Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Haven't forgotten this blog!!

Really I haven't but we are just having some personal problems that leave my brain too drained and its better to blog with a full brain--right???

I did get a new Keurig coffee maker and boy am I loving it!! I am not a coffee drinker but the teas and cocoa are awesome. Okay I guess they don't really taste any better than the regular stuff but its so much more easier just to plug and brew. I also get 2 free packs of k-cups so I'm going to get something really good--Iced Tea!! Sweet at that. I'll let you all know if it's worth anything.

Are you all ready for Christmas?? I haven't even started mine yet and thats bad for me. Thankfully I had made a HUGE amount of soap this year and had lots left over so guess what everyone is getting for their gift???Nothing like being a crafter with left over goodies.

Its snowing in our neck of the woods right now. I thought we were suppose to miss it but lo and behold this morning all that drizzle turned to icy balls and now snow. It could have been worse as we are above freezing so that kept the wet stuff from turning to icy stuff.

Got a birthday coming up on Sat and my bones have been aching for over a month now. Its the funniest thing, that every year just about a month before my birthday my bones start to ache then just right after they return to normal. Little odd isn't it. But hey I'm thankful to God for having made it to 55 (will be!!) and not to have been majorly sick . My grand kids tell me I am at the half century mark plus and boy does that make one feel really good!! LOL !!!

I will try to get back on before the year is up but we may be faced with moving ( rental house up for sale and one never knows what the new owners will do) so just can't guarantee anything. I do hope each of you have the greatest holiday ever and enjoy the time with your families. Enjoy your day

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