Thursday, December 31, 2009

GoodBye 2009

It is soo hard to believe that another year is about to pass us by. I mean think about it didn't this year just start!!!! Right now it's about 2:30 here in Ohio and still a few hours left in this gloomy drizzly day.

Are you one of those millions of people who make resolutions or are you like me?? I'm the type who says whatever comes comes and whatever I do I do. This way I won't think of myself as a failure and no one can accuse me of not holding on to my promises. I guess you might call that a cowards way out but hey it's good for the self esteem.!!

Thinking back on this year it's been another rough one, I lost an uncle back in Feb (he had cancer but at least didn't suffer long as some have), Hubby was off work too much and then we had to up and move earlier this month. Finances have taken a major hit and there have been times I had to decide do we eat or pay bills? But even with all the ups and downs i am very thankful that I still have my health ( I might ache like a dying horse but at least I can still walk and breathe on my own.) and hubby still has his job. We have a much nicer place to live and our car is still running well. I remember one sermon where our pastor preached about not looking at what you don't have but rather be thankful for what you do have and it will make the nots a little less painful. How very true this is but in todays society all we can dwell on in what we don't have. We are a people who must have more more more and we are never satisfied with the things God has given us. I'm guilty as charged in that area so if I have to make one resolution this year it is to stop with the give more and start to appreciate what I have allready been given. It's not an easy thing to do and I'm sure it won't take place over night but with God's help and a little less cowardliness on my behalf I think I will make it. No let me restate that and say I WILL MAKE IT.

So to all of you I say Happy New Year and try not to make too many resolutions !!! But good luck with the ones you do make , hope you can pull them all off.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know it's only the 23rd but if I don't get this out now I know me I never will!!!!

Tonight we will be going to MIL's for dinner and the likes. The grandkids like going to Granny's as they know she always tries to buy them each something--how she keeps doing it is beyond me especially with 7 grands and 10 great grands but this woman saves up all year just for this one day. Normally we give in return but this year with the move and the likes we are lucky to keep a roof over our heads and she understands. It's about family and being together anyhow so I don't dwell on the material side of Christmas.

Tomorrow I will be hosting a Christmas Eve cookie bake off with the grandkids. Cooking with kids is always fun and this is only the 2nd time in many years I've been able to do this. I make my own colored sugar and icing so there's always an array of messiness but thats what makes it fun. Plus this year I have a kitchen big enough to get everyone in at the same time so no taking turns and everyone can make a mess at the same time--Hoorray!! I must admit thought I did cheat a bit on the cookie dough because I bought the pre-made stuff for the sugar and gingerbread ones. I do plan to make my own dough for the Neapolitan (and I know thats a misspell!) ones. I will have to do that the first thing tomorrow morning so they will be ready by noon--yipes I had completely forgot that I told DD soooo early. Oh well I'll make it and if not we'll have what we have.

Then on Christmas Day I will be cooking-so what else is new in that department. I was suppose to get Thanksgiving Day off and what do you think happen--yeah I had to cook and move. That was not fun at all. And to have all those people in a house filled with boxes--wonderful day. We will be having ham, green bean casserole ( made with my garden's beans-yummy), mashed potatoes and if I don't forget to buy them--gravy and rolls. With 9 or 10 mouths to feed this food won't last long. Oh we might have some left overs but we usually divvy them up for each family to take home and have a late night snack or the next's days dinner with. Also if I can find them in the freezer I do plan on making a cherry cobbler and apple pie. Cobbler I can do as it's a very simple thing but I'm not too sure about that apple pie thing as I usually buy mine pre-made ( Can you tell what kind of cook I am by now ????).

We were suppose to have a white Christmas day but the forecast has since changed to a rainy day so Santa will need the row boat at least for the first half of the trip. Not sure what he will need to get home with.!!

Now for the rest of the story involving the furnace. I went to the gas company that following Monday and they said it hadn't been fixed or the tag would have been removed. Our caretaker said it was fixed and provided papers to show it had. I haven't had any more issues since we removed the halogen bulb from the stairwell light so maybe just maybe that was where the actual problem was in the first place. I do keep several windows cracked just to be on the safe side. I have detectors in several rooms but one can never be too careful.

Well as usual I have rattled on big time. I want to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a bright New Year. May your week be filled with family and the love of Jesus. And if you don't have anyone to spend time with then drop me a comment and I will come visit with you.

Hugs, Vicki

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things are hoppin' and a new forum

Well first off I need to say sorry for not being on lately but we had to up and move rather quickly and that hurt. We were just fine and dandy in our former house until the landlady's son started making threats to us and barged into our house, pushing my GD. Boy was I hopping mad but then law enforcement couldn't do anything much except give them a warning as they had witnesses saying that never happened. So we decided that we would just move and let them have their ole house. It didn't take long to find another place to live but money was a big issue. God worked that out so within a 2 week span we moved. And can you imagine the junk we had after being in the same place for 8 1/2 yrs!!!!

Our new rental is an older type house. I want to say a brick colonial or victoria. Not bad but with noooo yard. It's also very cold upstairs as the current owners didn't see the need to put vents in the floors for heat. Anyhow it's managable and with a small heater it stays fair up here. When we moved in we looked the house over fairly well or so we thought. You know when you move into an older house you are looking at ther likelyhood of bad or older wiring so it's a risk you take in that area. You learn not to over load the plugs etc but you certainly don't expect your furnance to be wicked.

