Sunday, August 9, 2009

My gourds and Sunday news

Well I promised a view of my huge gourds and I aim to please.I completely forgot about posting as I've been busy with assorted issues.I finally had to pick the gourds as most of them were infested with some type of worm. I will do a search here later today to see if I can find out what these ugly nasty things are. They seem to have gone in thru the stem area and ate the plant from the inside out. Just another nasty creature who wrecks havoc on one's garden. I've actually gotten enough tomatoes for 2 batches of salsa. I gave our neighbor some and still had enough for the freezer. And on top of that we made a stop today at an old friends and they had tomatoes coming out their ears so we got a very large bag full. Now I can make some zesty tomatoes for the future winter soups.
It's gotten hot again but I doubt if that will last--at least it hasn't so far. We'll have a week or so of really hot stuff then a raging cold front comes thru and it feels like fall. In fact there is another front due in by mid week. OOOh well that's nature's crazy way.
We will be starting our schooling on Monday. I've been working up lesson lists-even though we use the K12 program I still like to put my own stuff in. one good thing about home schooling is that if you disagree with a lesson you can simply skip it and you can't do that with regular schooling. Plus kids learn way too much extra in the public school system (if you know what I mean). There are pros and cons of home schooling such as lack of people interaction and proms etc. However, the pros are that a student who is slower than the average kid can take the time they need to learn. Also if you have a hyper kid (like we do) you don'tr have to worry about getting those calls from the teacher. Our school Ohio Virtural Academy has a good many interacting events so kids do get together.
Our son is about to embark on a new venture. He wants to be an evangelist so they have now sold all their stuff and will soon be getting a travel trailer. Not sure when they plan to hit the road but I doubt if it will be too long in the making. This hasn't been an easy decision for them and there have been a few tears along the road but when God calls you one doesn't turn their back. I wish them God's protection.
All the scarlet fever seems to have run its course and the grandkids are now back to normal. We were able to get back to church and I'm glad. I don't like missing unless its a have to case. Well I'm off to make some Zesty Tomatoes and other goodies. Have a great day

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Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

So glad to here the scarlet fever has run it's course and the kids are better.
Have a great day!