Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Great Giveaway from Creating from The Heart

Shes at it again!!! You really have to jump over to Melissas blog and check out this grand giveaway but while you are there don't forget to also check out her awesome creations as those are better than the giveaway!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


 Gosh it seems like a long time since I actually got on here to post anything doesn't it!!! Okay so I'm a rotten blogger I just can't help it!!
I've been having a dilly time posting comments on any ones blog. I guess Blogger is having headaches or something. Whatever the reason I just can't post anything. I was using Explorer as my browser but had to switch to Google Chrome in order to play the games over on FaceBook. So I decided to do a Google search and see if my blog is listed-----IT IS!!!! Its weird to see the blog out there in cyberland but I'm sure zillions of others are listed too. Guess we all should feel special.

Not alot has been happening in our little world. I tried selling the soaps and crafts at a flea market and that went belly up. It was almost horrible but it was a learning experience so all wasn't lost. Plus on our last day there God let a man stop in who just needed to talk. So even though the sales were low that day was special. God knows where to put you and why you're there even if you don't understand it.

The soaps are fine but I do have to rebatch many and add extra scent. The ones I had put a GOOD dose of fragrance in was still smelling good and was just about the right scent soooooo I've done a couple new batches and added some extra scent and now its a wait and see type thing!. I'll be glad when I finally learn the ropes of soap making. The All Natural soaps are the easiest to make and I've gotten those down pat pretty quick. My goal is to become all natural by next year. However I still like the smells of certain fragrances and they are alot cheaper than essential oils. We'll just see how things go.

As for the woodcrafting side of my business-oooh my I thought I was sunk when my scroll saw died!!!!! Just up and quit on me during a cutting event. All I could do was cry. I loved that saw and the way it cut and the fact I could do some really tight curves. OOOh yeah it was good. But as with all good things they come to an end. I had held on to my old saw but I had lost half the parts and the only type blades I could use were pinned end ones. This saw was twice the age as my new one and twice as rusted so I held out little hope of it working. Would you believe I fired up that baby and it purrs like a kitten!!! I couldn't believe it. I mean here it was old, rusted and worn out yet it totally blew the younger model out of the water  ( do I sense a moral to the story here???? LOL) . So now I'm back in business yet having to reteach myself on that ole baby. The heat does make it hard to be outside but I did get a few dozen ornaments cut out and ready to go. Bring on the craft shows!!!

And finally I ask any of you prayer warriors out there to help me pray for my friend Dee. Shes got gangrene in her foot and clearly said if its entered her bone she will not have an amputation opting rather to let life run its course.I can't go into personal details here but I do just ask you to remember her as this is hard for all those involved. Plus it sooo brings back memories of losing my mother to something very similar.

Okay enough tears and news. Will try to post a little more regular haven't I promised this before????) but don't hold me to it as the first craft show is in Sept and its a 2 day event so I've got to be cracking the whip and get things going. Enjoy this awesome summer heat and hopefully all the rotten storm systems are out to sea.

Hugs, Vicki