Friday, April 29, 2011

Lokking for 25 followers (or Likes) on FB

Good morning all. Hope this finds everyone high and dry with no damage from the recent storms. Just when I thought we were over them here another round comes thru late yesterday evening. Thankfully it was fast moving and non damaging.

Are  (or have you-not sure when it was on) watching  the Royal Wedding?? I don't get into that but its everywhere and one just can't get past it. I do wish the new couple great marriage success and a long happy life together.

Now I'm looking for 25 "likes " on Face Book ( see FB link on side). Not for a gloat but to get recognized. Guess it will generate more hits that way. I only have 7 so I still have a ways to go!!!  Once I reach that number I will be giving away a bar of my soaps ( only good to United States residents at this time-sorry). I would love to include all my out of state friends but each country is different in regulations/laws and until I can fully study all laws I'll have to stick to selling soaps/bath supplies here in America. You are free to join as I am also displaying my paper crafts and will be putting on my woodcraft things so I might have to consider something in that line for the rest of you!!

I do appreciate each and everyone of you for taking the time to comment or just read my nutty posts. I know sometimes I get too carried away but that's just who I am.

Right now I'm about to fight with my beloved GD to get her to do schooling. She wants to be a vet when she grows up and she's got that TV set to The Animal Planet!! Most kids love cartoons but not this one, she's into those animals right now and something tells me she just won't outgrow it.

Until later, have a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and sunshine! Or if its filled with rain and dark clouds just look for that silver lining. Either way enjoy

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daisys Dilly Creations--Newsletter

Okay not exactly sure just how well the newsletter is going to show but going to give it a try here. Hopefully I can learn to send it email in the future. Enjoy-----Updated Just click on image to enlarge enough to read!! Works great

Added a FaceBook Page

  After reading all the marketing tips and ideas I decided to list myself on Face Book. Maybe not a 100% grandest idea but alot of my friends are there so will see how it goes. With hubby's job taking a big cut back (OUCH!!) I have decided its time to get rolling in my side business.I know things are tough everywhere so I'm not going to  go on about how bad we are here as this current financial thing isn't a "me" thing its an "US" thing. We are all getting hit in areas that we just can't help but we can pick ourselves up and look for ways to make money. Mine just happens to be crafting and soap making. I will be operating on a shoe string budget but it will not effect the quality of my items. I don't care how low you are on money you should always do your best work with the best materials. I've searched the Internet high and low for the best soap bases as well as the best fragrances and herbs.  I also use top line plywood for my wood crafts and I take my time doing the needed work. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm trying to put myself on any type of pedestal as that's not my goal. Rather my goal is to offer you the best product at a reasonable price.

Also I'm not begging you to join me on Face Book but just letting you know I am there if you want to come have a look. I do need to get better pictures of the things posted so bear with me in that area.

Thanks for taking your time to visit with me