This morning I was awaken to what smelled like wiring burning so I gave a yell upstairs to DD and GD and they were out of bed in a bound. I called the local police dept and ask for the non-emergency number to the FD but was advised to just call 911. So I did and I told the dispatcher not to send them down with all the bells and whistles and what do you think they did!!!! Came with sirens blaring to the top of all get out. That scared GD more than the thought of an actual fire. All she wanted was her Tinkerdollie but we told her to get out. I got the dog out and then went to the basement to see if anything was puffing down there. I couldn't see a thing. The firemen came in and checked the entire house over three or 4 times, they also checked my smoke detectors and then headed for the basement. Well lo and behold they found something mighty important. I was standing outside the door when one of them ask how long we had been in this house and I stated a bit over a week. He was holding a tag in his hand and ask the other fireman to make sure he was reading things right then he told me to have a look. I would like to say at this point I nearly fainted because right there attached to the main gas line on the furnance is a tag that clearly states this appliance is unsafe to operate. ( I took pictures and will post the tag next post). So now I have to play a waiting game. I will go Monday to the local gas company and see if they just failed to remove the tag or if we were hoodwinked so to speak. Because let me tell you this probably isn't going to end pretty if we find out they rented us this place knowing there was an unsafe furnance. It cost us every bit of $2000.00 to make this move and buddy I aim to make them pay me every penny back and then some if I have to move. I hope that doesn't sound too ugly but I have no other choice in the matter. What would any of you do in this case??

Now if all that wasn't bad enough to fizzle ones nerves, just about an hour ago GD decided to burn babies hair off. She was hiding and we knew she was up to something and then when I saw baby I ask how she got burnt hair. It took us a bit to get the answer out of her and in the mean time we are smelling smoke again!!!!!! This one turned out to just be a case of sticking baby's hair on the halogen light in the hall way but it was puffing away when we finally found it!!!!! I removed the bulb in one quick hurry and GD got the lecture of a life time. I'm not sure it did an ounce of good as this child is one who tries the very being of a soul. She's just too inquizative and wants to see how things work. Well you know the type and if not I'll send her your way and let you find out!!!!!

We did tell GD todays events were good practice for her but that she did a couple things very wrong and it could have cost her. First she came back into the house without being told it was ok then she ran upstairs and got her Tinkerbaby. I didn't even see her do either but then I was sooo frizzled I couldn't even remember the insurance companys name. Not sure if that comes from turning a year older or just being plain scared.Or maybe both!!!

Well now that that very long post is out of the way let me tell you about a new forum I joined called Demin and Daisies ( It also has a store which has some great digi kits in it so if you are looking for a new place to visit or buy why not try them. Right now,since things are just getting going, things are a bit quiet but once this place takes off it's going to be great.

Okay I've rattled on long enough today. I was going to post my latest LO but realized I deleted the folder from my computer to free up space so that will have to wait as well. I must say goodbye for now but watch for me and as Paul Harvey use to say THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally made a creative team!!!!

Can we say hoorray!!! I finally got accepted as a CT member. Chicken Socks Designs and 3 Dog Designs, 2 very awesome ladies and I am very honored to be part of this great team. Now I can use this blog for something other than craziness--well don't count that out !!!

The first layout is from a collab they did together called "Guess How Much" I love the rich colors of this kit and yes they had my favorite thing in there---butterflies. You will likely see butterflies in alot of my LO's.

The other Lo is called Wildflower Garden by ChickenSocks designs. Again if you look real hard you will see the butterfly. And this kit has another of my favorite thing or should I say things--flowers.

You can find these and other kits by this great team here at Denim and Daisies ( )--almost posted the wrong link -yipes but it would have gone straight to one of the above LO's. Sooooo you should hop on over to the store and check things out and while there why not go sign up for the great forum.

Forgive me for such deep spacing but I am still trying to figure out how to edit without erasing my entire post--great thought only happen once ya know-ha! HA!

Have a great night and will likely be posting much more. Okay just previewed my post and the spacing seems fine which is great.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Okay! Okay!

Allright I know it's been almost a month since I posted anything but seriously it just doesn't seem that long. Besides nothing important or funny has been going on in my life. Right now some of us are battling the flu bug. Currently it's just the normal stuff and I'm praying it doesn't turn into anything more serious.

Did everyone get out this past weekend for NSD?? I was only able to buy 2 items this year but I do have my eyes on some really neat Christmas things. I've been doing alot of hybrid stuff lately and with my new version of Scrapbook Max I'm able to make my own .png items to use with the templates ( like the Abby Album and the Basic Grey bracket album ) I still have to use others work but at least I can make up some great pages then clip them. I've probably got over 50 sets made up and now all I need is the pictures!!!!

I guess I shouldn't say nothing important has happen. I did get a LO published in my scrapbooking programs newsletter. They chose my LO as the opening one!! That made me happy as I normally don't produce design winning pages. There was no prize to go with it just the honor. And then a new forum/store opened up called Denim and and I was picked for a gallery position so that's something.

