Monday, March 5, 2012


Hum there must surely be some mistake in the date on my last post????? I mean really where has time gone?? Sorry for this long gap !!

Life has been really crazy here lately. We are once again forced with finding a new place to live. Our current landlady can no longer afford the upkeep on her rental properties and thus we have to move. Its just a well because we have been going most of the winter without proper heat ( one lone kerosene heater and one electric heater). Thank goodness its been a semi mild winter and the cold days don't stick around long. However in light of the recent storm damage in our state ( as well as in Indiana and KY) I am just grateful to have a roof over my head.

The recent tornadoes left a very large swatch of damage in what is called the Tri-state area. One town here in Ohio was nearly wiped out, with at least 95% of all the homes damaged or completely destroyed. Moscow sits along the Ohio River and that area is known for tornatic activity but one never there will ever be a "big" one. This past Fri the "big " one did hit. Much sadness and several dead. Just please keep the entire area in prayer.

I've been working on felt projects right now. Yup I got the sewing bug and I just can't seem to get over it!! I've been working with wool felt blend and let me tell ya its awesome and somewhat expensive but well worth that cost. Hoping to sell a bit of it this year at the shows or hubby will have my head for spending all that money!!!

My youngest daughter is making hairbows. She is doing a very good job of it and her girls are secretly hoping she doesn't sell a one!! Thats loyalty for you.

I got some new scents for my soap making this year. I got a few essential oils for my all natural soaps but then I ordered up some Sweet Pea and some Violet fragrance and can we say yummy!! I am especially drawn to the Violet so hopefully it will smell as good in the soap base as it does in the bottle. I will also be playing around with some natural colorants for this years soaps. This will make a good science experiment class for our school I'm sure. The place I bought it from said it was as easy as mixing with your oils and cooking. I know when something says easy I'm in big trouble!! But if that fails I do have some natural food coloring so I'm good.

Thats just about all I've been up to as of late. If you are on FaceBook drop by the Daisy Dandelion page and see some of our creations. I will be posting some pics on here just in case you don't care for good ole FB.

Take care everyone and if you need anything just give me a post or an email. I truly enjoy each and every one of you.

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