Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another day's layout and the hybrid album

Here is the July 31st CuddleBeez's contest layout. I'm #2 again but thats only a number and doesn't mean anything in the standings. I really like how this one turned out. It's one of two that I have of my granddaughter in Texas.
As promised I also took some pictures of the butterfly hybrid project I was working on. I might have to uplaod the pics in another post as blogger seems to have frozen up on me but I will see. Okay I don't really like how this all turned out but but at least the pictures are here
The top one is from the indivual books I am doing for each of the girls. I liked the way the pages looked when I outlined them in black. The other two pictures are of the very first book I did. I like the way you can add the digital look as well as making use of regular scrapbook supplies. This cute little album was well worth the $5.00(US dollars) I spent on it. Here is a link to the direct product and right now it's on sale for $3.75 so if you want it go grab it up because you will love it. ( This designer also has some other cute templates and if you can't use a PSD file she will make you a PNG file. Her name is Michelle Filo or With love from Mushy designs.
I will make a seperate post for the gourds. All this rain is really causing them to go to town.
Have a great day.

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