The weather has been fairly nice for Nov in Ohio. We had alot of cold days in Oct so maybe we'll get a little taste of summer without all the high humidity. It is cloudy today with a chance of rain but still very pleasant.

Well I need to sign off as my head is throbbing again and all this clicking of the keyboard isn't helping matters any. I'll try not to go a full month this next time but don't hold me to that.!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm still kickin'!!!

Okay I'll admit its been way too long since I've posted anything. I guess I just got burn out and been under alot of stress which does bad things to ones mind and body.

First off we have been going nutty dealing with the insurance company--they are refusing to pay for hubby's back surgery. We have been running back and forth to doctors offices and spending money I don't think we need to for such craziness. Right now we are on hold and still hoping to get the surgery approved before too much more time passes. The back is only getting worse and if things keep up hubby won't be able to walk. two of his disc are nearly gone so I can't figure out what the hold up is.

Then there is schooling---ooooh wow that is a subject just in itself but I'm in it for the long haul--even if I don't have any hair left at the end of the day. Some subjects come really easy then others are such a struggle and then we have state testing at months end. Not sure what that is to prove unless it has to do with continued funding for the school. We allready had to battle the governor once to keep going on. It's just a never ending battle to force us to put our kids in the public system.

And the weather!!!!We have had nothing but rain rain rain. I was beginning to wonder if we needed Noah and his ark . Today we get sunshine but it certainly is coolish for this time of year. We never really had much summer and then when we did it was super hot. Now the leaves are changing and its getting really beautiful here. I love this time of year and I swear each year the trees burst brighter with their color changes. When the sun shines and hits those brilliant shades of golds , oranges, and reds----it's sooo grand. I could live forever in Fall. The smell of burning wood in the crisp night air and the sound of the geese starting their homeward journay---uuuuummmm.

We went over to the Hocking Hills area yesterday . It's been years since we've been there and then never in the Fall. While it's a very long drive it's worth every mile. W#e didn't get a chance to walk any of the awesome trails this round and the grands weren't pleased about that but some of those places have dangerous drop offs and we have daredevils!!!
Another of my favorite thing is the old country barns . Don't know why I've taken to barns but this love affair has been going on for years and now that I live around soo many--well you know what I take alot of pics of.
Well I've got to get off here and start on tomorrow's lessons. Enjoy the Fall changes if you live in an area that has them and if not just enjoy the day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Today it is doing something we haven't seen alot of lately--rain!!! It's been heavy at times and I think the worse of it is now over. I won't complain too awfully much as our yard was beginning to look like a dust bowl. The grandkids were going on though as we had told them--if it didn't rain we would go to the park for an outing today. Some of them cried all the way home. I truly was sorry but we had a great couple of past days and there is always next week---well if God allows.

This past week was granddaughter's 6th birthday. She woke up on Tuesday and informed me she was now offically 6 yrs old--1 5--is how she put it. I said now hold on 15 will come soon enough, it should be 1 plus 5= 6. For a couple days she kept putting it as 1 5. I don't want to close my eyes as it's likely to happen ( 15 that is!!!). On the weekend her mother had arrange to have a co worker bring over a pony so the kids could ride. I know all day Friday none of them could sit still . I'm sure the teachers had their hands full trying to get the other girls to sit still. The big time arrived at 6 pm and when I heard all the squeals I knew the pony had arrived. Well imagine our surprise whenever they unloaded the trailer and there was the pony and a mustang and---a llama.

This is Autumn. She was not thrilled to be in town but she did let everyone stroke her neck and make a fuss over her. I think all the kids as well as the adults got a kick out of the llama. I know we nearly had a couple dozen accidents on our street from people just trying to get a look at her. It was said we should charge for all the looks and the owners would be rich!!! The grands had a wonderful time and were even nice enough to allow some uninvited kids take a few rides on the horses. My oldest granddaughter took to that mustang like a fish to water!! I'm sure I know what she will be asking for come Christmas.


On Saturday we had the birthday party but it was only just family. All the kids still had a blast and that's what was important. It was a fun week-end and one I wish we could have more often. The kids couldn't stop talking about their great time and I doubt if one of them put up a fight going to bed on Saturday night.

By the way I maxed out my SD card as I took over 150 pictures!!! But hey isn't that what a grandma is for???

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week and finds some fun things to do

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today is a wonderful pre-fall day here--not too hot, not too cold. I can hardly wait for the leaves to turn but that means we have to have a nice good frost first and I am not looking forward to that part of Fall. Maybe the leaves will change without all that nastiness.

This week has been rather nice. I went to the fair this year ( it was free day so we took it). I didn't stay long but it's been a few years since I'd been there so it was nice to see what the 4H's had been up to and all the other things that go along with a county fair. It was very hot that day so I didn't stick around that long.

Then on Friday we had our annual home school picnic. There wasn't a great turn out but at least it was a really nice day and the kids all had a good time. For most this was probably the first time they had taken a break all day. I find that a child will do better school work when they are allowed a few breaks between lessons--or at least that is how it is around here.

Following the picnic I was able to have a wonderful visit with Candie from Candi'es creations(
We had discovered we leave near each other and were finally able to get together. She is a super sweet lady and I'm so very lucky to have gotten the chance to meet her. If you get the chance drop over by her blog and say hello.

