Friday, September 4, 2009

Rantin' and Ravin'

Well for the time being I don't have any dilliness to report and this post isn't the nicest--just an angry one I guess as I don't swear. This is about all those helpless animals out in out society that seem to be thought of as trash. Why do we discard a dog or cat just because they have lost their cuteness? Would we throw our child out of a running car just because we couldn't afford to feed them? Or would we turn our spouses out in an unknown neighbor hood (well that might be a thought!!!!). Of course not as we would be charged with a crime. So why then is it okay to discard our animals like that? Recently a big ole dog showed up in our neighborhood. I didn't pay much attention to it as there are always dogs getting loss but they soon return home so you get use to seeing them. However, there is now one in the area that seems to have been dumped. I knew it was there but never really took a look at it til the other day and when I did I just wanted to cry. The poor thing was sooo skinny you could see all the rib bones and then some. I also noticed that it was a she. She is a big ugly dog and scared to death of people in general so theres no getting close to her. But I couldn't take it any longer and against my better judgement I bought some bagged dog food and left it out back for her. It was gone in no time. Well then we learned she had been sleeping on our front porch in a chair so I left some food and water out there the last couple nights. I peeked out this morning and she was sleeping like a log in that chair and I just started crying. We are not allowed to have another animal especially a big female dog--we have a male who isn't fixed!!! and that would spell trouble for certain. But on the flip side I can't even imagine to think what this poor helpless dog is thinking and if she is crying as well. I know I'm asking for trouble but just call me the champion of animal rights cuz I am not going to let her starve to death right before my eyes. Oh sure I could turn a deaf ear like everyone else is and just pretend the problem will go away or be killed on the road. But this poor dog didn't ask for this mess and I'm going to do all I can to help her get out of it. Yes I'm likely to take a few choice words from my landlady and others in the area who hate animals but so be it. I think I can handle it. I could say that I hoped whomever did this would end up on the streets themselves but i won't be that cruel especially since the unemployment in our area is at 17% and it could likely happen. I will say however, that if we are going to take on the resposibility of an animal we should carry it thru to the end. Still I know animals are just trash to most folks and there will never be any laws to help them so hopefully there will be more people out there like me to help the helpless 4 legged population


Dorothy said...

I'm with you I hate it when people abuse use or neglect animals. Sorry you have to feel that pain for the poor dog let us know what happens.

Dorothy from grammology

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I agree, animals depend on us and we shouldn't take them if we are'nt going to care for them. I know that fortunes change but if you can't look after one any longer due to your circumstances changing get someone else to take the animal. Dumping them is so cruel.
Well done on this one...I would do exactly the same!!

Ramblin Mama said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm back and reading again. I'm slowly catching up and have finally read all of your posts for the last few weeks. I have some comments but will reach you privately through CB. Please hang in there and try to find an excuse to smile today. If nothing else, it makes others wonder what you're up to!!