissolve into the icing base but the color is still very visible and very messy. Next ones will have  more of an adultish type sprinkles.Then I got a very expensive silicon mold for the mini bundt cakes but after one batch I was glad I paid the extra for this mold. These cakes are just adorable!!!  They weigh in about the same as my bars but the details on the mold was just awesome. I decided not to add icing to these. My all time favorite scent on these so far is the Almond,Cherry. At first it was a bit overwhelming but when I wrapped them the other day they have mellowed out to a really wonderful smell.

Now to the herbal soaps--oooh boy what can I say here. This is where your level of soap making really shows. I'm sure a seasoned soaper would know that herbs turn your base a really yucky brown but since I am not seasoned I had no idea . I had made up a wonderful batch of very pretty Rosebud -just the right shade of pink/white with not too much flower in it. Then lo and behold a couple days later I go to wrap them and nearly died!! Nearly every bar had turned a deathy shade of brown.  I think about 10 bars survived without the drastic color change and I can't figure out why. The other herbals are changing too but with the added coloring they aren't too bad. The plain white ones had to go as they got just too dark for my liking.

I've also found that one doesn't need to buy tons of molds-though I do have a few-but rather they can use what's on had at home or buy some really cheap things at the "mart" stores. Drawer organizers make the best molds and the soap releases very easy. The worset thing I got an idea to use was a copper jello mold!! Not one of my better ideas for sure as it took me a few hours to release the soap yet the detailing was great.

I'm not done with my newest adventure. I do think I like this much better than woodcrafting  but doubting if the profits will be as good as they are with the wood. Almost everyone and his brother is selling sooaps these days so one does have to make a niche in the market. I'm just hoping to break even this year and then go from there.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my first round of goodies and hoping to be back with more later . Enjoy your day and hopefully by now the snow is melting in your area and Spring is right around the corner.