Today I rearranged my school area-again!!! I never was one to leave things the same way for very long plus I got tired of not being able to see out the window.

The dog is still around. She still sleeps out on my front porch in the chair and she still runs all day. We did learn she had had puppies under one of the trailers behind us and the owner had taken them to the pound. I guess that would explain the saddeness on the dog's face but at least there isn't a few dozen youngsters running around to get killed or starve. Or worse come live with me!!!!!!! I tell ya that female dog can eat like a horse so this week I bought a huge bag of dog kibbles. My dog has decided he now whats to eat kibbles so he gets his fair share .

Well the day is speeding away and I still have laundry to get done. Have a grand day ans see you at next post.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rantin' and Ravin'

Well for the time being I don't have any dilliness to report and this post isn't the nicest--just an angry one I guess as I don't swear. This is about all those helpless animals out in out society that seem to be thought of as trash. Why do we discard a dog or cat just because they have lost their cuteness? Would we throw our child out of a running car just because we couldn't afford to feed them? Or would we turn our spouses out in an unknown neighbor hood (well that might be a thought!!!!). Of course not as we would be charged with a crime. So why then is it okay to discard our animals like that? Recently a big ole dog showed up in our neighborhood. I didn't pay much attention to it as there are always dogs getting loss but they soon return home so you get use to seeing them. However, there is now one in the area that seems to have been dumped. I knew it was there but never really took a look at it til the other day and when I did I just wanted to cry. The poor thing was sooo skinny you could see all the rib bones and then some. I also noticed that it was a she. She is a big ugly dog and scared to death of people in general so theres no getting close to her. But I couldn't take it any longer and against my better judgement I bought some bagged dog food and left it out back for her. It was gone in no time. Well then we learned she had been sleeping on our front porch in a chair so I left some food and water out there the last couple nights. I peeked out this morning and she was sleeping like a log in that chair and I just started crying. We are not allowed to have another animal especially a big female dog--we have a male who isn't fixed!!! and that would spell trouble for certain. But on the flip side I can't even imagine to think what this poor helpless dog is thinking and if she is crying as well. I know I'm asking for trouble but just call me the champion of animal rights cuz I am not going to let her starve to death right before my eyes. Oh sure I could turn a deaf ear like everyone else is and just pretend the problem will go away or be killed on the road. But this poor dog didn't ask for this mess and I'm going to do all I can to help her get out of it. Yes I'm likely to take a few choice words from my landlady and others in the area who hate animals but so be it. I think I can handle it. I could say that I hoped whomever did this would end up on the streets themselves but i won't be that cruel especially since the unemployment in our area is at 17% and it could likely happen. I will say however, that if we are going to take on the resposibility of an animal we should carry it thru to the end. Still I know animals are just trash to most folks and there will never be any laws to help them so hopefully there will be more people out there like me to help the helpless 4 legged population

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Today is kind of a sad day for me here--no I'm not going to write about dead deer or the likes but my soul is sad. Why do we live in a society that builds moutains out of mole hills or thinks just because an old man hugs a young girl he has evil on his mind? My granddaughters were asked not to hug a certain older gentlemen at church merely because someone thought it didn't look good. Those kids are this old man's livelyhood and bring joy to him each week. They are never alone with him and he has never made any remarks to cause me any concern. I watched this couple during church and it's like the life has been snuffed out of them. I don't think I'm angry only sad. All I can do is hope God works things out. Sorry for such a pitiful post and hopefully I will be back later this week with some dilliness.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something to ponder

Let me start off by saying I have been having major trouble walking the last few days. I have a big bruise on the right knee where I fell last week. And back pain---I guess its a delayed reaction and I'm hoping it will all go away soon.

While going over some of the blogs I follow I came across one that gave ideas on writing prompts. It gave a list of things that one could write about on their blogs. The one I liked the most was "your favorite song and why". I love Casting Crowns "Praise you Thru this Storm" or as I call it Praise you in this storm. It's a song that just gets to the heart no matter if you are in a trial or not. It's a song that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it and one that uplifts as well. And this is why it speaks to me: Several Years ago I had my first mammogram and it came back postive. I was given exactly 3 days to return for a repeat test. In these 3 days I was also praying for 3 of my grandkids as they were in a bad situation and I knew things had to be resolved or else. I felt an overwhelming power come over me and I knew God had heard my prayers for them. I tried not to worry about the test I was facing but the drive to the hospital was like a million mile drive--never ending but too close. Just as I pulled into the parking lot this song came on and I sat there and cried. I said "Lord whatever today hold I know You hold the keys to unlock it. Help me not to be afraid". The song ended and I went inside. I was taken right in and retested and then I sat and waited. They came back and ask me to redo this test and the look on the nurses face wasn't one you wanted to see. She looked very concerned but assured me everything was allright--yeah right. Anyhow I went back to wait once more. Well would you believe they ask me to do it a third time and this round they made sure they squeezed the life out of me. All I could think of was this thing must be massive and they were trying to figure out the best way to tell me. Finally I was called back to the doctor's room. He ask me if I wanted to sit and I said no thanks. And then he began, "Well I just want to show you what we found on the first test". When he pointed to that xray I went right thru the floor. The mass was the size of a fist and I could just imagine what the future held for me. And then his voice came thru my fog--"I would like you to see what we found today " My eyes followed his finger to a new xray and I nearly fainted " I don't know what happened here " he was saying "but there is nothing here" I let out a Thank You Lord and slapped that ole doctor on the back and started crying. As I left the room I think I heard him say softly "Yes thank you Lord for not taking another life" That song gave me the courage to face the fear and to accept whatever was to come. It still speaks to me even today because no matter what we are going thru I know God is always with us and He doesn't always step in and remove the stumbling blocks from before us. Trials and test are hard but this is how we grow in faith. So if you are facing a trial know that there is hope and you will emerge a stronger, newer person because God is no respecter of persons. If He touched me He will touch you. Just Praise Him Thru The Storm.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it Tuesday allready???

