Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Today it is doing something we haven't seen alot of lately--rain!!! It's been heavy at times and I think the worse of it is now over. I won't complain too awfully much as our yard was beginning to look like a dust bowl. The grandkids were going on though as we had told them--if it didn't rain we would go to the park for an outing today. Some of them cried all the way home. I truly was sorry but we had a great couple of past days and there is always next week---well if God allows.

This past week was granddaughter's 6th birthday. She woke up on Tuesday and informed me she was now offically 6 yrs old--1 5--is how she put it. I said now hold on 15 will come soon enough, it should be 1 plus 5= 6. For a couple days she kept putting it as 1 5. I don't want to close my eyes as it's likely to happen ( 15 that is!!!). On the weekend her mother had arrange to have a co worker bring over a pony so the kids could ride. I know all day Friday none of them could sit still . I'm sure the teachers had their hands full trying to get the other girls to sit still. The big time arrived at 6 pm and when I heard all the squeals I knew the pony had arrived. Well imagine our surprise whenever they unloaded the trailer and there was the pony and a mustang and---a llama.

This is Autumn. She was not thrilled to be in town but she did let everyone stroke her neck and make a fuss over her. I think all the kids as well as the adults got a kick out of the llama. I know we nearly had a couple dozen accidents on our street from people just trying to get a look at her. It was said we should charge for all the looks and the owners would be rich!!! The grands had a wonderful time and were even nice enough to allow some uninvited kids take a few rides on the horses. My oldest granddaughter took to that mustang like a fish to water!! I'm sure I know what she will be asking for come Christmas.


On Saturday we had the birthday party but it was only just family. All the kids still had a blast and that's what was important. It was a fun week-end and one I wish we could have more often. The kids couldn't stop talking about their great time and I doubt if one of them put up a fight going to bed on Saturday night.

By the way I maxed out my SD card as I took over 150 pictures!!! But hey isn't that what a grandma is for???

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week and finds some fun things to do

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