Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 2nd layout and scarlet fever

Here is my new cotest layout. I love the colors and they matched the dress and wings just perfectly. Emily always takes awesome pictures and I love using her in my layouts. She's also always getting into trouble--even with that wonderful halo hanging over her head!!! Emily was born with a few disabilities and the doctors said she would never do certain things. However, God had other plans for her and while she still has issues she's doing all that stuff the doctors said she couldn't.

Now for the scarlet fever issue! Our youngest granddaughter broke out last weekend but we thought it was chicken pox. Even our local ER doctor couldn't figure it out and sent her home with a steriod. Thankfully she didn't have it bad and is fairly cleared up. BUUUUT yesterday daughter called and ask me to run oldest granddaughter, Abagail to the ER because she had this crazy rash really bad. No biggie . I run them out and about an hr later get a call a said I need to come get them as the ER doctor decided he wasn't going to see any more patients. Can you believe that????? Well in the course of complaining and talking the term scarlet fever came up. I dropped the clan off at their house and rushed home to do a search on scarlet fever. The very minute I saw the symptoms I nearly died and then when I saw the pictures---well lets just say I didn't waste any time getting back to daughters place and we took Abagail to another town. After about 5 hrs the doctor confirmed our fears--scarlet fever. However, this stuff isn't nearly as fearsome nor deadly as it use to be and with antibiotic Abagail will be cleared up in no time. Still we have a least 2 more grandkids who can and probably will come down with the stuff. Just hoping it stays clear of us adults.

Well we are in for a round of strong storms so I want to get this published before the electric kicks out and I lose it all. Have a good day and hopefully no scarlet fever your way.

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