Wow I sure can't believe it's Tuesday allready. Where did the weekend go? Where did last week go for that matter.

I'm still in a bit of pain from a fall I took the other day--ouch! But it was rather funny because I did the splits across the kitchen floor. Now I'm not sure what I stepped on that caused me to go sliding but there was a PowerPuff Girls magnet on the floor dangerously close to where I landed. I knew the minute I felt myself going I wasn't going to stop until I hit rock bottom or in this case the kitchen floor. It all happened so very quickly and I'm glad that I put down that knife I had just picked up. Now I'm no little lady and the term "The bigger they are the harder they fall" is certainly true. I came down hard on my right knee then bent my left leg under me. How I ever managed not to break anything is beyond me but I guess God looks after stressed grandmas too. I will have to say thank you to my wonderful hubby for moving soo fast--right out of the room laughing as he went. He claimed there wasn't any use in him hurting his back worse than it was. Now if that's not true love I don't know what is!!!!

Those gourds (last post) might just be mini pumpkins. They've gone from green to orange even after picking and the vine is now twice as long as it was before. I thought pumpkins came on orange but some say they come on green and then change as they get bigger. I guess that would make sense because of the size. I also have 3 more growing so each granddaughter will be able to have a pumpkin and I get to keep one too. And those nasty bugs were squash borers and they are now eating away at my zucchini--I say let'em have all they want!

Hubby's surgery is scheduled for Oct. 9th. I don't think we are ready for it--financial wise that is. We are just now getting back on track from his being off last time and we were hoping for a later date. I think the closer it gets the more afraid he is getting. I know the doctor makes it all look so quick and easy but we are talking major surgery here-I don't care if it is with a laser it's still major. Since we have to walk down a small flight of stairs to our room we've put a small bed in the livingroom and that's where he will be for awhile. And that's when I will be able to sleep in peace!!!! OOOh I say that but after 33 1/2 yrs I'm not too sure I look forward to sleeping alone at least not for the first couple days, after that I might get use to it.

Well son finally got his travel trailer and they are likely now living in it. His plan is to continue working for this year and see how much they can save up before hitting the road. I guess when God calls you He will help you with the money and likes. I just know this is a major life change for them and hoping they can stand the trials that come with it.

School is going well but granddaughter has had a couple melt downs. I am trying not to stress her too much and we split our lessons in smaller time frames. I also have rewards if she does all her work without a fuss. That seems to be working well but she wasn't happy with me today as she didn't earn anything. I'm betting she will be the best little girl in the world tomorrow.

Well this post has been a bit long today so I better sign out and start the kings meal. Try to find something funny in your day--even if it is falling across the kitchen floor(without injury)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My gourds and Sunday news

Well I promised a view of my huge gourds and I aim to please.I completely forgot about posting as I've been busy with assorted issues.I finally had to pick the gourds as most of them were infested with some type of worm. I will do a search here later today to see if I can find out what these ugly nasty things are. They seem to have gone in thru the stem area and ate the plant from the inside out. Just another nasty creature who wrecks havoc on one's garden. I've actually gotten enough tomatoes for 2 batches of salsa. I gave our neighbor some and still had enough for the freezer. And on top of that we made a stop today at an old friends and they had tomatoes coming out their ears so we got a very large bag full. Now I can make some zesty tomatoes for the future winter soups.
It's gotten hot again but I doubt if that will last--at least it hasn't so far. We'll have a week or so of really hot stuff then a raging cold front comes thru and it feels like fall. In fact there is another front due in by mid week. OOOh well that's nature's crazy way.
We will be starting our schooling on Monday. I've been working up lesson lists-even though we use the K12 program I still like to put my own stuff in. one good thing about home schooling is that if you disagree with a lesson you can simply skip it and you can't do that with regular schooling. Plus kids learn way too much extra in the public school system (if you know what I mean). There are pros and cons of home schooling such as lack of people interaction and proms etc. However, the pros are that a student who is slower than the average kid can take the time they need to learn. Also if you have a hyper kid (like we do) you don'tr have to worry about getting those calls from the teacher. Our school Ohio Virtural Academy has a good many interacting events so kids do get together.
Our son is about to embark on a new venture. He wants to be an evangelist so they have now sold all their stuff and will soon be getting a travel trailer. Not sure when they plan to hit the road but I doubt if it will be too long in the making. This hasn't been an easy decision for them and there have been a few tears along the road but when God calls you one doesn't turn their back. I wish them God's protection.
All the scarlet fever seems to have run its course and the grandkids are now back to normal. We were able to get back to church and I'm glad. I don't like missing unless its a have to case. Well I'm off to make some Zesty Tomatoes and other goodies. Have a great day

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 3rd layout

These layouts are getting harder and harder to come up with. I only have so many pictures and I hate to use the same ones over and over but sometimes certain pictures make the best layouts

Ababgail is feeling better and the rash is staring to go away. She broke out like this when she was a few months old and we wonder now if it could have been scarlet fever back then? I don't remember if she ran a fever or not but I do recall the doctor giving her an antibotic so who knows. And so far no one else is breaking out so hoping all is past.

