Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it Tuesday allready???

Wow I sure can't believe it's Tuesday allready. Where did the weekend go? Where did last week go for that matter.

I'm still in a bit of pain from a fall I took the other day--ouch! But it was rather funny because I did the splits across the kitchen floor. Now I'm not sure what I stepped on that caused me to go sliding but there was a PowerPuff Girls magnet on the floor dangerously close to where I landed. I knew the minute I felt myself going I wasn't going to stop until I hit rock bottom or in this case the kitchen floor. It all happened so very quickly and I'm glad that I put down that knife I had just picked up. Now I'm no little lady and the term "The bigger they are the harder they fall" is certainly true. I came down hard on my right knee then bent my left leg under me. How I ever managed not to break anything is beyond me but I guess God looks after stressed grandmas too. I will have to say thank you to my wonderful hubby for moving soo fast--right out of the room laughing as he went. He claimed there wasn't any use in him hurting his back worse than it was. Now if that's not true love I don't know what is!!!!

Those gourds (last post) might just be mini pumpkins. They've gone from green to orange even after picking and the vine is now twice as long as it was before. I thought pumpkins came on orange but some say they come on green and then change as they get bigger. I guess that would make sense because of the size. I also have 3 more growing so each granddaughter will be able to have a pumpkin and I get to keep one too. And those nasty bugs were squash borers and they are now eating away at my zucchini--I say let'em have all they want!

Hubby's surgery is scheduled for Oct. 9th. I don't think we are ready for it--financial wise that is. We are just now getting back on track from his being off last time and we were hoping for a later date. I think the closer it gets the more afraid he is getting. I know the doctor makes it all look so quick and easy but we are talking major surgery here-I don't care if it is with a laser it's still major. Since we have to walk down a small flight of stairs to our room we've put a small bed in the livingroom and that's where he will be for awhile. And that's when I will be able to sleep in peace!!!! OOOh I say that but after 33 1/2 yrs I'm not too sure I look forward to sleeping alone at least not for the first couple days, after that I might get use to it.

Well son finally got his travel trailer and they are likely now living in it. His plan is to continue working for this year and see how much they can save up before hitting the road. I guess when God calls you He will help you with the money and likes. I just know this is a major life change for them and hoping they can stand the trials that come with it.

School is going well but granddaughter has had a couple melt downs. I am trying not to stress her too much and we split our lessons in smaller time frames. I also have rewards if she does all her work without a fuss. That seems to be working well but she wasn't happy with me today as she didn't earn anything. I'm betting she will be the best little girl in the world tomorrow.

Well this post has been a bit long today so I better sign out and start the kings meal. Try to find something funny in your day--even if it is falling across the kitchen floor(without injury)


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