Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Added a FaceBook Page

  After reading all the marketing tips and ideas I decided to list myself on Face Book. Maybe not a 100% grandest idea but alot of my friends are there so will see how it goes. With hubby's job taking a big cut back (OUCH!!) I have decided its time to get rolling in my side business.I know things are tough everywhere so I'm not going to  go on about how bad we are here as this current financial thing isn't a "me" thing its an "US" thing. We are all getting hit in areas that we just can't help but we can pick ourselves up and look for ways to make money. Mine just happens to be crafting and soap making. I will be operating on a shoe string budget but it will not effect the quality of my items. I don't care how low you are on money you should always do your best work with the best materials. I've searched the Internet high and low for the best soap bases as well as the best fragrances and herbs.  I also use top line plywood for my wood crafts and I take my time doing the needed work. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm trying to put myself on any type of pedestal as that's not my goal. Rather my goal is to offer you the best product at a reasonable price.

Also I'm not begging you to join me on Face Book but just letting you know I am there if you want to come have a look. I do need to get better pictures of the things posted so bear with me in that area.

Thanks for taking your time to visit with me

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