We had some really heabvy rain yesterday--all day and the electric did kick out and shut me down. Today is cloudy and cooler but no rain in the forecast.

Have a great day and here is the link for the CuddleBeez contest(

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 2nd layout and scarlet fever

Here is my new cotest layout. I love the colors and they matched the dress and wings just perfectly. Emily always takes awesome pictures and I love using her in my layouts. She's also always getting into trouble--even with that wonderful halo hanging over her head!!! Emily was born with a few disabilities and the doctors said she would never do certain things. However, God had other plans for her and while she still has issues she's doing all that stuff the doctors said she couldn't.

Now for the scarlet fever issue! Our youngest granddaughter broke out last weekend but we thought it was chicken pox. Even our local ER doctor couldn't figure it out and sent her home with a steriod. Thankfully she didn't have it bad and is fairly cleared up. BUUUUT yesterday daughter called and ask me to run oldest granddaughter, Abagail to the ER because she had this crazy rash really bad. No biggie . I run them out and about an hr later get a call a said I need to come get them as the ER doctor decided he wasn't going to see any more patients. Can you believe that????? Well in the course of complaining and talking the term scarlet fever came up. I dropped the clan off at their house and rushed home to do a search on scarlet fever. The very minute I saw the symptoms I nearly died and then when I saw the pictures---well lets just say I didn't waste any time getting back to daughters place and we took Abagail to another town. After about 5 hrs the doctor confirmed our fears--scarlet fever. However, this stuff isn't nearly as fearsome nor deadly as it use to be and with antibiotic Abagail will be cleared up in no time. Still we have a least 2 more grandkids who can and probably will come down with the stuff. Just hoping it stays clear of us adults.

Well we are in for a round of strong storms so I want to get this published before the electric kicks out and I lose it all. Have a good day and hopefully no scarlet fever your way.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aug 1st layout

Here is my new layout for the CuddleBeez's contest ( This is the funniest layout i've done simply because of the picture. Emily got the camera and caught her sisters on film. I laugh everytime I see this picture. Emily is the funniest child and she's always getting into trouble but that's just her nature and I wouldn't change her for anything.


Past contest layouts

Thought I would post some of my past layouts to the Cuddlebeez's contest so people can see my work.


Another day's layout and the hybrid album

Here is the July 31st CuddleBeez's contest layout. I'm #2 again but thats only a number and doesn't mean anything in the standings. I really like how this one turned out. It's one of two that I have of my granddaughter in Texas.
As promised I also took some pictures of the butterfly hybrid project I was working on. I might have to uplaod the pics in another post as blogger seems to have frozen up on me but I will see. Okay I don't really like how this all turned out but but at least the pictures are here
The top one is from the indivual books I am doing for each of the girls. I liked the way the pages looked when I outlined them in black. The other two pictures are of the very first book I did. I like the way you can add the digital look as well as making use of regular scrapbook supplies. This cute little album was well worth the $5.00(US dollars) I spent on it. Here is a link to the direct product and right now it's on sale for $3.75 so if you want it go grab it up because you will love it. ( This designer also has some other cute templates and if you can't use a PSD file she will make you a PNG file. Her name is Michelle Filo or With love from Mushy designs.
I will make a seperate post for the gourds. All this rain is really causing them to go to town.
Have a great day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Contest layouts

Nothing really exciting has been happening here as of late. I've been working on some contest layouts at CuddleBeez's scraps ( .My entry for July 30th is entry #2. If you get a chance come by and vote for me. I don't think I create amazing layouts but the grandkids seem to think they are wonderful so that's what counts.
I entered into another couple ones as well but they will be random drawings and that's even harder to win.
I found the cutest hybrid project while surfing awhile back. It's a butterfly album from Michelle Filo (I will get the link and post it here). I originally had wanted to do it just like the preview I'd seen and even had Michelle make me a PNG file but I soon discovered it was easier to do my own thing. The first one I did was of my 4 granddaughters that live here in Ohio. I had picked up some chipboard lettering sometime back so I used that on the front cover to spell adorable then I added some foamy flowers and doodles. Inside I did a bit of digital layouts and printed ones. I will try to get a pic of it on here in the next couple days. Again it's not amazing but it is cute and may inspire someone. I'm now working on one for each of the 4 and if my daughter in law will ever send me any photos of my 3 grands there in Texas I will make them one as well. I'm not sure how boys will appreciate butterflies but maybe I can find a truck or something.
Well the tomatoes are offically toasted. There's no dening that they have the blight. I've been picking the big green ones just as soon as they get an ounce of coloring to them and so far they've been okay. But each day I go out to that garden and see those poor drooping tomatoes I just want to cry. I was so hoping for several batches of salsa and stewing tomatoes this year however nature had other ideas and it won't happen. I've also just about picked out the green beans, thank goodness!!! I only planted a small patch of them but they did very well this year and I managed, for a change, to beat the bugs. We do have some really strange gourds growing in the flower bed and the garden. They look like pumpkins , the mini type, but some are the green and yellow types. Those babies aren't your average sized gourds---oooh no they look more like those mini round watermelons( I think they are called sugar babies) you buy. Now I recall throwing out some gourds but they certainly didn't look anything like these things are looking. And the leaves are sooo huge. I guess it never occured to me to get a picture but I think I will. I just know we won't need to buy any gourds or pumpkins for the fall decorating this year and I will save my seeds.
Okay I've probably rattled on long enough today. It's just so quiet here this morning that I wasn't distracted--a very rare event for me. However I will say goodbye and get out there and get me some pictures of my --well I guess I will call them gourds until I know better. Have a blessed day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I the only one who cries?

