Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today is kind of a sad day for me here--no I'm not going to write about dead deer or the likes but my soul is sad. Why do we live in a society that builds moutains out of mole hills or thinks just because an old man hugs a young girl he has evil on his mind? My granddaughters were asked not to hug a certain older gentlemen at church merely because someone thought it didn't look good. Those kids are this old man's livelyhood and bring joy to him each week. They are never alone with him and he has never made any remarks to cause me any concern. I watched this couple during church and it's like the life has been snuffed out of them. I don't think I'm angry only sad. All I can do is hope God works things out. Sorry for such a pitiful post and hopefully I will be back later this week with some dilliness.

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Sherah Kraan said...

Yeah, i know what you mean, its sad that our society is like that in both ways,... that we even need to be worried about it at all, and that due to our fear we become so socially isolated. :-( As a child I remember loving to go to church to run around and 'visit' all of my 'other grandma's and grandpas' LOL :-) its precious that your granddaughters are the same way :-) God bless them for bringing even a little bright spot, hug and a smile to that older Gentlemans Sundays :-) and I pray that the Lord speaks to the other couples heart about the situation as well. ((hugs)) God Bless!