I'll admit I'm a very sensitive person. I tend to let things get to me that the average person just ignores. I cry over road kill all the time. I don't care if it's your everyday pet or the local wildlife. It just plain and simple effects me. However, I was totally unprepared for the effect that a tiny baby deer would have on me. This little guy (or gal) couldn't have been but a few weeks old-it wasn't even as big as a Great Dane yet. Now I realize that in most areas deer are considered to be pest. True they will eat a garden in one feeding or put a major dent in ones fender, but for the most part the ones here eat the grasses in the open fields. It's not unusual to see small deer dead along the roadway so why when I saw this tiny creature dead in the middle of the road did it hit me so hard? Could it have been the mother in me crying for her baby? Was it just my tender nature? Was I thinking could it have been avoided? It was after all very foggy this morning and maybe Jr was just following mommy across a path that seemed safe to them both. All I know is that I can't seem to stop the tears whenever I think about that tiny image. No one stopping, no one caring as after all it was just another pest they didn't have to deal with.
By late afternoon all that was left of this baby was just the rust colored stain on the road.
Am I the only one who cries?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

so where is summer?????

Okay is it July in the USA or is it Fall??? I mean after all we are suppose to be having heat that we can't stand but instead we are shivering and putting on the woolies. This is just plain crazy. I know in my last post the heat was on but let me tell ya it certainly didn't last . Yesterday it rained all day long. Now don't get me wrong we needed that type of rain as the garden was terribly dry but come on---it's only 70 today and that's stretching it. I'm not to sure I buy this global warming stuff!!!

In other news hubby went to see spine specialist on Tuesday and there will be surgery sometime in Oct. He will have to have 2 disc and a hip replacement. They say this isn't as bad as it use to be (they use lasers now) and that hubby should be out of hospital in 24-36 hrs. They don't know my man--he's kind of a baby when it comes to pain! However, I say if this will help then go for it as I'm really tired of not being able to sleep at nights. I did tell him (before we found this out) that I was ready for Ricky and Lucy beds ( separate ones) because I just couldn't go any longer without sleep.

Well there's not much more to chat about today. The rain has made me lazy--like I need an excuse!!! I will keep this blog posted on the surgery event and ask that you please pray for us in that area because we have already taken a hit in the ole pocketbook and this one will likely do us in. Still I know my God will help us as He always does but it helps to have friends praying with us.

Enjoy your day or night and chat later

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saber kitty

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Summer heat has set in and I spend alto of time sitting in front of the computer trying to stay cool. For the longest time we were having cooler than normal temperatures but alas no more as the heat is back to stay.

My garden has taken a hit from the strange weather. My cucumbers have toasted and now my tomatoes have the late blight so they will soon be gone. I'm an organic gardener and I will not use chemicals in any form so I guess the tomatoes are history. Don't know what causes blight but they are saying this could be as bad as the Irtish potato famine way back in the 1800's. To me that sounds pretty serious, but I guess only time will tell. At least the beans are coming on strong so guess what we will be eating alot of this winter!!!

Hubby finally went back to work and the house is quiet for the most part. Yesterday was almost downright boring as it was just granddaughter and I. It's been a long time since it's just been the 2 of us. We did get outside for about an hour and while out she decided we had to make friends with the saber tooth kitty. This kid has an imagine a mile long (being an only child isn't easy) but a saber tooth??? I told her I didn't want to make friends with that type of kitty but she claimed it was friendly---until it bit my hand!!!!! Does that sound friendly to you?? Me either so I shooed the thing away. It then went to sit under her blanket tent and growled at me every time I moved. After an hour I decided it was time for kitty to return to the wild. Well kitty didn't want to go anywhere so I had to take the broom to it. Granddaughter informed me that saber kitty would be there waiting for me the next time I went outside. I told her kitty was just imaginary and it wouldn't hurt a flea. She said "okay. And it was wrong of me to say it would bite you. I'm sorry." I told her it was okay to play pretend and that if saber kitty was still there later he could come back to play. (Being any only child is hard sometimes!!). That seemed to make her happy but kitty was still kinda mad at me because of the broom. I just shook my head and we went in. However, I could have sworn I heard a low growl as we went thru the kitchen door--sure do hope it was the dog growling at saberkitty and not kitty growling at me!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whooohooo! I'm a star at last

Well at least for the month of July. On one of my forum groups ( ) I was chosen for Crafter of the Month for July. Now I don't suppose this is a great honor except for the memebers there but it's always nice to be reconized. Craft Buddy is the only forum I've been on that is truely a close knit community. When one hurts the rest of us hurt and if someone needs encouragement we uplift them. I've made many lasting friends there and there are some close enough for me to visit when I get the chance. Our fearless leader, Fred has made some great changes to the site since I joined last year so if you get a chance stop over and say hello to the crew. I'm Daisydilly over there or Vicki depending on who is doing the chatting---and speaking of chat they have a weekly live chat on Wednesdays. It's a great way to get to know more about your friends without the world seeing your post. Hope to see y'all soon

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Can you believe tomorrow is the 4th of July and it's the day we American's celebrate the liberation of our country. Some say this is the date that America became a country but that's not true , as that occured when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock (I'm no history buff so feel free to correct me ).
This post will be short as we have many things going on today but I just wanted to drop in and say Happy 4th to America.
Enjoy your weekend and if it's hot where you are try to stay cool-- as for us we are trying to stay warm!!! (it's just been downright coolish).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Foot spotted in Ohio

Its been a few days since I've written anything and it's kinda hurting to type today. Ole arthur is visiting my right hand and is making my life miserable. It's been awhile since my last visit from arthur but when he comes around he stays for too long.

We've been rather busy as of late. We are getting ready for a yard sale and on top of that we are moving our storage unit so we've found all sorts of goodies for the sale. We should have done this sooner but we all know how that goes!!

On top of all the moving we've also had to go back and forth to the town where hubby works and the doctors office is. We see alot of strange things on our travels but when I saw BigFoot I nearly died. Now we've seen buffalo,emu, paca/llamas and even a zebra. There's also been reports of bear and coyote in our area but BigFoot!!!!

I truely thought I was seeing things so I made hubby slow down so I could get a pic of the thing. I mean there it was right in the middle of the field-just standing there and not moving. I was sure we were going to get a ticket as this road is a main thrufair and usually busy but this day it was quiet.

Now I know what's going thru your minds-the lady is nuttier than a fruit cake!! and maybe worse but honestly I have a picture of it. And it is a pretty darn good one too. So I'm hoping to go down in history as actually seeing BigFoot and capturing it on film.

You may scroll down to see picture.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up

We went out riding this morning and while we were in the middle of nowhere our granddaughter shouted out that when she grows up she wants to be an artist like grandma. Well grandma is no artist but I do like to doodle and paint . I do decorative woodcrafting ornaments-my favorite designer is Renee Mullins.
But her statement got my memory to rolling. I recall saying that when I grew up I wanted to be an artist. I would spend hours locked in my room designing paper dolls and their outfits. Those dolls had to be just right-not barbie dollish but just right in looks . I had pages and pages of them for years until I lost everything in a house fire back in 1979.
I also wanted to be a writer. I got this bug when I was in the 6th grade and met my friend Cathy. We would spend hours making up crazy stories about 2 characters called Cat Curry and Hannah Hayes ( fictional sisters of the famous outlaws Kid Curry and Hannibal Hayes--some may remember the series Alias Smith and Jones!!). We soon went on to make up things about our other famous shows, Rawhide, Rat Patrol. You know all those crazy shows. She may never know this but I continued to write up until a few years ago then just quit. I figured it was a waste of time and I'd never be famous.
Well lo and behold I decided to do a blog and now I can make my dream a reality. And who knows maybe I'll be discovered!!(ha ha)

So what do you want to be when you grow up? Never say you are too old to make those dreams come true but instead see what you can do to make them come true. It's easier than you think.

Have an awesome day and enjoy life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. It's starting to get really hot here in Ohio but I won't complain as it was very cool just last week.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Father's Day. Here we will be cooking out today and going to church tomorrow.

Is your father still alive? Mine died in 1999. Though he wasn't a big part of my life growing up I loved him and even today miss him greatly. For the first couple years I couldn't walk past the card aisles without breaking into tears. I never failed to send him a card on his birthday, fathers day or just any time I felt like it. Cards were my way of saying I love you when I couldn't do it in person.

I guess we never really appreciate our loved ones while they are alive and sure we all have issues with these special people but someday they won't be here for us. So if your father is still alive give him a hug and tell him thank you for all he's put up with over the years. And have a very wonderful day .

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daisys Daily Dillys

Okay I am going to try this again as I messed up the first time!! You can tell this is my first attempt at a blog but I will learn.

I wanted to name my blog something catchy but really don't know if it will show. Most days in my house are crazy as we are co-raising our 5 yr old graddaughter. I say co-raising because her mother is in the evenings and Saturday but otherwise the job is mine. I also home school here and let me tell you that is something that rally drives me dilly! But she can't sit still and I refuse to do the medicine thing so crazy or not I will do it.

Right now hubby is off work due to sickness so that only adds to the craziness here. He's due to go back to work in early July. This puts a pinch in the ole wallet but God has taken care of us so I refuse to worry anymore.

I'm going to try my hand at S4H. I'm not the greatest at creating layouts but I'm trying to learn really quickly so I will be ready by Fall.

Since this is my first post I won't rattle on forever.

Hope everyone has an awesome day and appericates whatGod has given them.